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When the spider lily saw Xue Fanxin, the irritable aura decreased a little.

Nevertheless, it was obvious that it was agitated as if it was expressing its dissatisfaction.

Xue Fanxin could roughly guess what was going on.

This spider lily was most likely angry because it had been expelled from that mysterious place.

But she found it ridiculous.

What right did a flower living in her sea of consciousness have to be angry

“Do you feel displeased I want to know what thats about.

Why are you throwing your temper Although I sympathize with your plight, it doesnt mean that I have to do anything for you.

There are countless people in this world who are more pitiful than you and are more worthy of my sympathy.

Youre already much stronger than the others to have such an outcome.

Dont be dissatisfied and greedy, or youll get lost.”

If she was right, there should be something in that mysterious place that the spider lily wanted.

However, that place strongly rejected it and did not allow it to stay there, so it was pushed out.

Ignoring what was in that mysterious place, just the fact that this spider lily had barged in without her permission was enough to make her angry.

That place should be the secret place of the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel.

She was the owner of the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel, which meant that she had the right to decide who to let in.

After the spider lily was reprimanded by Xue Fanxin, the red light on its body was no longer so intense and hot.

It slowly regained its calm and gently waved its petals as if apologizing.

With a sigh, Xue Fanxin softened her tone.

“As long as you behave yourself and dont get on my nerves, let alone have ill intentions, Ill definitely do my best to help you in the future.”

The spider lily shook its petals again like it was expressing its gratitude.

“Im not strong enough now.

I cant protect myself, so its very difficult for me to care about you.

Wait patiently.

When Im stronger, Ill think of a way to help you,” Xue Fanxin said to the spider lily and retreated from her sea of consciousness.

After interacting with the spider lily this time, she had a bad feeling.

Her master had asked her to keep this flower, so there shouldnt be too much of a problem.

Perhaps she was thinking too much.


Xue Fanxin put away those messy thoughts.

After coming out of her sea of consciousness, her soul returned to her body.

Her five senses quickly connected to the outside world.

She could now clearly sense the situation in the entire Ninth Lords Estate.

As long as she was willing, she could even hear the private whispers of the people on the estate.

Her hearing, vision, smell, and sense of touch seemed to be dozens of times stronger than before.

What was going on

With all kinds of doubts, Xue Fanxin carefully checked her body.

She realized that her meridians had more than doubled in size.

The spirit energy in her dantian was incomparably abundant, and there were faint signs of a breakthrough.

Could it be that she was about to advance

Looking at the signs, it was most likely so.

This advancement speed was really extraordinary.

She had just stepped into the Spirit Transformation Realm a few days ago.

If she advanced again, wouldnt she have reached the Spirit Master Realm

At this rate, she believed that it would not be long before she reached the Mystic Spirit Realm.


She would be able to close the distance between her and Ah Jiu soon.

At that time, she could stand by his side and fight alongside him.


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