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Picking Up Beautiful Girls In The Post Apocalyptic World Chapter 11

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“Why did you come back here. I thought you said you had another shelter Dont tell me this is the place”

Han said this with a frown on his face. Just staying here brought back bad memories for him! He didnt like the atmosphere at all!

Miss Kim turned to him with a smile. She wanted to know if he would recognize the building and was glad he did. This meant he was a part of H&C when it was open. How can she not remember him She had to find out exactly who he is!

“I just want to find something here before we go. You will help me. I wont take long at all”

Miss Kim said in a sweet voice and Han reluctantly entered with her. The building was dark inside. None of the lights were on and only the small rays from the windows showed Han where he was stepping his foot. Han wondered what Miss Kim was planning. Did she want to bring bad bad memories for him!

Miss Kim entered a room that was labeled [CEO]. It was her former office before the city was overrun by zombies. She was going to find out everything about Han! This was the only place she could see his file without him knowing.

Han refused to enter the room with Miss Kim and instead waited outside.

Miss Kim quickly went to work looking through her drawer. She saw the files that she always stored on every team and quickly found the one labeled Jin Tam. She opened it on her desk and looked through it to see if any Han Luo was inside it.


Miss Kim exclaimed while grabbing the paper with his face and name on it. The file was from five years ago, just a short time before the zombies invaded. But the strange thing was the red label that was painted across his file. It was the stamp to show that she blacklisted someone!

This stamp was not ordinary! She only used it on people she wanted to get her revenge on! If she put it anywhere then the person would be blacklisted everywhere in the advertisement industry.

What did this Han Luo do to deserve this!

“Hey, Kim! Are you okay!”

Han heard the shout from Miss Kim and quickly ran in to check on her. He thought there was a zombie in the room and was ready to attack immediately but he was shocked when he didnt see any zombie, instead, he saw Miss Kim holding a file with his face on it. His face had a red line drawn over it with the word Blacklisted.

Han immediately understood and he was shocked.

This woman… Did this woman do this to him

Han grabbed the paper from Miss Kim and he felt despair fill him as he looked at the words. This woman saw it necessary to destroy his life like this Even after slapping him, it was not enough!

Han looked at her with anger.

“What is this! Was it not enough to slap and humiliate me! You blacklisted me also!”

Miss Kim was very confused. When did she humiliate him She tried to remember any time when she did something like that and her eyes suddenly widened when she remembered. He was the one that almost ruined the REACH meeting!

This was Han Luo!

Miss Kim took a step back in shock. This man was not the one she remembered. That man had enough bad luck to drown the titanic on his own! How can this man be Han Luo!

Han was very angry. He felt like he would do something that he would regret if he remained here!

He turned around and began walking out of the building. If this woman only saw him as trash then he did not have to help her! To think he almost felt bad for her and wanted to take her with him! Did he not know how to give himself face!

“Han! Han Lou wait!”

Miss Kim quickly ran after Han and stopped him. She did not know what she was thinking when she blacklisted him. She remembered what he did almost made her lose her contract with REACH, but it was not enough for her to blacklist him. She was not a bad person!

Han looked into Miss Kims eyes and saw that she was crying. Did this woman think she could sway him with her fake tears

“What is it Do you want to tell me how useless you think I am You dont have to put up with me anymore since you think Im bad luck!”

Han was very angry!

Miss Kim shook her head. She did not think like that at all!

“I did not do it! I did not blacklist you! I swear!”

“The paper tells a different story! Do you know how hard it was for me to find even one job! Now I cannot even find a job as a paper pusher! You are just as cold as I thought!”

Those words hurt Miss Kim very much, especially since it was from him. She didnt want him to think of her like that!

“You dont understand! You did not make the reach contract fail! Even after you ruined the meeting I still got the advert contract! Why would I blacklist you when you didnt lose anything for me!”

Han fumed. This woman was making too much sense!! The paper did not lie, but he could tell that she did not lie as well. Did that mean he was jumping to conclusions Was he blaming her for something she did not do

Miss Kim could see that Han was starting to believe her. She did not want Han to leave her. She wasnt just trying to use him for his strength, but she had started to like him as a person. How could she harm someone that did not even do anything to her

The REACH contract for the canned soda that was even supposed to run for five years only ran for one year before the zombies came. She did not have any reason to blacklist him at all.

Han sighed and looked back at the paper. He knew why he was so angry. This paper didnt mean anything to him now that he was in the future. He was already someone different and better than he had been. But the him from the past did not know that this even happened. Han wondered if that him had been trying to get a job everywhere but was unable to because of the contract, this would just make him think he was even more bad luck!

“I dont fully believe you, but I can understand. I will still take you with me out of the city, but from now on we are no more friends. I cannot trust you with what I now know about you”

Han said this while walking away from Miss Kim and out of the building. He saw Miss Kim was about to begin crying, but just like the street girl she was she cleaned it and followed behind him. He couldnt help that he was proud of her! This woman was strong!

Han and Miss Kim continued moving towards the shelter she told him about, but this time they were not walking side by side. Miss Kim was moving ahead of Han and leading the way, every now and then, Han would move ahead to get rid of any zombies that came near them before they continued like normal.

This was how they kept going until they got to the new settlement that Miss Kim had spoken about. But they did not know that in this settlement, a trap was waiting for them!


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