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83 – Six Seedlings

The reason why the three spirit user cultivation institutions can attract many talents each year is because they have countless unusual arts and secret methods.

On the fifth floor of the Spirit User Library, Shu Feng also found the Hundred Temperings Steel Body secret method that can be cultivated to twenty temperings.

As for the follow-up cultivation methods of Hundred Temperings Steel Body, they have to be redeemed with course credits.

The Spirit User Library’s books can’t be lent out.

They can only be read in the library.

Therefore, Shu Feng went to the Spirit User Library every day and carefully entered all kinds of secret manuals into the Central Analyzer to improve his reserves.

In addition to the six single rooms, there is also large room in Building No.


That room is the living room.

“After making some inquiries, I learned that the Tree of Dreams’s Freshman Wars is actual combat conducted in the Tree of Dreams.

It is divided into individual wars and class wars.

I also heard about the six seedlings who are most likely to win the individual wars!”

Building No.

7, in the living room, Ma Jue turned on an LCD screen, and a tall, handsome young man with short hair appeared.

“The sixth seedling is Shangguan Xiong, the ace of class 7! He has the ability to manipulate the ice element! He once spared against five Spirit Warriors and froze them into chunks of ice!”

On the LCD screen, five Spirit Warriors glimmering with spirit light rushed towards Shangguan Xiong.

They just got close to him, when an icy wind surged and froze them into chunks of ice.

“So strong!”

“This guy is really thorny!”


Upon seeing this scene, a dignified color flashed in the eyes of everyone in the room.

Spirit Warrior realm powerhouses have basically all learned spirit shield arts.

As such, during a fight, they will have a spirit force membrane covering their entire body.

The spirit force membrane has strong resistance ability.

In order to freeze six Spirit Warriors at the same time, one either has to be a Spirit Master realm expert, or the ice element manipulation ability has to have reached the earth realm or above. 

“The fifth seedling is Zhou Yun, the ace of class 4! He has the ability to control demonic beasts! In particular, he has a Spirit Master realm Lightning Wolf under his command!”

The screen flashed, and an ordinary-looking young man with a faint air of arrogance about him appeared on the screen.

Next to the young man, there is a demonic wolf shrouded in lightning.

The head of the demonic wolf is engraved with mysterious lightning runes.

“The fourth seedling is Zhao Zixin, the ace of our class! She has the ability to manipulate the fire element!”

With a flash, a pure and proud ice beauty appeared on the screen.

That ice beauty is Zhao Zixin, and she is shrouded in violent flames.

She looks like a queen of fire.

“Zhao Zixin is really beautiful!”

“I like her! Don’t you guys fight me over her!”

“She’s the No.

1 beauty of class 9 for a reason! Both her appearance and strength are excellent!”


Bursts of excited comments sounded.

Although the girls in class 9 are all really beautiful.

But Zhao Zixin still stands out among them and is recognized as the No.

1 beauty of class 9.

“The third seedling is Shen Feng, the ace of class 3! He can manipulate the wind element! And he’s a Spirit Master realm expert!”

A tall, handsome young man with a natural and unrestrained temperament appeared on the screen, a mischievous smile on his face.

“Spirit Master realm expert!”

When these words sounded, everyone drew in a sharp breath.

In order to enter the paragon class of Shuijing High School, one must at least possess level-9 Apprentice Spirit Warrior realm cultivation base.

The people in the living room are all paragons of different regions of Qianyuan Republic, and they each possess Spirit Warrior realm cultivation base.

They all know how difficult it is to cultivate to the Spirit Master realm at such an age.

Not only does it require the support of a massive amount of resources, but the spirit users themselves must have an extraordinary cultivation talent.

Although a Spirit Master realm human expert is far from being a match for a Spirit Master realm demonic beast in terms of physical constitution.

But in actual combat, a Spirit Master realm human expert is stronger than a Spirit Master realm demonic beast.

That’s because humans have extraordinary equipment to support them.

“The second seedling is Sheng Minghai, the ace of class 2! He is a spirit martial arts expert and a Spirit Master realm powerhouse!”

A burly, ordinary-looking young man with a square face, big ears, and a pair of bright eyes appeared on the screen.

“The first seedling is Li Xuanyi, the ace of class 1! He is a Spirit Master realm expert!”

A handsome young man brimming with confidence, exuding the air of a leader appeared on the screen.

Ma Jue said: “Three days ago, Sheng Minghai challenged Li Xuanyi.

After they exchanged 20 moves, Sheng Minghai was directly defeated by Li Xuanyi.

It is said that Li Xuanyi advanced to the Spirit Warrior realm after crossing the third boundary.”

“He crossed the third boundary! What a badass!”

“As expected of Shuijing High School! Indeed, it’s full of talents!”


The students present drew in a sharp breath and commented spiritedly.

It is extremely difficult to cross the Apprentice Spirit Warrior realm’s three boundaries.

The six people present are well aware how difficult it is to cross the third boundary.

Ma Jue uttered: “I reckon that the freshman representative will be one of them.

We don’t have any hopes of reaching the top of individual wars.

There’s still class wars! According to my investigation, class 1 has the most formidable comprehensive strength.

If there are no accidents, class 1 will take first place in this time’s class wars.”

Next, Ma Jue began to talk about other freshmen of the paragon class, including the beauties.

As for freshmen below the paragon class, Ma Jue didn’t pay attention to them.

Faint flames burned in Shu Feng’s eyes, “Freshman representative! I am determined to win it!”

Shuijing Spirit Shield Art is known as a most formidable spirit shield art.

It has the fearsome abilities of reflecting and refracting attacks.

Even if it can’t reflect and refract some powerful attacks, but it can still neutralize a part of their power.

The formidable spirit shield art Shuijing Spirit Shield Art isn’t being sold on the extraordinary shopping center.

In Shuijing High School, apart from becoming the freshman representative, you can only use a massive amount of course credits in order to obtain the Shuijing Spirit Shield Art.

Additionally, the freshman representative will also get various rare cultivation resources.

If he can obtain these rare resources, Shu Feng will be able to transform again in a short time and might even be able to advance to a Spirit Master.

Seven days later, the central square of Shuijing High School’s Spirit Force Department.

On a platform, there sit teachers of the Spirit Force Department.

In front of the platform, there sit thousands of young men and women coming from all over Qianyuan Republic.

A man with grizzled hair, which looks like a lion’s mane, strode onto the platform, gazed at the thousands of young man and women in front of the platform, and uttered: “I am Song He, the headmaster of Shuijing High School! I won’t blabber too much! In the world of spirit users, the strong are respected! Therefore, do everything in your strength to achieve better results, so that you can get more resources and better nurturing!”


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