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Xue Fanxin also felt that their advancement was odd.

It was impossible for the reason to be the Electric Water Eel.

Since this matter concerned her cultivation, she also wanted to figure it out.

Hence, she explained everything in detail, including how the fish was caught by Little Lei.

Ye Jiushang listened to her story.

He sorted out and analyzed the details and found the key to the matter.

Soon, he discovered something strange.

“Xiner, take out the kitchenware and cutlery I refined for you, especially the pot used to make fish this time.

Let me take a good look.”

“Oh, wait a moment.

When the wind blew just now, everyone was packing in a hurry.

Those pots and bowls are not all with me.

Ill look for them.

If theyre not with me, Ill get them from the others.” Xue Fanxin searched in her storage bag and the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel Space.

She realized that the pot for fish was with her, so she took it out for Ye Jiushang to see.

However, when the pot was taken out, it actually moved.

Although it was a slight movement, Xue Fanxin and Ye Jiushang could still see it clearly.

Ye Jiushang was no stranger to this pot.

He had personally refined it.

Not long ago, he had used it to eat that so-called “hot pot.” Therefore, he could tell at a glance what had changed in this pot.

Unexpected, unexpected, really unexpected…

Xue Fanxin looked at the pot and then at Ye Jiushang, who was suddenly smiling.

She could not understand what was going on and was confused.

“Ah Jiu, why are you smiling And so strangely at that Is there something wrong with this pot”

“There is indeed something wrong with this pot, but…” Ye Jiushang kept her in suspense.

He first removed the secret technique on the pot and let it recover its original luster.

After the mystic technique was removed, the pot immediately emitted a faint purple light mixed with a little green.

At a glance, one could tell that it was a peerless treasure.

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“Ah Jiu, why is it glowing”

“This pot is not bad.

To be able to produce an artifact spirit under such conditions is really rare.

Its simply a miracle.”

“Artifact spirit What artifact spirit I dont quite understand.”

“To put it simply, the artifact has developed into a spirit.

It has its own spirituality and has become stronger.

Anything cooked in this pot will become extraordinary.

If the flesh of a mystic beast or a spirit beast is cooked by it, it will become a spirit food that can help people increase their cultivation and break through.

The biggest reason why all of you advanced is because of it.”


Back then, he had only wanted to refine some relativelyordinary pots for his woman.

As he was giving them to his beloved, he had used some good materials.

During the refinement process, he tried his best to make the appearance of the pots more exquisite and beautiful.

After all, women liked those beautiful and exquisite things…

Apart from that, he really did not get anything else.

He knew that these pans could at most become ordinary spirit artifacts.

Who knew that one of the pots would miraculously produce an artifact spirit This was very unexpected.

Logically speaking, it was impossible for these utensils to develop an artifact spirit.

It was already not bad if they were ordinary spirit artifacts.

What was going on now

Could it be related to Xiners space

A space that had Breathing Earth would not be simple.

He wondered if his spirit herbs could flourish there


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