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Xue Fanxin munched on her snacks while looking at the panicked Heavenly Saints Emperor.

His face was like a pigs liver, and his expression was veryrich. She could not bear to see him like this, so she finished the snacks, clapped her hands, and wiped her mouth.

She put the plate back into her storage bag, then stood up and walked towards the Heavenly Saints Emperor.

The eunuch went forward and stopped her according to the rules.

“What do you want to do You cant lose decorum in front of the Emperor.”

“I just want to have a good chat with him.

I dont have any ill will.” Xue Fanxin stopped in her tracks.

She sat on the steps, looking casual.

Although she looked unruly, she gave off a carefree feeling, making people feel inexplicably envious.

The Heavenly Saints Emperor waved at the eunuch and gestured for him to leave.

Then, he stood up and walked toward her.

He sat on the steps with her.

He no longer had the aura of a ruler.

Instead, he was like a disappointed old man.

After sighing for a while, he asked, “What do you want to talk to me about”

“Your Majesty, you must be feeling terrible now, right”

“Youre asking the obvious.

I know that you were the one who caused these things.

Tell me, what must I do for you to stop”

“Your Majesty, although I am the perpetrator, I was also forced! You only listened to Su Baifengs one-sided story and imprisoned me, even accusing me of privately mining.

Of course, I have to counterattack.

Your Majesty, let me ask you, who discovered the green crystal mine in the Red Maple Forest first”

“The Prime Ministers Estate.”

“Since they discovered it first, why was I the one who privately mined it instead of them From what I know, this mineral vein has been in their hands for a while.

If Su Baifeng had not gone to Gu Jinyuan to discuss cooperation that day, I would not have known about its existence at all.

Think about it.

After I found out about it, it was emptied in a few days.

Is that realistic On the other hand, the Prime Ministers Estate kept it hidden while Su Baifeng went to meet with Gu Jinyuan.

I guess her so-called cooperation was not to mine but to get his help in selling the goods.”

The more the Heavenly Saints Emperor listened to her detailed analysis, the more he felt that it made sense.

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The reason he believed Su Baifeng was first because he was anxious to retrieve the green crystals, and second, he did not believe that the Prime Ministers Estate had such guts.

Su Baifeng actually used living people to refine poison.

He could not help but wonder how bold those people from the Prime Ministers Estate were.

“Continue,” the Heavenly Saints Emperor said solemnly, listening and thinking seriously.

Xue Fanxin smiled.

“It was precisely because they were no longer the only ones who knew about the Red Maple Forest mineral vein that the Prime Ministers Estate reported the matter to the higher-ups.

They said that they wanted to offer it to the royal family, but when they handed it over, they realized that the mineral vein was empty.

Who knows what was right and wrong Later, there was a rumor in the Prime Ministers Estate that the treasure vault had been robbed.

How could it be such a coincidence Perhaps it was just a show they staged to transfer their wealth.”

Look at the things she made up.

They were really logical, reasonable, and convincing.

Even she almost believed it.

“You make sense.” When the Heavenly Saints combined everything, he felt that this was the truth.

Right then, a ruthless and sharp voice suddenly interrupted them.

“Xue Fanxin, dont talk nonsense.”


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