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As Xue Fanxin and Ye Jiushang flirted with each other, there was no need to mention how jealous Su Baifeng was.

She wanted to draw Ye Jiushangs attention to herself.

However, for some reason, there seemed to be an invisible force restraining her, making her unable to move or speak.

Why couldnt she move Why couldnt she speak

Who was behind this

Could it be Xue Fanxin

No matter what happened to Su Baifeng, even if she was deceiving herself, she was unwilling to blame anything on Ye Jiushang.

Even if the truth was already in front of her, she still did not want to believe it; the fantasy remained in her heart.

She firmly believed that if she was sincere, she could achieve anything.

One day, His Highness would know how good she was and return to her side.

As long as she never gave up and kept working hard, all her dreams would be realized.

Sooner or later, she would become the Ninth Imperial Consort, His Highnesss woman.

Only she, Su Baifeng, was worthy of such an outstanding man.

No one else was qualified.


Su Baifeng was unaware that it was Ye Jiushang who had secretly done something to her, making her unable to move or speak.

Ye Jiushang hated Su Baifeng to the core.

He did not even want to look at her or hear her voice, nor did he want her to affect his relationship with Xiner.

He could only let her stay quiet.

The people of the four great clans knew how much Ye Jiushang doted on Xue Fanxin.

They were used to such scenes.

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Initially, they thought that Su Baifeng had a chance.

After all, the number one beauty of Heavenly Saints City had a dazzling reputation, but it seemed like there was no chance at all.

She had lost to Xue Fanxin.

Su Baifeng really could not compare to Xue Fanxin.

You could only know who was better between the two of them after a serious comparison.

Previously, they did not understand Xue Fanxin, so they felt that she was unworthy of Ye Jiushang.

Now that they had learned more about her, they compared her with Su Baifeng.

Even if Xue Fanxin was arrogant, crafty, barbaric, and heartless, for some reason, they still felt that she was better.

Perhaps it was because Xue Fanxins personality was more outstanding, especially after seeing her sword technique.

Also, with her carefree and uninhibited character, she gave people the feeling that she was so different from others.

It made them gnash their teeth in anger, but at the same time, they had to admire her.

As for Su Baifeng… she was also extraordinary but not that much than an ordinary heiress.

There seemed to be no difference.

While they were watching Xue Fanxin and Ye Jiushang flirt, someone suddenly shouted, “The stone tablet, the stone tablet has changed again.

Everyone, come and look.”

The stone tablet concerned everyones departure from this place, so it was a sensitive ticket.

When they heard that the stone tablet had changed, they immediately turned their attention to it and ran over.

The words on the stone tablet were gradually disappearing.

When they became blurry, cracks actually appeared on the stone tablet.

Soon, it shattered into pieces.

The little white tiger ran in front of Xue Fanxin.

“Awroo, awroo…”

Xue Fanxin could tell that it had something urgent to tell her, but she could not understand what it was saying at all.

She picked it up and asked nicely, “Little white tiger, what are you talking about”

Ye Jiushang did not understand it either.

He looked at Little Lei and said coldly, “Explain.”

Little Lei replied like a well-behaved child, “Master, its saying that the various array formations and mechanisms in the tomb have been activated.

The danger is about to come, so it wants us to prepare.”

“Awroo… awroo…”The little white tiger heavily, indicating that Little Leis explanation was correct.

“Ah Jiu, does this mean that the challenge game is about to begin” Xue Fanxin had not forgotten the content written in English on her first day here.

Although she did not know what the Spacetime Emperor was doing, she was certain that this tomb was filled with danger.

What game of challenge To put it bluntly, the array formations and mechanisms here had been activated.

All kinds of dangers were about to arrive.

Just as Xue Fanxin asked this, she suddenly felt the ground shake a little.

The stone houses on both sides were also shaking violently.

“Whats going on”


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