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46 – Kamila

“Found it! Let me see!”

Shu Feng’s willed and started the master mode.

His body sank into a slumber, while his consciousness attached itself to a Black Dog Hollow and looked through the grass.

Hundreds of meters away, there are 7 Dark Elves with long ears, dark skin, tall and sexy figures next to a big tree.

They are fighting more than 200 Goblins.

Among the 7 Dark Elves, there are 4 swordsmen and 3 archers.

One of the swordsmen has been shot by 4 arrows and is bleeding all over.

The other 3 swordsmen have also been wounded.

Of the 3 archers, a 1.82-meter-tall archer with a bulging chest, long, brown hair, dark skin, exquisite facial features, and a heroic temperament shot dead one Goblin after another.

The other two Dark Elven archers are also quite beautiful.

But whether it’s in terms of appearance and archery, they cannot compare to the Dark Elven great beauty.

The Goblins are no match for the Dark Elves in terms of combat power.

But thanks to their numerical advantage, they are overwhelming the Dark Elves.

The more than 200 Goblins have blocked all escape routes of the Dark Elven warriors, making it impossible for them do display their famous speed.

The swordsman, who suffered excessive blood loss due to the four arrows lodged in her body, just blocked a Goblin’s short sword, when another Goblin hit her in the thigh, and she lost her balance and fell to the ground.

Several Goblins rushed forward and dragged the Dark Elf into the swarm of goblins.

Miserable screams sounded as the Goblins broke the limbs of the Dark Elf, and then dragged her out of the battlefield.

When it comes to male enemies, Goblins will kill them on the spot.

As for female enemies, they will break their limbs, drag them into their nests, and raise them as breeding sows.

When the Dark Elf was dragged away, the defense line of the other 6 Dark Elves was placed in jeopardy.

“Sally! Go and ask them if they need my help.

Tell them I’m a human.”

Shu Feng opened his eyes and ordered a Dark Elf next to him.

“Yes! Master!”

Sally’s figure blurred, and she shot towards that side at a rapid pace.

“I am Sally.

My human master told me to ask you if you need his help.

He can help you defeat these damn Goblins.

Sally jumped out of the woods and shouted to the 6 Dark Elves in elvish.

The sexy, heroic, and charming Dark Elven great beauty, who has the figure of a top supermodel, shouted, “I am Kamila.

Please help us kill these damn Goblins and save our comrades.”

“Go ahead!”

At Shu Feng’s command, 40 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows flew out of the underbrush lightning-fast and rushed towards the Goblins.

More than 20 Goblin archers raised their short bows and fired at the 40 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows.

The 40 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows dispersed at once and easily evaded the arrows.

They rapidly crossed the distance of 100 meters and rushed into the midst of the Goblin army.

A Black Dog Hollow lunged, knocked a Goblin to the ground, and bit his throat off.

Another Goblin stepped forward and slashed the Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollow with his sword, yet he couldn’t even break through the other party’s fur.

The Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollow lunged at the other Goblin and bit the other party’s throat off.

Kamila gazed at these Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows and felt a chill in her heart, “What a strong demonic wolf pack! The master of these demonic wolves is truly amazing!”

When the 40 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows rushed into the middle of the 200 plus Goblins, as if tigers entering a flock of sheep, they unleashed an unrestrained slaughter.

Once 80 plus of the 200 plus Goblins were killed, the morale of the remaining Goblins collapsed, and they fled in confusion.

10 Black Dogs Hollows ran after the Goblins, easily knocked them to the ground, and bit off their throat.

After ascertaining that it is safe, escorted by 20 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows, Shu Feng walked out of the underbrush.

Sally followed beside him.

“Respected beast tamer, I am Kamila, the captain of Grunewald Village’s guards.

Thank you very much for saving us.”

Kamila walked up to Shu Feng, put her right hand on her bulging left chest, bowed slightly, and spoke in elvish.

Shu Feng doesn’t know elvish.

However, Sally standing beside him is his synthesized soldier.

As long as Sally knows a language, it will be translated via the base into a language he can understand.

Shu Feng said in a deep voice, “I am Shu Feng! I would like to ask you a question.

What is this place”

Kamila responded, “This is the Great Forest of Nuremd.”

Shu Feng pondered for a while before asking slowly, “Do you know how to get to the nearest human settlement”

Kamila’s eyes flashed with a dignified color, and she replied, “That would be Grayhare Town.

I know how to get there.

However, a few days ago, it was occupied by some strange monsters.

8 of our sisters have been abducted by those monsters.”

Shu Feng asked, “Can you take me to that place”

Kamila uttered, “I can.

But before that, I hope you can do me a favor, sir Shu Feng! 4 people of our village were captured by the Goblin tribe that attacked us just now.

I hope you can help us save our people.

Of course, our village will give you a satisfactory reward.”


Shu Feng pondered for a moment, and then uttered immediately.

Shu Feng is prepared to destroy a Goblin nest.

Furthermore, the bodies and souls of Goblins can be used as materials to synthesize soldiers.

Kamila ordered quickly, “Pauline, take Vera back to the village.

The rest, follow me!”


A Dark Elf answered, picked up a heavily injured Dark Elf, and walked away.

Kamila took the other 4 Dark Elves and speedily proceeded ahead.

Shu Feng commanded the Black Dog Hollow army to follow them unhurriedly.

“This beast tamer really isn’t simple! Not only does he command very strong demonic beasts, but his own physical constitution isn’t bad, either!”

Kamila looked at Shu Feng following them leisurely, and her pretty eyes flashed with a peculiar color.


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