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Chapter 61: Heavenly Treasure Trading Company (1)

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When Ye Jiushang left, Xue Fanxin did not even look at him.

She even hoped that he would leave early.

Therefore, as soon as he was gone, she immediately entered the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheels space to look at more spirit herbs.

“Wow… Im rich, Im really rich.

Not only have I gotten hold of Grandpa and Xue Fengs medicine, but if I sell the rest, Ill definitely be able to make a fortune.


What the Hundred Herb Hall had lost were all top-notch spirit herbs.

If she openly sold these spirit herbs, it would easily arouse suspicion.

It was very likely to attract an even greater disaster.

Therefore, she definitely could not sell these spirit herbs directly.

If that was out of the picture, how could she sell it

Xue Fanxin tried her best to think of a way.

Suddenly, she recalled that the Myriad Spirit Record had quite a few pill and spirit potion formulas.

With a flash of inspiration, she thought of a method to achieve her goals.

If she concocted the spirit herbs into a spirit potion or refined it into a pill and took it out to sell, wouldnt all the problems be solved

With this in mind, Xue Fanxin immediately got to work.

She first prepared the herbs Xue Batian and Xue Feng needed and got Jasmine to save them.

Then, she returned to the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheels space and continued to concoct spirit potions.

With her current ability, she could at most make the simplest Spirit Awakening Potion.

As for medicinal pills, she currently lacked the skills.

However, it didnt matter.

The Spirit Awakening Potion should fetch a lot of money.

Xue Fanxin spent an entire night concocting two bottles of Spirit Awakening Potion.

She left early the next morning.

After dressing up and wearing a veil, she went to the most famous trade association in the Imperial City.

The Heavenly Treasure Trading Company was a famous trading company in the Nanling Empire.

There were all kinds of rare and strange treasures sold there.

As long as you could pay the price, you could basically buy whatever you wanted here.

Not only that, but the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company also specialized in acquiring rare treasures.

Their prices were often higher than those offered by ordinary pawn shops.

However, ordinary pawn shops would accept things like gold and silver jewelry, but the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company did not deal with ordinary items.

Unless it was a rare treasure, they would not accept any.

Xue Fanxin did not know if the Spirit Awakening Potion she had concocted could be considered a rare treasure.

She had only come this time to test her luck.

If the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company did not accept her, it would not be too late for her to sell it elsewhere.

In short, it was enough as long as she could sell it for money.

The Heavenly Treasure Trading Company was like a high-class commercial street.

Stores that sold all sorts of rare treasures were lined up neatly on the two sides of the spacious street.

There were guards specially stationed to maintain order here.

If anyone dared to cause trouble, even if they were from the royal family, the consequences would be very serious.

The entire commercial street belonged to the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company.

This was their territory.

Forget about the troublemakers, even beggars could not enter.

“Wow… This place is so prosperous!” Xue Fanxin exclaimed at the liveliness of the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company.

Walking on the spacious streets, she scanned the surrounding shops and was stunned.

This place was ten times more prosperous than the most prosperous street in the Nanling Empires Imperial City.

It was simply not a place that the Nanling Empire could govern.

Just by feeling the rich spiritual energy emitted by the rare treasures in the surroundings, one could tell that they were very valuable.

Would such an extraordinary place accept her Spirit Awakening Potion


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