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Full Server Announcement

On the other side of the nest, the Violent Bear King was still wreaking havoc. It careened around the interior of the nest, knocking gravel down like rain. Huge chunks of rock smashed into it, but it was oblivious. At this moment, it only wanted to vent its lust and relieve the fire in its heart.

“This Wang Youchuns aphrodisiac is so powerful!”

He watched as the Violent Bear King jumped up and down in the hole, unable to stop himself.

Lin Shuangs heart churned. Even such a big Boss could not withstand the effects of the aphrodisiac. It seemed that he had to think of a way to get more from Wang Youchun when he returned. However, the most important thing now was to deal with this Bear King.

The Bear Kings health bar was dropping. The Bloodthirsty Spider Kings venom had penetrated deep into its body.

The Violent Bear Kings death was only a matter of time. All he had to do was to give it a final blow when its HP was low.

The cave kept shaking, but Lin Shuang was leisurely checking the equipment dropped by the Bloodthirsty Spider King.

He checked the battle ax first.

Dark Gold Battleax

Grade: Purple

Attack: 40

Stamina: 20

Additional effect: Increases the users health by 5%.

Introduction: A battle ax made of dark gold iron, a relic of an adventurer who came to challenge the Bloodthirsty Spider King.

Dark gold battle ax, Purple equipment…

Although he had expected it, Lin Shuang was still shocked by the attributes of the dark gold battle ax. It added 20 points of stamina and 5% of his health. This was definitely a rare artifact for tank professional players who pursued high HP and high defense.

He kept it. When he got out, he would sell it for a good price. He checked the gauntlet next, he saw that it was dark green and emitted a dark aura.

Bloodthirsty Spider Gauntlets

Grade: Purple

Defense: 25

Power: 10

Stamina: 10

Additional effect: Increases users defense by 5%.

Introduction: A gauntlet made from the spider leg of the Bloodthirsty Spider King. The material is hard, and ordinary weapons cant break through it.

Seeing the attributes of this gauntlet, Lin Shuang was overjoyed. At the moment, he was lacking gauntlet equipment. This gauntlet came at the right time.

After equipping the gauntlets, Lin Shuang opened the attribute panel and added the 10 attribute points to Strength and Agility in a 3:2 ratio.

The Returnee

Occupation: Sha Bo the Asura (Hidden)

Level: 8

Health: 620

Attack: 140

Defense: 95

Talent: Lucky Halo


Looking at these attributes, Lin Shuang almost drooled. His attack and defense had reached a heaven-defying level.


At this moment, the Violent Bear King was still wreaking havoc, but its might had decreased greatly.

Lin Shuang glanced at its health bar. It was almost empty, and it was barely holding on.

“Thank you so much, Violent King Bear. I couldnt have gotten that much without you.”

Lin Shuang looked at the Violent Bear King and sighed. If not for this Violent Bear King, he wouldnt have discovered this hidden map. Even if he did, he couldnt kill the Boss, Bloodthirsty Spider King, inside.

“Let me send you on your way!”

Lin Shuang thought to himself as the Black Stone Longsword in his hand suddenly emitted a red light.

“Ghost Shadow Slash!”

This was the first time Lin Shuang had used Ghost Shadow Slash. He could use the Violent Bear King to test its damage.


Carrying a red glow, Black Stone Longsword struck the Violent Bear King.


The red numbers floated up, and Lin Shuang nodded in satisfaction. This time, there was no weakness attack or critical hit. However, he could still deal 200 damage. It was obvious how terrifying the Ghost Shadow Slash was.

The Violent Bear King let out an unwilling wail as its massive body crashed to the ground. The ground shook. Ever since this Violent Bear King met Lin Shuang, it had been in a berserk state. Now, it has finally stopped.

Lin Shuang also reached Level 9 with a golden light, and he was almost at Level 10. He picked up the equipment that the Bear King had dropped: a golden necklace and a yellow cloak. There were also more than 30 silver coins. Including the ones dropped by the Bloodthirsty Spider King, Lin Shuang counted and realized that he already had a total of 71 silver coins.

One had to know that some players might not even have one silver coin. Especially those new players who were still struggling in the novice village.

Comparisons were odious. But it was someone else who was angry.

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The lair was silent after the Bear Kings death.

Lin Shuang did not sigh for long. He carried the shovel given by the blacksmith and walked towards the glowing crystals. This was the ultimate goal of this trip, the target of the inheritance mission.

The glowing crystal quietly grew in the corner of the cave, emitting a blue light.

Lin Shuang looked at the crystal and was secretly delighted. The inheritance mission had a time limit of three days, and he had found the crystal on the first day. He could not wait to dig out the crystal and bring it back to Blacksmith Wang to see the exciting expression on his face.


Lin Shuang began to dig up the crystal with the shovel, sparks flying. After a few digs, a round crystal slid out of the rock.

Lin Shuang picked it up happily and was instantly dumbfounded.

Indigo Stone (Ore)

Introduction: A glowing stone that can be sold to a jeweler. It should fetch a good price.

It wasnt the Black Refined Iron!

Lin Shuang was stunned on the spot and didnt know what to do. How could it be It wasnt the Black Refined Iron. Wasnt this place just an abandoned mine Did Blacksmith Wang say the abandoned mine was somewhere else

Lin Shuang did not give up and searched the nest again. To his despair, he realized that there were no other ores other than the Indigo Stone.

What a scam! Lin Shuang looked up at the sky and wailed! It turned out that he had made a mistake. Then where was the mine that Blacksmith Wang mentioned

For a moment, Lin Shuang felt that Blacksmith Wang was a scammer. What kind of inheritance mission is this! The difficulty was too high!

He had almost died in this Jingyang Mine. Along the way, he was chased by the Violent Bear King and fell into this spider nest. It took him a lot of effort to get rid of the two difficult Bosses, the Violent Bear King and the Bloodthirsty Spider King. In the end, he realized that this was not the mission location.

Lin Shuang thought to himself that he would definitely settle scores with this Blacksmith Wang when he returned!

At this moment, a crisp and pleasant system ringtone sounded in his ear.

“System Notification: You have successfully killed the ultimate Boss in the hidden map. The system will teleport you out of the map in 10 minutes. As you are the first player to pass the hidden map, the system reward: Charm 3. The system will make a full-service announcement. Do you want to hide the players name”

A full-service announcement Of course he had to hide his name!

Lin Shuang understood that the more famous one was, the more trouble one would face. At the same time, a message sounded throughout the server.

“Ding! System Announcement: Congratulations to player XXX (Hidden) for successfully killing the hidden map boss of Luhua Village. As the first player to pass this map, you have received the system reward: Charm 3!”


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