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Chapter 225 Angry at a Pot

After learning about his countermeasures, Xue Fanxins worries were gone.

Only excitement was left now.

She held the pot in her hand and kissed it fervently.

“Wow, wow, wow… This is amazing.

Ah Jiu, Ah Jiu, youre really amazing!”

“Id rather you kiss me,” Ye Jiushang said with raised brows.

He suddenly felt a little envious of the pot in Xue Fanxins hand.

At the same time, he was a bit angry, wishing to smash the


How dare a pot snatch his woman from him It seemed like it did not want to be a pot anymore.

The pot in Xue Fanxins hand seemed to have sensed Ye Jiushangs anger.

It restrained its aura and quietly pretended to be an ordinary pot.

“Its best not to do such scenes in front of children.” Xue Fanxin used Little Lei as an excuse and cleverly turned down a certain lord.

Little Lei was caught in the crossfire.

He had to endure a certain lords anger.

He glanced at Little Lei, who was lying by the side and had been innocently shot, and released his cold aura.

Even if he did not say a word, his meaning was clear: You should get lost.

Little Lei trembled under Ye Jiushangs gaze.

He knew very well that if he did not leave these two lovebirds alone, the outcome would be tragic.

However, he wanted to eat roasted rabbit meat and crystal hotpot.

To satisfy his cravings, he had to make a request to Xue Fanxin before leaving.

“Sister, when are you going to roast rabbit for me I caught so many rabbits yesterday, but you only roasted one for me.

Where are the other rabbits”

“Ill get Fuyun to take care of those rabbits in the kitchen early in the morning.” Just as Xue Fanxin finished speaking, Fuyun walked into the courtyard with a few servants.

Everyone bowed to Ye Jiushang first.

“Greetings, Your Highness.”

“Rise,” Ye Jiushang said casually.

Then, he sat on a stone stool by the side and sipped his tea elegantly.

Little Lei looked at the servants because they were holding many cleaned rabbits in their hands.

He asked excitedly, “Sister, are you going to roast all these rabbits now” “No.

I only asked the kitchen staff to clean these rabbits to put them in my storage bag; Ill carry them with me.

Whenever I want to eat them, Ill take them out to roast.

The storage bag has the ability to preserve freshness.

This meat wont rot in there for a long time.” Xue Fanxin checked the washed rabbit meat, feeling satisfied.

Then, she thanked the servants.

“Thank you, everyone.

Thank you for your hard work.”

Xue Fanxins gratitude frightened the servants so much that they almost couldnt hold the things in their hands properly.

A masters gratitude was a huge matter.

Lowly people like them could not bear it!

Fuyun already had some understanding of Xue Fanxins character.

She knew that there was nothing noble or lowly in her eyes.

“Your Highness, Ive already done as you instructed and gotten them to clean these rabbits.

Ive also sent over the seeds and vegetable sprouts you wanted.”

“You did well, thank you! By the way, can you help me find a few shovels and hoes”

“Yes.” Fuyun did not say much.

She gestured for the servants to put the things in their hands on the ground and took them away.

After they left, Xue Fanxin threw the cleaned rabbit meat into the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheels space.

Then, she slowly sorted out the seeds and seedlings, thinking about how many should she plant.

Ye Jiushang asked Xue Fanxin in confusion, “Little Xiner, whats the use of the seeds Do you want to plant vegetables in the courtyard”

“These are all common seasoning dishes.

There are also some green vegetables that I like to eat.

Ill plant them in my personal space and eat them whenever I want in the future,” Xue Fanxin replied happily and continued sorting her vegetable sprouts.

Suddenly, an ear-piercing voice shocked her.

Ye Jiushang smacked his cup on the stone table.

As he had not controlled his strength well, the cup shattered, startling the other two.

They were a little nervous.

Who had angered a certain lord

Not me.

Not me, either.


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