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Xue Fanxin knew that the newcomer was Su Baifeng, so she was not surprised at all.

She even came over to take a look and see how her face was doing.

What shocked her was that Su Baifengs face had recovered.

How was this possible In just a day or two, Su Baifengs face had healed, and there was no scar at all.

Could it be that Su Baifeng had obtained some miracle medicine

It did not matter.

Anyway, her face would have recovered sooner or later.

There was no difference whether she was a few days early or late.

Now that Su Baifeng had come to this place… Hehe, she would torture this white lotus to death.

Su Baifeng did not know what kind of predicament she was about to fall into, nor did she know that the people of the four great clans actually felt that she was stupid.

She was still shocked that Fanjiu and Xue Fanxin were the same person, unable to believe and accept such a fact.

“Youre Fanjiu.

How can you be Xue Fanxin”

If not for the fact that there were so many people present, if not for the sake of maintaining her gentle and elegant image, she would have definitely shouted, “How could that extremely ugly useless Xue Fanxin be Fanjiu”

If Xue Fanxin was Fanjiu, wouldnt it be very difficult for her to snatch Ye Jiushang back

“What has me being Fanjiu or Xue Fanxin got to do with you Do you have to be so shocked” Xue Fanxin questioned Su Baifeng with a hint of provocation, wanting to see her make a fool of herself.

However, the current Su Baifeng had already humiliated herself.

It was just that she did not know it.

Although the people of the four great clans praised her extravagantly, they were actually mocking her for being stupid in their hearts.

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After distributing the food, she could only cry when she was hungry.

Xue Fanxin did not mention the importance of food here, nor did the people from the four great families did.

Everyone hid the food they had obtained tacitly and watched the commotion.

Not to mention the people of the four great clans, even the entire Heavenly Saints City knew that Su Baifeng liked the current Ninth Imperial Uncle, Ye Jiushang.

For him, went against the imperial edict to break off her marriage and caused a huge scene.

The Ghost King and Ye Jiushang became mortal enemies as a result.

And Xue Fanxin was the Ninth Imperial Consort that Ye Jiushang had publicly acknowledged.

If Su Baifeng faced her, it would definitely be a clash of swords.

For some reason, they felt that Su Baifeng would lose miserably.

It was not because of anything else, but because they had all seen how ruthless Xue Fanxin was.

Most importantly, Ye Jiushang doted on her.

Just based on this, Su Baifeng had already lost.

However, the people from the four great clans did not speak about this matter, nor did they mention that Ye Jiushang was here.

They just watched the show, all of them looking like it had nothing to do with them.

Su Baifengs mind was a chaotic mess, and she did not notice the weird atmosphere.

Her heart was filled with thoughts of targeting Xue Fanxin, wanting to defeat her.

“Xue Fanxin… Fanjiu, I see.

You really dare to brag about yourself.

You actually used His Highnesss name as your alias.

This is a great disrespect to His Highness.”

“If its disrespectful for me to use Ah Jius name as an alias, shouldnt you die for poisoning him”

“When did I poison His Highness”

“Isnt the Draconic Lotus Intoxication your masterpiece Back in the Spirit Origin Mountain Range, in order to get rid of me, you poisoned Ah Jiu and sent Hongyi to assassinate me.

In the end… Miss Su, do you want to know how Hongyi died”

The spectators were especially shocked.

All of them looked at Su Baifeng with wide eyes and mouths, unable to believe that she was such a ruthless person.

However, Xue Fanxin did not look like she was lying; there was no need for her to lie.

Xue Fanxin wanted to expose Su Baifengs shameful deeds and spoil her image.

When the time came… hehe, she would play you to death.


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