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Su Baifeng knew that she had offended the Lian family.

Even the other families had bad opinions of her, but she could not care too much.

If she lost her life, her reputation and image would all be in vain.

Therefore, the most important thing now was to survive.

Nothing else mattered.

Su Baifeng chose to ignore Lian Fangcheng and continued to approach Ye Jiushang.

But for some reason, even though she was only a few steps away, she could not cross over, as if there was an invisible force stopping her from moving forward.

“Your Highness, Your Highness…” Su Baifeng could only shout, hoping that Ye Jiushang would divert some of his attention to her, even if it was just to look at her.

But this glance was an extravagant hope.

Ye Jiushang was currently busy observing the situation, so how could he have the time to care about Su Baifeng Even if he had the time, he would ignore her.

The Jiushang Guqin had already appeared in his hand.

He was standing back to back with Xue Fanxin, prepared to fight off any invader and give orders to his team.

“Little Lei, Ill leave the Electric Water Eels to you.

You must not let them approach this place.

Zhuri, Fuyun, you are in charge of those vines.

Cut off those that approach immediately.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Master, dont worry.

I definitely wont let those fish approach this place,” Little Lei said arrogantly.

Then, he turned to the approaching Electric Water Eels, “You detestable fish actually dare to cause trouble for Master and me.

Ill turn you all into fish ingredients.

Watch me…”

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Little Lei jumped up and threw a punch in the air.

It was extremely powerful, sending several Electric Water Eels flying.

One of them was even sent back into the lake.

“Aiyaya, oh no.

I used too much force and the fish was beaten back into the lake.

Hmph, since youre meant to be an ingredient, then come back obediently.” Little Lei shot out a purple light at the lake.

It was like a chain as it pulled the huge fish.

It lay on the ground dead, almost out of breath.

The people of the four great clans realized that Little Lei was far more powerful than their previous estimates.

Especially the two Spirit Transformation elders who had been kicked into the lake by Little Lei.

When they recalled the situation, they felt a little afraid.

They actually did not know what was good for them and overestimated their ability to yell at such a powerful person.

They were stupid to the extreme.

Su Baifeng also understood Little Leis power now.

Thinking back to how she was educating him, she really broke out in a cold sweat for herself.

On careful thought, having such a powerful person by Ye Jiushangs side was a good thing for her.

As long as this young man resolved the crisis here, wouldnt they be safe

It would be even better if Xue Fanxin died in the fight.

It had to be said that Su Baifeng really knew how to let her imagination run wild and even fantasize.

Unfortunately, no one had the energy to care about her.

The Jiushang Guqin in Ye Jiushangs hand flicked out a few notes from time to time to deal with the Evil Bone Spectral Soldiers that were approaching them.

These skeleton soldiers were extraordinary.

They could not be killed or destroyed.

Even if you smashed all their bones, they would reform.

“Ah Jiu, we cant kill these soldiers.

Their numbers are also increasing.

What should we do” Xue Fanxin held the Xue You Sword in her hand and kept pushing back the approaching spectral soldiers.

Her cultivation was not enough, so she could not casually scatter more than ten Evil Bone Spectral Soldiers like Ah Jiu.

At most, she could only repel them.

However, the retreating spectral soldiers quickly bounced back.

There was no end to them.


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