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85 – 100 Dogs Rampage

Although Shu Feng and Zhao Zixin are in the same class, but their seats are too far apart.

In addition, in the past month, everyone was busy studying and practicing cultivation.

There was basically no interaction between the two.

This was the first time Zhao Zixin took a serious look at the slightly handsome Shu Feng.

In the paragon class 9, where there are many handsome boys, he appears unremarkable.

Before long, Luo Feng opened his eyes and looked at Shu Feng, a flash of surprise in his eyes.

He smiled lightly, and his eyes shimmered with a queer shade.

Half an hour later, the projection of the Tree of Dreams disappeared slowly.

All the students in the square opened their eyes.

Many of the students were in a state of shock, filled with fear.

What happened in the Tree of Dreams felt really realistic.

The sensation of being ripped apart by Black Dog Hollows naturally filled these students with fear.

Song He spoke indifferently, “When I call your name, come up! Li Xuanyi…, Luo Feng!”

Li Xuanyi, Shu Feng, Zhao Zixin, and some other students who first opened their eyes climbed onto the platform one by one.

Song He uttered succinctly: “They are the Tree of Dreams’s top 32 freshmen.

Starting tomorrow, the top 32 freshmen will participate in a sudden death tournament.

Go have a good rest and prepare for tomorrow! You’re dismissed!”

The thousands of students of the Spirit Force Department looked at Shu Feng and company with envy, aware that these 32 people are the real paragons among the freshmen.

Zhuo Qianlei watched Shu Feng on the platform with excitement in her eyes: “Top 32 freshmen! This guy is really amazing!”

Zhong Jietong looked at Shu Feng with an enigmatic color in her beautiful eyes.

For Shu Feng to be able to become a top 32 freshman in Shuijing High School — a gathering of talents from all over Qianyuan Republic — this means that he is a talent who stands out from among countless talents of Qianyuan Republic.

His future is limitless.

With a flash of excitement in his eyes, Ma Jue came over and grumbled: “Shu Feng, Luo Feng, you two hid really well from me.

Anyhow, how did you deal with the five Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows I killed three before the remaining two tore me to pieces!”

Lin Yao, Yue Hai, and Qian Dong also came over and looked at Shu Feng and Luo Feng with a complex shade in their eyes.

Since they were able to easily deal with five Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows, it shows that Shu Feng and Luo Feng are far stronger than the three of them.

As paragons from different places, Lin Yao and the other two are quite proud and confident.

Yet now people far more outstanding than them appeared.

This naturally made them feel somewhat uncomfortable.

Shu Feng replied with a light smile: “I’m a summoner! I summoned five Black Dog Hollows and let them fight each other.

The rest was as easy as pie.”

Luo Feng uttered, “I am proficient in spirit martial arts! I killed two from long range, and then killed the remaining three from close range!”

Ma Jue said, “Let’s go! It’s your treat, you two! Let’s go to Canteen No.

2 and have a good meal!”

Luo Feng smiled mildly and said, “Okay!”

The next day, on the central square of the Spirit Force Department, there were 32 students sitting quietly.

Not far from the 32 students, there was a teacher standing guard.

The rest of the students of the Spirit Force Department stood outside the central square, waiting for the tournament to start.

Song He climbed onto the platform, gripped a green staff, and summoned the mysterious Tree of Dreams again, and green threads emerged, wound around the 32 students, and pulled them into dream worlds.

32 light screens suddenly appeared in the void.

When Ma Jue looked at the light screen floating above Shu Feng, his eyes constricted, and he said heavily: “Shangguan Xiong! Feng’s opponent is Shangguan Xiong, one of the six seedlings! This will be tough!”

“Shangguan Xiong! With his strength, he can compete over the position of freshman representative.

Even though Feng can summon five Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows, he’s not a match for the other party.

Ah, what’s that”

Lin Yao was speaking, when his countenance suddenly changed greatly and his eyes widened and flickered with disbelief.

He stared at the light screen depicting Shu Feng.

“The terrain is mountainous! It’s really close to an environment you encounter in actual combat!”

When Shu Feng snapped out of it, he found himself on a dusky mountain growing with strange trees and filled with hollow demon qi.

The invasion of Hollow Realm is a fact known to all spirit users.

Blue Star is in a weak position.

If it were not for the protection of the Worldheart, making it so powerful hollow demons can’t enter, Blue Star would have already been conquered.

Many top human powerhouses want to sneak into Hollow Realm, search for opportunities to become stronger, and even counterattack Hollow Realm.

But Hollow Realm’s hollow demon force is highly toxic to humans.

Even if it’s a human Saint, they can’t resit the pollution of Hollow Realm’s hollow demon force for a long time.

In Erosion Realm, except for human strongholds, the place is filled with hollow demon force second only to Hollow Realm’s hollow demon force.

This environment is similar to Erosion Realm’s environment.

The corners of Shu Feng’s mouth rose into a smile: “The first maxim of combat is to search for the enemy’s position! The mountainous environment is more suitable for summoner-type powerhouses like me.

It seems that the school thinks that I’m weaker than Shangguan Xiong and thus gave me some preferential treatment!”

Shangguan Xiong is a prodigy who has the potential to compete for the position of freshman representative, while Shu Feng is just an ordinary paragon.

It is not surprising that the school gave Shu Feng a terrain advantage.

Although this mountainous terrain seems vast, but Shu Feng is well aware that it is not the case.

Even without the help of Black Dog Hollows, he would be able to find the other party as long as he searched a little.

“Come out!”

Shu Feng willed, and 100 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows appeared, and then scattered in different directions.

“So many Black Dog Hollows!”

“100! He actually summoned 100 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows! He’s like a one-man army! This guy called Shu Feng hides really deep!”

“100 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows! This guy is so strong! He’s definitely a seedling-level powerhouse with the strength to compete over the position of freshman representative!”


When they saw this scene, the eyes of the students of the Spirit Force Department shimmered with shock, and they spoke one after another.

Even paragon class students had looks of shock in their eyes.

For many paragon class students, a Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollow is not an issue, two are a bit tricky, three require a certain price to be paid.

However, Shu Feng summoned 100 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows.

Among the freshmen, practically no one can contend against such a terrifying Black Dog Hollows army.


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