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When Bai Han saw that Xue Fanxin had such a huge reaction and was even hostile to him, he did not want to get into a fight with his savior, so he quickly spoke up.

“You dont have to be so nervous.

I dont have any ill will.

Im just a little shocked.

I didnt expect a prodigy of the Xue family to actually appear in such a small place.

Since you saved my life, I owe you a favor.

You can call on this favor now or in the future.

No matter what you want, as long as its within my ability, Ill definitely satisfy you.”

From his tone, it seemed like he didnt like owing others.

Once repaid, he would have nothing to do with his savior.

Xue Fanxin had lived two lives, so how could she not understand the meaning in Bai Hans words She did not want to be too involved with him anymore, so she made a casual request, “I want the Jade Skin Spirit Flower.”

When Bai Han heard Xue Fanxins request, he didnt even think about it.

He took out a Jade Skin Spirit Flower from somewhere and threw it to Xue Fanxin without hesitation.

“This is what you want.”

“You really have it” She had only made a casual request without giving it much thought, not expecting Bai Han to take it out.

Who knew…

This guy really did have it.

She had searched for it everywhere but to no avail.

Initially, she wanted to ask Gu Jinyuan to help her search for it after a while, but unexpectedly, it was already in her hands.

“Ive fulfilled your request.

From now on, we dont owe each other anything,” Bai Han reminded her suspiciously.

Clearly, he really wanted to draw the line with Xue Fanxin as soon as possible.

Although Xue Fanxin was his savior, she reminded him of a shameful past, so it was best to end it as soon as possible.

Bai Han did not know that the decision he had made today would make him regret it so much in the future that his intestines would turn green.

Seeing his impatient appearance, she did not want to deal with him anymore.

She replied readily, “Alright, Ill count it as you returning this favor.

From now on, we dont owe each other anything.

You can leave.”

“I hope youll keep your word,” Bai Han said and turned to leave.

The last sentence he left behind before leaving was to remind Xue Fanxin that they no longer owed each other and that she should not ask him to do anything anymore out of gratitude.

Xue Fanxin looked at Bai Hans departing figure and tutted coldly, not caring at all.

She looked at the Jade Skin Spirit Flower in her hand and got excited.

With the Jade Skin Spirit Flower, she could help her grandfather repair his meridians and dantian.

Xue Batian did not know what the Jade Skin Spirit Flower was for.

Only after Bai Han left did he heave a sigh of relief.

“Little Xiner, how did you meet this kid from the Bai family”

“Grandpa, are you talking about Bai Han He was imprisoned in the Hundred Herbs Hall by Yan Song and was accidentally saved by me.” Xue Fanxin briefly told him about her encounter with Bai Han.

Of course, she also informed him that she had stolen the medicines.

The only thing she hid was the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel.

As for why she could easily do it, she shamelessly used Ye Jiushang as a shield.

Xue Batian did not overthink it.

After all, the Ninth Imperial Uncle was too mysterious, and stealing spirit herbs was not difficult for him.

“Fortunately, nothing major happened today, except for the regretful deaths of the guards.

Butler, bury them properly and give their families more compensation.” Xue Batian looked at the two dead guards on the ground and was extremely sad.

However, people could not be revived from the dead, so he could only grieve.

“Yes, Ill do it now.” The butler was given quite a scare just now, barely recovering with Xue Batians call..

He was about to leave when a few figures suddenly descended from the sky, startling him again.


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