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Xue Fanxin also noticed the difference.

Although it was still the powerful astral wind, there was a familiar force in it, as if it was…

Right, this familiar power was Ah Jius.

“All of you stay here.

Ill go see Ah Jiu.”

Everyone knew that Ye Jiushang was in seclusion, so they did not dare to go to that room.

They could only stay put in place.

Xue Fanxin came to Ye Jiushangs room.

The moment she entered, she saw a mysterious purple light releasing from his body.

The entire room was filled with the power of the astral winds.

If anyone else entered, they would definitely be killed by the power of the astral winds, but she was the only exception.

To Xue Fanxin, the air in the room was like a spring breeze.

She could casually reach out and touch it, not getting harmed at all despite being inside.

The reason such a miraculous thing happened should be that Ah Jius consciousness was protecting her.

It meant that the power of the astral winds in the room was released by him, and this wind power was under his control.

Ah Jiu was more powerful than she had imagined.

Ye Jiushang had only been in seclusion for a day or two before he digested the power of the astral winds and mastered it.

The medicinal effects of the Draconic Lotus Intoxication in his body were also dispersed as a result.

It had not even been a month, but he had a full recovery.

He could now circulate his cultivation base and fight.

Not only that, but his strength had also improved quite a lot.

If he had another fortuitous encounter, he might even be able to break through to a new realm.

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However, finding a way to counter the Draconic Lotus Intoxication was already very rare.

From now on, he no longer had to fear it.

He had to thank Little Xiner for this.

If not for her, he would not have come to Tomb Two of the Spacetime Emperor and gotten this opportunity.

Little Xiner was indeed his Phoenix Star, his lucky star.

After Ye Jiushang retracted the power of the astral winds, he slowly adjusted his aura.

Then, he opened his eyes and saw Xue Fanxin.

His mood improved, and he felt especially warm.

“Xiner, I succeeded.”

Although Xue Fanxin had entered the room, she did not dare to say a word.

She only waited silently, afraid that she would affect his cultivation.

Only when Ye Jiushang took the initiative to speak to her did she open her mouth and respond, “Ah Jiu, congratulations on successfully controlling the power of the astral winds.”

“I have to thank you for that!”

“Thank me I didnt help you with anything.

Why are you thanking me”

Ye Jiushang stood up and walked in front of Xue Fanxin.

He stroked her nose and smiled gently.

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity.”

“Ah Jiu, youre wrong.

This opportunity was not given to you by me; you obtained it yourself.

If not for you, how could I have reached this step I would have either fallen to death or been killed by the evil bone spectral soldiers.”

She was not capable, and her ability was limited.

Her only advantage was that her blood contained the power of nirvana.

Coupled with the fact that her luck was a little better than others and that she had encountered Ah Jiu… she would have died countless times.

“Alright, no matter how this opportunity came about, it belongs to us.

There must be other treasures in the tomb.

We cant miss them.”

“Yes, yes.

There are many treasures here.

Just a single fish is priceless.

After we ate it, we all advanced to a new realm.

But Little Lei said that we cant eat too much of that fish, or well explode and die.”

Ye Jiushang smiled slightly and said, “You were deceived.”


“Food is not like a pill.

If you eat too much, you will at most be unable to absorb the spirit energy inside.

Like ordinary food, it can only provide energy for the human body and ultimately be digested into excrement and expelled from the body.

It wont cause your body to explode and die.”

“That bastard, Little Lei, actually dared to lie to me.

Ill definitely deal with him later.”

Little Lei was in the other room, sneezing violently and having an ominous feeling.

Who was scolding him


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