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Chapter 91: The Might of the Imperial Uncle (3)

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Facing the pressure from Ye Jiushang, the Nanling Emperor was barely hanging by a thread.

He felt as if a huge mountain was pressing on him, making it difficult for him to even breathe.

Upon seeing Yan Song kneeling on the ground in shock, he got even more nervous.

As the ruler of a country, he was actually afraid of a lord to such an extent.

If word got out, wouldnt he make everyone laugh

The Nanling Emperor tried his best to maintain his composure.

He kept telling himself, I am the Emperor of the Nanling Empire.

I dont have to be afraid of anyone.

“Ninth Imperial Uncle, I am here today because the soldiers of the Dongxiang Empire have trespassed on my borders.

As for the Dukes Estate and the Imperial Preceptors Estate, lets talk about it later, okay”

“Let me ask you this.

If Xue Batian was still the War God of the Nanling Empire, would the Dongxiang Empire have the courage to invade the Nanling Empires borders You dont even understand the root of the empire, the foundation of the empire, and the source of a rich empire.

How can you protect the Nanling Empire You cant tolerate Xue Batian, but you also have to rely on him to protect the imperial throne.

You want your horse to be good, but you also want your horse to not eat the grass.

How can there be such a good thing in the world Your recent actions are just like this board game.

Youre courting death.” Ye Jiushang did not mince his words at all, laying out the emperors dark side in public and not giving him any face.

Although the Nanling Emperor was displeased, he did not dare to say anything.

The pressure that Ye Jiushang emitted made him almost lose his balance.

He had always known that Ye Jiushang was mysterious and powerful.

Otherwise, the Ancestral Emperor would not have lowered his status to address Ye Jiushang as his brother.

Ye Jiushang and the Ancestral Emperor addressed each other as brothers.

In terms of seniority, he was much higher than him.

It was disrespectful for him to even address Ye Jiushang as the Ninth Imperial Uncle.

He really did not know what background this guy had.

After Ye Jiushang his piece, he turned his gaze to Yan Song, who was kneeling on the ground, and said mockingly, “A small Imperial Preceptor who is neither the descendant of the founding father nor someone from a large family.

Just because he had a good daughter and a good grandson, he has forgotten who conquered this empire.

One of you is muddle-headed, while the other is treacherous.

If the Nanling Empire doesnt perish, I would find it strange.”

“Ninth Imperial Uncle, I, I…” Yan Song wanted to say something, but he was too afraid.

His entire body was trembling.

He could not say a word for a long time.

He felt like the sky was collapsing and that he was about to die.

He and Xue Batian had been fighting openly and secretly for so many years and had always been evenly matched.

Who knew that the Ninth Imperial Uncle would suddenly appear and break this balance

If he had known that the Ninth Imperial Uncle would protect Xue Batian, even if he was beaten to death back then, he would not have dared to send people to assassinate Xue Batian!

“Im tired.

Go back where you came from.

As for the Nanling Empires problem, it was caused by you.

Since you planted the seeds, go enjoy the fruits yourself.

I wont interfere in the affairs of the country.

Also, Ill give you a piece of advice.

I already have a marriage relationship with the Dukes Estate.

If you continue to do anything to the people from the Dukes Estate, dont blame me for being ruthless.”

When Ye Jiushang ordered them to leave, the Nanling Emperor and Yan Song seemed to have received an amnesty order and left in a hurry without saying a word.

It was only when they had walked out of the Dukes Estates door that their taut nerves finally relaxed a little.

Perhaps it was because of Ye Jiushangs words, but the way the Nanling Emperor looked at Yan Song now was no longer as easygoing as before.

There was more hatred now.

Although the Ninth Imperial Uncles words were ugly, they made sense.

If not for Elder Yan Song fanning the flames and sowing discord, he would not have had such prejudice against Xue Batian.

Wouldnt that allow the Imperial Preceptors Estate to be the only one that could threaten his imperial authority


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