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44 – Demonic Spring

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The Dark Elf quickly retreated into the circle array formed by the Black Dog Hollows, and then fired from her bow again.

As if shooting stars, arrows stabbed into the eye of one demonized rat after another and killed them.

When equipped with special bows, Elves can shoot pray from hundreds of meters away.

After an Elf has shot more than a dozen arrows in a row, their arms and fingers will have reached their limit.

However, for the Dark Elf, the Goblin bow is like a children’s toy.

Furthermore, her prey is demonized rats located a dozen plus meters away.

Under such circumstances, even if she fires a hundred arrows, she won’t be be tired.

When the demonized rats collided with the defensive line formed by the Black Dog Hollows, blood splattered at once.

Demonized rats were torn to pieces one after another.

“Not enough! Come out!”

Shu Feng’s eyes flashed coldly.

He willed, and 100 demonized rats emerged next to him, rushed out, and engaged with the demonized rats from the valley.

The combat power of the demonized rats synthesized by the mysterious base is equal to that of the demonized rats gushing out of the valley.

When the 100 demonized rats entered the battle, they delayed and restrained more than 100 demonized rats from the valley.

Blood splashed about as one demonized rat after another was torn to pieces by the 22 Black Dog Hollows.

The scales of this small-scale war leaned towards Shu Feng’s side bit by bit.

At this time, the 2-meter-tall demonized rat king with long golden fur rushed out of the rat swarm like a bolt of lightning, ejected 20-centimeter-long claws from his bulky, orangutan-like paw, and sent the paw barreling towards the Goblin Chieftain.

The speed of the demonized rat king is extremely fast.

Before the Goblin Chieftain could react, the demonized rat king dug out his eyes, and blood splattered about.


Shu Feng shouted and pulled the trigger, and a Armor-Piercing Bullet shot towards the demonized rat king like a meteor and blaster open a bloody hole on the other party’s body.

When he was shot by Shu Feng, a fearsome force propelled the demonized rat king backwards.

As soon as he hit the ground, the demonized rat king dodged to one side.

Standing quietly beside Shu Feng, the Goblin shaman chanted an incantation and pointed at the demonized rat king.

A gray radiance shot into the air and landed on an ordinary demonized rat, stunning him for a moment.


The Dark Elf fired an arrow, and the arrow hit the golden fur of the demonized rat king and bounced away.

The fur of the demonized rat king is extremely hard, reminding one if thick armor.

If Shu Feng hadn’t used an Armor-Piercing Bullet, he basically wouldn’t be able to break through the golden fur of the demonized rat king.

Injured by Shu Feng’s shot, the demonized rat king’s eyes glimmered with a ferocious shade, and he lunged towards Shu Feng.

The eyes of 2 Black Dog Hollows flickered fiercely, and they rushed towards the demonized rat king.

The demonized rat king stood on his hind legs, swiped with the paws of his forelegs, and sent the 2 Black Dog Hollows flying, leaving a long gash on the other party’s bodies.

Just then, the Goblin shaman pointed at the demonized rat king, and a gray radiance fell on the other party.

This time, the demonized rat king fell into a stupor for a moment.


Shu Feng fired an Exploding Bullet and hit the demonized rat king.

As if hit by a rocket, the right foreleg of the demonized rat king was blasted away.

The 2 Spirit Warrior realm Black Dog Hollows rushed out like bolts of lightning.

Braving the terrible blast caused by the explosion, they bit the throat and the left foreleg of the demonized rat king respectively.

Big Black tore open a big hole in the demonized rat king’s throat, and blood gushed out.

Second Black tore at the demonize rat king’s left foreleg madly.


The Dark Elf took this opportunity to fire an arrow and shoot the demonized rat king in the eye.

“ 1,000 psionic energy, 20 soul force!”

A prompt sounded in Shu Feng’s mind, indicating that the demonized rat king has been killed.

Shu Feng breathed a long sigh of relief: “Finally killed him!”

After the demonized rat king was killed, the demonized rats fled in all directions, not daring to confront the enemy.

“This demonized rat king is a Spirit Warrior realm monster.

If there are enough resources, I must synthesize him.”

With a burning color in his eyes, Shu Feng put the body of the demonized rat king into the base space and had the Goblin soldiers collect the bodies of the demonized rats.

The bodies of the demonized rats are flesh resources that can be used as food for Black Dog Hollows and them.

The Black Dog Hollows synthesized by Shu Feng have to consume a lot of food every day to maintain their combat power.

This is a great restriction that prevents him from synthesizing more soldiers.

After putting the bodies of the demonized rats into the base space, Shu Feng went to the demonic spring.

“So this is the demonic spring that made the demonized rats mutate!”

With a scorching shade in his eyes, Shu Feng placed his hand on the demonic spring and absorbed its water into the base space.

“ 100 psionic energy!”


One by one, prompts kept ringing.

When Shu Feng absorbed the entire demonic spring, he obtained a total of 70,000 points of psionic energy.

After the demonic spring disappeared, a black, crystal-like stone emitting rich psionic energy appeared at the bottom of the demonic spring.

Shu Feng willed, and a Goblin came forward and carefully touched the black stone.

“It seems that it will not directly pollute and erode others!”

Shu Feng breathed a slight sigh of relief and carefully extended his hand towards the black stone.

“Discovered pure psionic energy as well as 1.3 points of demongod force.

Should they be absorbed”

Shu Feng was overjoyed and ordered decisively, “Do it!”

Countless strands of black gas gushed out of the black stone and poured into Shu Feng’s body.

Shortly after, the black stone turned into dust and disappeared.

Thanks to the black crystal, the base space’s psionic energy resource jumped to 760,000 points.

Shu Feng raised the corners of his mouth, a look of excitement in his eyes: “With 760,000 points of psionic energy, the Black Dog Hollows under my control can be evolved into Spirit Warrior realm hollow demons.

The 1.3 points of demongod force can make my strength evolve again! What a great harvest!”


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