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87 – Eyes of Emptiness

With his 100 dog summons, Shu Feng trampled all opponents standing in his way.

Li Xuanyi swept all opponents along the way with great momentum and easily defeated Shen Feng.

These two are now generally recognized as the strongest powerhouses among the freshmen.

As to who of the two is stronger, only actual combat can tell.

The homeroom teacher of paragon class 1, Liu Han, asked: “Ge Long, why don’t we have a bet I will bet that Li Xuanyi will win, while you will bet on Shu Feng! Let’s wager a mid grade spirit stone.

How about it”

Liu Han and Ge Long are both homeroom teachers of Shuijing High School as well as Spirit Grandmaster realm powerhouses.

There are some grudges between them.

Since they can’t use force in Shuijing High School, they can only fight through the students.

Ge Long’s eyes constricted, and he replied decisively, “Alright!”

A mid grade spirit stone sells for 100 million credits and 1,000 contribution points on the extraordinary shopping center and is equivalent to Ge Long’s two months worth of salary.

On the central square, Shu Feng and Li Xuanyi sat opposite each other, with a Spirit Grandmaster realm paragon class teacher quietly guarding them.

Li Xuanyi smiled and said confidently, “Shu Feng, your 100 dog summoning ability are really strong! If I were in the Spirit Warrior realm, it would be difficult to defeat you.

But since I am in the Spirit Master realm, your defeat is all but guaranteed.”

Shu Feng replied lightly, “Li Xuanyi, you’re indeed really strong.

But you’re vulnerable against my 100 dog summoning ability.

Although Li Xuanyi and Shu Feng didn’t curse at one another, but they used words to shake the opponent’s moral.

In actual combat, once your moral is shaken, you won’t be able display even 70% of your combat power.

By then, the weaker party can reverse the situation.

Li Xuanyi spoke with a slight smile: “Shu Feng, your 100 dog summoning ability is indeed formidable.

Unfortunately you have one great weakness! You must be well aware what that weakness is!”

Shu Feng raised his eyebrows and stated, “I have no weaknesses!”

“Okay! Then I’ll defeat you and make you realize what your weakness is!”

Li Xuanyi laughed, and then spread the fingers of his hand, let a thread from the Tree of Dreams wrap around his hand, and entered the dream world.

Shu Feng closed his eyes, let another thread wrap around his hands, and entered the dream world.

When he entered the dream world, a large ruin appeared in front of Shu Feng’s eyes.

“Li Xuanyi is a top-notch powerhouse! I can’t be careless!”

Shu Feng willed and summoned 100 Black Dog Hollows as well as two Goblin Kings equipped with heavy armor, a giant shield, and a fine steel battle axe.

“Goblin King! The summit of Goblin evolution!”

“He’s actually able to summon Goblin Kings! Those are Spirit Master realm monsters!”


The spectating students of the Spirit Force Department are all paragons from different cities.

At a glance, they realized that the creatures Shu Feng summoned are Goblin Kings.

Liu Han’s eyes constricted: “Spirit Master realm summons! This Shu Feng has some skill!”

The 100 Black Dog Hollows rushed into the ruin, spread out like a tide, and searched for Li Xuanyi.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Before long, three resonant gunshots rose in the ruin.

The heads of three Black Dog Hollows were blasted apart.

“Found him!”

Shu Feng willed, and the remaining 97 Black Dog Hollows darted in the direction of Li Xuanyi.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Two chrysanthemum-like runes appeared in Li Xuanyi’s eyes.

As he shuttled freely through the ruin, the 2nd tier spirit gun — Red Maple — in his hand practically never stopped shooting.

In a display of superior gunmanship, each bullet he fired blasted the head of a Black Dog Hollow apart.

“They’re all headshots! Awesome! How could anyone possess such superb gunmanship”

“Li Xuanyi’s gunmanship is really terrific!”


Discussions sounded one after another.

Gazes of admiration converged on Li Xuanyi.

Liu Han smiled and said, “The Eyes of Emptiness of the Northern Steppe’s Li Family are indeed deserving of their reputation! No matter how many times I see them, they’re really impressive.”

Ge Long raised his eyebrows, yet said nothing.

Eyes of Emptiness are one of the five eye techniques in the Qianyuan Republic.

The Northern Steppe’s Li Family is one of the top aristocratic families of the Qianyuan Republic and has previously given birth to Saints.

However, its posterior generations are a let-down.

The successive patriarchs of the family were trash, making the Li Family drop from the ranks to magnus families to the ranks of aristocratic families.

Even so, the Eyes of Emptiness of the Northern Steppe’s Li Family are a the top eye technique.

Li Xuanyi has awakened the Eyes of Emptiness and is one of the greatest talents of the Li Family of this generation.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound of gunfire rang incessantly as Li Xuanyi traveled freely through the ruin and headed in Shu Feng’s direction.

“I am his target! There are too many obstacles inside the ruin, which is disadvantageous to me!”

Shu Feng’s mind revolved.

Under the protection of the two Goblin Kings, he began to rapidly withdraw from the ruin.

He wants to consume Li Xuanyi’s strength with the 100 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows.

Even if Li Xuanyi doesn’t miss a single shot, he will still have to consume a lot of extraordinary force in order to kill the 100 Black Dog Hollows.

The more physical strength and spirit force he consumes this way, the lesser threat he will pose to Shu Feng.

“Shameless! He wants to use his summons to consume Li Xuanyi’s strength!”

“Shu Feng, if you have the skill, then have a fair fight with Li Xuanyi!”


The crowd outside was agitated.

Many girls denounced Shu Feng with a disdainful expression.

After all, Li Xuanyi is much more handsome than Shu Feng.

Besides, they are still young and are more into passionate fights.

Liu Han said with a light smile, “Your student is really crafty!”

Ge Long replied flatly, “The winner is right, while the loser is wrong! This is the truth of the world.

As long as he can win, what does it matter what means he uses”

Liu Han uttered with a smile, “The winner is right, while the loser is wrong! You put it quite aptly! When Li Xuanyi activated the Eyes of Emptiness, the outcome of the match was already decided.

Shu Feng’s summoning ability is really impressive! However, his weakness is too glaring! His defeat is set in stone!”

Ge Long snorted coldly and just silently stared at the light screen.

Within a few breaths of time, Li Xuanyi reached a high platform of the ruin.

He gazed at Shu Feng from above, locked on him with the Red Maple, and pulled the trigger.

A red ray ejected out and shot towards Shu Feng.

A Goblin King raised a large fine steel shield and sealed off the bullet’s trajectory.

The trajectory of the red spirit force bullet suddenly distorted and it hit Shu Feng in the head.

Upon seeing this scene, Ge Long couldn’t help exclaiming: “Curved shot! Amazing! Li Xuanyi is really amazing! He even learned this secret technique!”


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