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A Surprise

Lin Shuang greeted Lu Wan with a smile.

At this moment, Lu Wan heaved a sigh of relief and smiled. “Hello, The Returnee!”

“Wow, Lu Wan, did you sleep Youre already Level 5!”

Lin Shuang was surprised to see Lu Wans level. It had to be known that Priest players did not have much combat power in the early stages. They could not even kill monsters, so it was very difficult to level up.

“No, I went online with Ling Min last night. She chose the Berserker. She killed the monsters in front while I healed her at the back. So I leveled up very quickly.”

“Alright, then wheres Ling Min”

“She said she had class this morning and didnt come.”

“Mm.” Lin Shuang nodded and asked, “Then why did those players block you just now I heard it was for some equipment.”

“Thats right.” Lu Wan nodded, her face full of anger. “I just killed a monster by myself and happened to drop leather armor equipment worn by an Assassin. It was very suitable for Ling Min. In the end, those players happened to see it and wanted to buy it. But they want to buy that leather armor for 10 copper coins! Thats too much! Thats a Blue equipment!” As Lu Wan spoke, she waved her little fists cutely.

“Uh… just for a Blue equipment” Lin Shuang was speechless.

“Yeah!” Lu Wan blinked. “Blue equipment! Its very valuable!”

“You mean this” Lin Shuang said as he took out a bunch of colorful equipment from his bag. There were dozens of colorful items. These were all dropped when Lin Shuang was fighting monsters.

The worst was Blue equipment.

“Wow!” Lu Wan was stunned by the scene in front of her! She could not believe that a person could have so many pieces of equipment. She only had two pieces of equipment!

“Lin Shuang, are these all yours” Lu Wan asked in disbelief.

“Thats right,” Lin Shuang said as he sent Lu Wan a trade request.

“Whats wrong” Lu Wan asked curiously.

Lin Shuang dragged all these equipment to the trading interface and traded them all to Lu Wan. “Take these equipment.”

“Ah No, no, these are all your equipment. How can I…” When Lu Wan heard this, she quickly shook her head and refused.

“Lu Wan, listen to me!” Lin Shuang looked at Lu Wan and said seriously. “Auntie is still sick now. Listen to me. Those equipment that are useful, use them yourself. Those that arent, sell them. You need money more than I do now. Do you understand”

“But—” Lu Wan wanted to refuse, but Lin Shuang interrupted her. “No buts. Youre a member of our Tiger Studio. I have to take good care of you. Do you understand”

Seeing how serious Lin Shuang was, Lu Wan was stunned. She did not expect Lin Shuang to be so good to her. He bought a gaming helmet and gave her equipment.

Could it be that… he really likes me

At the thought of this, Lu Wan blushed again.

“Lets go, Ill bring you to level up.” Before Lu Wan could think further, Lin Shuang turned around and walked deeper into the forest.

“Mmm…” Lu Wan wanted to say something, but she had no choice but to follow.

The two of them formed a team and headed deeper into the forest. The level of the nearby monsters was too low. If they wanted to level up quickly, they had to walk deeper. After walking for a while, a Level 9 monster called the Berserk Ape appeared in front of them.

Berserk Ape

Level: 9

Health: 1,000

Attack: 120

Defense: 30

Introduction: Because the apes in the forest were infected by monsters, their temperament changed drastically. They began to attack humans frequently, causing great trouble to the surrounding villagers.

Level 9 monsters had mediocre attributes, so he could farm them.

Lu Wan hugged her staff and widened her eyes. She carefully observed her surroundings, afraid that she would be ambushed by the violent ape that suddenly appeared.

Lin Shuang smiled and happened to see a violent ape hanging in the forest. He slashed at the apes red butt.


The berserk ape was enraged after being attacked. It jumped and pounced at Lin Shuang while shouting. It was extremely fast. Lin Shuang dodged in time but was still caught by its sharp claws.


This damage was nothing to Lin Shuang. However, Lu Wan was still very timely. A green holy light descended on Lin Shuang.

[ 145]

Green numbers appeared, and Lin Shuangs HP was instantly full again. Lin Shuang smiled and turned around to launch a Ghost Shadow Slash at the berserk ape.


Very good, Ghost Shadow Slash could now deal more than 400 damage. The Berserk Apes HP dropped and soon, it screamed and fell to the grass.

More than ten copper coins dropped. Lu Wan squatted down and carefully picked them up one by one. Even those that fell into the soil were dug out by her.

Seeing how serious Lu Wan was, Lin Shuang smiled and continued to attack the next ape. Unknowingly, he had been farming the Berserk Ape for the entire morning.

Lin Shuang had also reached Level 12. Lu Wan, on the other hand, leveled up two levels in a row, reaching Level 7.

“Okay, thats enough.” Lin Shuang stretched and said, “Im going offline to eat! Sell the equipment now and exchange it for cash. Buy some supplements for Auntie.”

Lu Wan nodded and said gently, “Lin Shuang, thank you so much!”

“Its fine.” Lin Shuang stroked Lu Wans hair and said, “Youre a member of our tiger Workshop. Of course we have to help each other! Alright, thats it. Ill go offline first. Be careful.”

As Lin Shuang spoke, his figure began to blur and he went offline. The last thing he saw before he left the game was Lu Wan shaking her little hand as she said goodbye to him.

Lin Shuang took off his helmet and recalled Lu Wans cute appearance. He could not help but smile. He walked out of the room and went to call Fatty.

The two of them ordered two takeaways from the rental house, ate some random food, and continued to play. It was still the same forest. Lin Shuang looked around and did not see the berserk ape. Lu Wan had already left. He turned on the communication system and was about to contact Lu Wan when he realized that she was contacting him.

“Lu Wan Whats wrong” Lin Shuang answered the system.

“Lin Shuang, youre online!” Lu Wans sweet voice came from the other end.

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“Yes, I just got online.”

“Come to the center of Yanyun Village. I have a surprise for you!” Lu Wan sounded a little excited.

“Surprise” Lin Shuang was a little confused. What surprise could Lu Wan give him

“Have you sold your equipment” Lin Shuang asked.

“I sold it. Your equipment is very easy to sell. Those people are fighting for it!” As Lu Wan spoke, she urged, “Lets not talk about it anymore. Hurry up and come to Yanyun Village! Ill be waiting for you!”

Before Lin Shuang could say anything, a beeping sound came from the other end. Lu Wan had already hung up.

“What surprise is this girl giving me” Lin Shuang smiled and started walking towards Yanyun Village.


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