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60 – Evolution to the Spirit Warrior Realm

“Now I have a couple of choices, that is, to either buy Yuan Spirit Pills and use their power to break through the body’s limit, or find a way to break through the first boundary.”

“However, I haven’t gotten the contribution points for destroying the Hollow Demon Gate yet! I don’t have enough money to buy Yuan Spirit Pills! In that case, I can only use the power of the Origin Force Evolution Tower!”

Shu Feng weighed things again and again and made a decision.

Although the world seems peaceful.

But in fact, it is full of dangers.

By just going on an excursion, Shu Feng was drawn into the conspiracy of Parasitic Spider Demons and almost lost his life.

He thinks that it’s better to improve his strength as soon as possible.

Shu Feng also has a gold nugget, Chromatic Bee honey, and other good stuff, which are worth more than 1 billion credits.

However, he doesn’t dare to take them out just like that.

He’s just a mere level-9 Apprentice Spirit Warrior.

He’s not even an official member of Flameguard.

As such, he can’t protect this huge wealth at all.

Shu Feng didn’t dare to let the 5 Black Elven little girls leave Beiling Street for fear that they would be abducted by someone.

After all, Dark Elves can sell at a high price of more than 80 million credits per individual in this world.

They are a symbol of luxury.

Shu Feng’s thoughts revolved, and he strode into the Origin Force Evolution Tower.

“Scan started!”

A blue rune looking like a snowflake appeared in the Origin Force Evolution tower and radiated enigmatic light that illuminated Shu Feng.

Under the irradiation of the enigmatic light, Shu Feng felt that every cell of his body as being scanned.

“Please select the direction of evolution.

Choose between strength, defense, psyche, spirit force, agility, physique, intelligence, charm, perception, or comprehensive strengthening.”

Shu Feng thought aloud, “My way of fighting involves hiding behind the summons.

My survival comes first.

I can’t have any shortcomings.

Otherwise, they can be easily targeted.

Comprehensive strengthening is more suitable for me.

I choose comprehensive strengthening!”

“How many points of origin force are to be used to carry out the strengthening”

“Use 1 point of origin force!”

Mucus ejected out inside the Origin Force Evolution Tower, wrapped around Shu Feng, and formed a cyan egg.

Thick pipes are connected to the cyan egg like blood vessels, pumping mysterious force into Shu Feng’s body.

1 hours later.


A crisp sound rose, and the cyan egg collapsed directly.

Shu Feng strode out of the egg.

“Shu Feng.”

“Class, villager.

Growth rate 1.”

“Level 10.

Reached the limit.”

“Skills, none.”

“Strength 28, agility 26, defense 27, physique 27, intelligence 28, psyche 30, magic force 0.”

(Strength 18, agility 16, defense 17, physique 17, intelligence 18, psyche 20, magic force 0 — previous values)

“Charm 10, spirit force 147, soul force 36.”

(Charm 5, spirit force 124, soul force 16 — previous values)

“Unassigned points 0.”

When he saw the 147 points of spirit force, Shu Feng’s eyes glimmered with excitement, “The first boundary! My spirit force has finally reached the first boundary! I have become a genius!”

Shu Feng’s spirit force has reached 147 points, which means that he can enter the paragon class of Shuijing High School without suspense, become one of the paragons of this world, and get systematic nurturing.

After Shu Feng’s physical constitution has soared, he continued to practice Spirit Cultivation 3.0, but it’s effect only became worse.

His spirit force could only increase by 0.05 points per day.

A day later, Shu Feng entered the Origin Force Evolution Tower and proceeded to evolve again.

Several days later.


A cyan egg split open, and Shu Feng came out.

“Shu Feng.”

“Class, villager.

Growth rate 1.”

“Level 10.

Reached the limit.”

“Skills, none.”

“Strength 48, agility 46, defense 47, physique 47, intelligence 48, psyche 50, magic force 0.”

“Charm 20, spirit force 247, soul force 106.”

“Unassigned points 0.”

A glimmer of regret streaked across Shu Feng’s eyes: “Spirit force 247, my spirit force has broken through the third boundary and my physical constitution is approaching that of the Goblin King! Origin force is really amazing.

It’s a shame, but I’m already out of origin force!”

“There is still 1 point of origin force remaining, but it must be kept for an emergency.”

“Without origin force, I can’t continue to improve.

I can now begin to condense a spirit core and evolve into a Spirit Warrior!”

Shu Feng closed his eyes, operated a secret method, and began to compress his spirit force.

The spirit force in Shu Feng’s body quickly converged in his Dantian [1], compressed continuously, and finally condensed into an illusory and mysterious spirit core, with strands of spirit force circling around it.

Shu Feng opened his eyes, and his eyes flashed with the shade of elation, “The spirit core is formed! I have finally advanced to a Spirit Warrior! Next I need to use spirit force to erect the twelve main meridians and eight extraordinary meridians.

I’ll wait until my spiritual force has settled down before I do this.”

Now that he advanced to a Spirit Warrior, it means that Shu Feng has become a true extraordinary being and has the qualifications to become an official member of Flameguard and upgrade his status to the next level.

“Kamila has also evolved!”

Shu Feng’s thoughts revolved, and he went to the Soldier Synthesis Nest.


With a crisp sound, the naked Kamila came out of the Soldier Synthesis Nest.

“Master, thank you for aiding me in my revenge, for saving my life, and for helping me evolve into a hero.

From today on, I, Kamila, shall be your most devoted servant as well as your sword and shield.”

Kamila’s eyes brightened, and she knelt in front of Shu Feng on one knee and said piously.

“Is this the power of the Central Control Tower It’s really impressive! I now have firm hold of her!”

When Shu Feng looked at Kamila’s sexy body, he turned slightly red in the face and felt his mouth go dry.

He picked up a piece of clothing, draped it over Kamila’s shoulders, and said, “Get up, Kamila!”

Kamila got up, “Yes! Master!”


“Class, hero.

Growth rate 50.”

“Level 23.”

“Skills, Super Archery, Inferior Extraordinary Swordsmanship, Dark Moonlight Arrow, Super Eagle Eye.”

“Strength 62, agility 165, defense 50, physique 65, intelligence 20, psyche 56, magic force 0.”

“Charm 315, soul force 216.”

“Unassigned points 0.”

“Skill description: Super Archery, a dreadful archery that can hit a mosquito 1,000 meters away with one arrow.”

“Super Eagle Eye, a fearsome eyesight that can see the lines on the wings of a mosquito 10 kilometers away.”

“Inferior Extraordinary Swordsmanship, an extraordinary swordsmanship employed by extraordinary beings.”

“Dark Moonlight Arrow, by consuming a large amount of energy and psyche, an arrow containing dark moonlight can be fired.

Dark Moonlight Arrow is more powerful at night with moonlight.”

Shu Feng’s eyes flashed with admiration: “So this is a hero.

A growth rate 50 times greater than mine, no limit to evolution, and three skills, that’s a hero for you.”


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