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Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Chapter 8 - Bear-san Is Shopping

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Chapter 8 – Bear-san Is Shopping.

「Big sis Yuna.」


「What kind of clothes do you want」

「Something I can wear under these clothes first.」

I pulled at the bear clothes.

Under this was just underwear.

I want a shirt, at least.

「An expensive or a cheap store」

「Doesnt really matter. Whats the difference」

「The nobility shop in expensive stores. Ive never been in one, but the prices are high and the goods should be of superior quality. A cheap store sells clothes at an affordable price for an average citizen. There is also a second hand store that sells used clothing. There are often bargains, so I go to take a look every once in a while. What would you like to do」

Personally, I wanted to visit the expensive store, but Finas face didnt look good when she talked about it. Was there something wrong with that store Did they choose their customers I remembered my appearance again. Looking like this, theres a chance that I would be turned away when I tried to enter the store. In that case, Im okay with going to an ordinary store.

I will pass on the second hand clothes.

Wearing second hand underwear would be disgusting.

「Why dont you take me to the normal store first I will decide where to go next after that.」

Fina led me to the tailor shop.

A woman in her 20s welcomed us when we entered.

When she saw my appearance, her smile disappeared for a moment, but was restored immediately.

「Welcome. What kind of clothes are you looking for today」

「Underwear and some clothes.」

「Underwear is over there. However, the type of clothing that will suit the taste of the customer is...」

Not being able to wear a dress is quite frustrating!

「If they fit properly, they will be fine.」

I left the shop assistant and walked further in with Fina. I looked at the underwear first.

Its necessary to graduate from Bear-san panties.

I chose clothes based on Finas opinion.

As a result, I managed to get some panties. However, there was no brassiere. It seems that they dont exist here.

I also bought everyday clothes that I could wear under the bear clothes.

「Thank you, Fina.」

「No, Im happy to be able to help. What are you doing after this」

「Are there any bookstores or libraries in this city」

「There is a bookstore, but there are no libraries. I have heard from Adventurer-san that there are libraries only in the capital city.」

「Then bookstore it is, but lets eat lunch first. What do you recommend」

「Hmm, is anywhere fine」


「In that case I would like to eat at the inn that you are staying at. Ive heard that the meals over there are good. Ive never eaten there.」

「The Inn」

「Yes, adventurers who stay overnight at the Inn are engaged in business, so during the day, the Inn serves general customers.」

「Is that so. Well then, lets go.」

Fina happily heads to the Inn.

When we arrived at the Inn, it was crowded with customers.

A good smell was floating around the Inn.

「Welcome. Oh, Yuna-chan, back so soon」

Elena noticed us while carrying an emptied dish.

「Were here to eat lunch.」

「There is an extra charge for lunch.」

「I know. Are there any empty seats」

「Its full right now. But there will be some space in a little while.」

「Can you prepare the food immediately」

「Un, thats okay. Im mostly finished.」

「Then, is it okay to eat in my room」

「I dont mind.」

「Then I will choose the dishes. Fina, choose what you want.」

「Is that really okay」

「Its okay. Just guide me to the bookstore once we finished eating. This is a proper reward.」

「Thank you very much. Then...」

After we waited in the room for a while, Elena brought the food.

「Thank you for waiting.」

「Thank you. Leave it on the table.」

「I would be happy if you could bring the dishes back down after eating.」

「Roger. I will bring it down after we finish.」

「Thank you.」

Mouth-watering dishes were lined up on the table.

*fuka fuka* soft bread, meat dishes, and salads.

Speaking of which, was there rice in this world

Im a Japanese, so I need rice, soy sauce, and miso in order to live.

Its okay for now, since its still only the second day, but I will eventually want it.

「Fina, lets eat while its warm.」

「Yes, itadakimasu.」

「The bread is so soft~ The meat is also very good.」

「Un, its delicious.」

Fina suddenly stopped eating.

「Whats wrong」



「Can I bring half of this dish home」


「I have a little sister and mother. I want them to try this.」

She said, while staring at the food.

I dont have a family, but Finas feelings are important to me.

「Its okay, but eat that. Afterwards, I will buy a supper for two, no, a supper for three so eat it for dinner with your family」

「Is that okay」

「Today is special. It wont happen tomorrow. Therefore, you dont have to worry about it.」

「Un, thank you.」

After we finished eating, I brought the empty dishes back to Elena. I also ordered supper for three.

With full stomachs, we set forth to the bookstore.

It seemed to be in the opposite direction from the weapon shop.

As always, the passerbys were all staring at me, but I advanced without minding it.

I thought about wearing the clothes I had bought, but there was a chance that there would be problems, like in the guild. I wont take off this Bear until I know its safe.

We arrived at the bookstore.

Its smaller than I thought

Im not saying that the bookstores in Japan are all large, but the store here is smaller than the store in my old neighborhood.

The inside of the store was stacked with many books.

Apparently, the books didnt fit on the shelf and were stacked on the floor instead.

Looking through all of this will be hard.


An old lady called out.

「Grandma, you dont organize this」

「Aa, I know where everything is, so its okay. If there is a book you want, just tell me.」

「Really Then, a book that contains information about this worlds monsters and a book related to magic. If you have a map, that would be great too.」

「Wait a moment.」

The elderly woman went to the back of the store.

After some time, she came back with some books.

「This book and this book are about monsters.」

She handed me two books.

「Normal monsters are described in here. Creatures of legends are described in here. How are these」

「Ill take both.」

「Is that so Then, this is the book of magic. Its only for beginners.」

「I will take it.」

「The map only shows information about the vicinity of this city. Its better to go to the Capital for a more detailed one.」

「Its okay. Thank you.」

I paid and left the store.

I thought it would take more time, but thanks to the grandma, it only took a few minutes.

With this, my objectives were complete.

「Big sis Yuna, where to next」

I was a little trouble.

「Yeah. Thanks to your help, I got what I wanted. I will go back to the Inn and read the books. Besides, you must be tired from all the walking.」

I dont feel tired, thanks to the Bear shoes. If not for them, a hikikomori like myself would have fallen from fatigue at the weapon shop.

「Im completely okay.」

However, Fina was fine.

Indeed, she is different from a hikikomori.

「I wanted to go to toolmaker and armor shop, but I will go back for today. What will you do」

「Its early, but I will eat Elena-sans cooking when I go home.」

「Okay. Then, todays pay.」

I handed her one silver coin.

「Is it alright You even paid for todays dinner.」

「Its only for today.」

「Thank you, big sis.」

There was still time until dinner after saying goodbye to Fina, so I returned to my room.

I retrieved a book from the Bear box.

First, I took a look at the map.

This is the forest where I came from, isnt it

The forest was located a little bit away from the city.

The Capital city was in the opposite direction of the forest.

I couldnt tell the distance from this map. Is it far

It might be better to go to the Capital next.

There seemed to be several villages in the outskirts.

The valuable geography was hammered into my head.

I wish I had a more detailed map.

It would be convenient if there was a mapping system, like in the game.

I took out the magic book next.

The title said “Beginners magic”.

Is there also Intermediate and Advanced

Are they sold in the Capital

I flipped the page and read.

Fumu fumu.

Un un.

I see.

「Well, lets give it a try. First, gather the magic.」

I tried to do it like in the game.

In the game, you had to gather magic in one hand and give a command, which would activate the spell.

If you gathered magic in your right hand, you cast it with the right hand. If you gathered magic in your left hand, you cast it with the left hand.

Players who were ambidextrous with magic became a hot topic in the game.


Im generally right-handed.

I tried to collect magic in my right hand because of that.

After gathering it, I gave the command.


In the room, a ball of light......emerges.

The deep emotion of successfully casting magic was nothing compared to the shape of the ball of light.

No doubt, it was a ball of light, not a sphere.

It had a bears face.

It was the same face as the one on the gloves I wear.

I had an unpleasant hunch, so I opened the status screen.

Name: Yuna

Age: 15

Level: 8

Skills: Language from a Different World, Letters from a Different World, Dimensional Box of the Bear, Observing Eyes of the Bear

Magic: Bears Light


Black Bears Hand (Non-transferable)

White Bears Hand (Non-transferable)

Black Bears Foot (Non-transferable)

White Bears Foot (Non-transferable)

Bear Suit (Non-transferable)

Bear Underwear (Non-transferable)

A Magic column was added to the skills.

Bears Light

By gathering magic in the bear gloves, I bring out a bear-shaped light.

Umm, can I cast magic without wearing the bear gloves

In order to try, I removed the bear gloves and tried casting the magic the same way.

As I expected, the light didnt come out orz.

Uh, Im already one with the bear.

I wore the gloves again with a tear in my eye.

I want to practice attack magic, but I cant possibly do that in the Inn.

I will just read the book for today.

I went down to the first floor for dinner. It was delicious.

I took a bath, then transformed into the white bear and got into bed to recuperate from todays fatigue.

「Good night~」


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