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NEW NOVEL: Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor

Chapter 660: Precursor

“Ah ah ah ah!”

Under the bloody crescent moon, the king’s madness increased!

Eerie black devil worms kept shuttling through his eyes.

Dense corrosive holes appeared on the dry and withered skin.

If the burning of fireworks was regarded as a process, there was no doubt that the degenerated king was in the most violent stage of burning.

His knight skills had long been forgotten, and were replaced by more and more frantic fighting and killing instincts.

Without legs, and there was no need for legs, even though he could only crawl on the ground, the king was faster and stronger than when he was a human being.

“Boom!” The king brandished the black sword in his hand, and the black sword more than three meters long blew up strong winds in the ruins.

Without any skill but just a simple slash, the sword’s power wasn’t inferior to the legendary sword skill: Blade Storm.

This was the king’s power.

Now the degenerated king could be called a moving disaster, the incarnation of the nightmare.

“Oh, brother!” Dashing away from the king’s attack range with all effort, Yun Xi once again gathered the strength of his whole body.

The sound of blood echoed in Yun Xi’s body like a storm.

The Battle God’s Seed was releasing more and more power.

Nothing could exercise a person more than a battle to the death.

Under the threat of the degenerated king, Yun Xi broke through the limitations of his body over and over again, evolving toward a higher level of the Rigid Body.

For others, they would be exhausted before they could reach a higher level.

Miracles are not without cost.

Most of those who activated the potential of their lives could no longer stand up after they created miracles, because they had overdrawn all their vitality.

The human body had its limits.

The cost of breaking those limits was often life itself.

However, Yun Xi had something to pay for it.

The Battle God’s Seed.

The seed from a legend, Casina the Battle God!

It was like an extra core of power, which stored an amazing amount of energy from Casina.

The energy could be used to protect Yun Xi and improve Yun Xi’s combat power when he needed it.

It couldn’t improve Yun Xi’s talent, however, it could pay the price which Yun Xi should pay by using his own life force originally.

With the Battle God’s Seed, Yun Xi could perform all the skills he had mastered without worrying about the limit of his body.

Before he exhausted all the energy in the Battle God’s Seed, he was nearly invincible!

Originally, Thunderbolt was an ultimate skill that would extract all the energy of the body.

Only Yun Xi, who had the Battle God’s Seed, could perform this ultimate skill over and over again.

The third Thunderbolt was far stronger than the previous two.

The white thunderball appeared between Yun Xi’s hands emitting bright lights, looking like a small sun.

“Taste this!” Locking the king’s giant-like body, Yun Xi unleashed the most powerful Thunderbolt he could release.

The white ball of light struck on the black sword, blowing up endless bright thunders and lightning, illuminating the entire ruins of the palace.

“Unfilial son!” The king’s reason, humanity, and wisdom were all disappearing in a mad way.

At these prices, he had gained a power that was far beyond the limits of any human being.

Even though Yun Xi’s Thunderbolt could kill any hero ranked beings in an instant, it couldn’t break through the king’s defense! The king’s body only shook for a few moments, then he had stood firm and kept his footing.

Without pain.

Without flesh and blood.

In exchange for power, even his soul was burning like firewood.

The king roared, and once again raised the black sword in his hand.

Endless air of the abyss wrapped around the black sword with palpitating death breath.


A crack over ten meters long appeared on the ground of the ruins.

One crow doctor after another climbed out of the black crack and made creepy screams.




It’s too difficult! Even from the most optimistic point of view, Yun Xi didn’t think that his Rigid Body could withstand the attacks from such a sword.

The sword’s power was probably ten times stronger than his strongest Thunderbolt!

Now the degenerate king didn’t need the Sacred Revenge to rebound Yun Xi’s attack.

He could easily kill Yun Xi with one brandish of the black sword.

Maybe I can also let my Rigid Body level up Yun Xi thought for a moment, then shook his head.

No way, there was no possibility for him to strengthen the Rigid Body to a brand new level in such a short time as this was needed.

Even though his Rigid Body was a god-like talent, he couldn’t upgrade in one stroke.

In a sense, the degenerated king did obtain the power he dreamed of after he sacrificed his body and even burned his soul.

This was not without cost.

Yun Xi could see with the naked eye that there were more and more black holes on the king’s skin and the black parasites lodged in his eyes even drilled out of his orbit and wrapped around the king’s head.

Apparently, the power the king had now couldn’t last long.

However, the king didn’t have enough self-consciousness to stop.

Like a boulder falling from a high mountain, the faster he fell, the stronger the gravitational potential energy he could obtain, and the more tragic death he would have.

No, perhaps not death, but complete disappearance, because the king should have died long ago.

“Give it a try…” Faced with such an enemy who couldn’t even be killed by his Thunderbolt, Yun Xi could only try to take his foot in a new realm.

Now he may be able to use a more powerful and mysterious skill than the Thunderbolt.

The Crane Wings Twin Swords flew beside Yun Xi.

They felt something that began to wake up gradually from the deepest part of Yun Xi’s body.

“Start Calculation!”


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