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28 – Frame-up

“Let Big Black evolve!” Shu Feng ordered.

Big Black walked into the Soldier Synthesis Nest, and a large amount of mucus gushed out, surrounding it, and formed a mysterious black egg that radiated flickering light, as if the beating of a heart.

Beiling Street, Flameguard’s headquarters.

Gao Wen reported: “Captain, this is the state of things.”

Zhou Yang frowned and uttered, “Jie Demonic Cult It seems that we’ll have to invite Heavenly Sword!”

Heavenly Sword is the most elite spirit user combat unit of Flameguard.

Every member of Heavenly Sword is at least a Great Spirit Master realm powerhouse and possesses amazing combat power.

Zhou Yang’s team is an organization responsible for maintaining the law and order of spirit users, while Heavenly Sword is the main force tasked with dealing with cults such as Jie Demonic Cult.

Gao Wen’s eyes flashed with an enigmatic shade, and asked, “Captain, Jie Demonic Cult still hasn’t expanded.

Why doesn’t our team go look for them and take care of them”

Wicked extraordinary organizations such as Jie Demonic Cult are arch-enemies of Flameguard.

If one exterminates such an evil organization, one will be able to receive a great amount of contribution points.

Zhou Yang shook his head and refused categorically: “No! Even with the help of our headquarters’ secret treasures, we can just barely cope with an Great Spirit Master realm being.

Jie Demonic Cult has many powerhouses.

To be on the safe side, we’d better call Heavenly Sword to deal with them.

We’ll mainly carry out information collection.”

Gao Wen pondered for a moment and nodded.

Gao Wen said, “Captain, if there’s nothing else, then I’ll take my leave.”

Zhou Yang said, “You may go!”

When Gao Wen left the office, Zhou Yang thought to himself: “Leijiang City is poor in resources, so how did it attract Jie Demonic Cult”

A few hours later, in the mysterious base space.


A crisp sound sounded, and the black egg inside the Soldier Synthesis Nest cracked.

Black gas surged, and Big Black came out of the black egg.

Its size didn’t change.

However, it is now more muscular, black gas is circling it, it has a small black horn 1 centimeter long in the center of its forehead, it’s eyes are shot with blood, it’s claws are as sharp as iron hooks, and it is exuding a menacing aura from all over its body.

“Big Black, strength 18, agility 20, defense 17, psyche 14, physique 16.”

(Big Black, strength 12, agility 14, defense 12, psyche 10, physique 12 — previous values)

“Must consume 80 kilograms of meat every day to maintain peak fighting strength.

Special abilities: Hollow Invisibility, Extraordinary Sense of Smell, Extraordinary Perception.

Fighting strength assessment: level-9 Apprentice Spirit Warrior.”

Shu Feng’s eyes flashed with excitement and filled with expectation: “Big Black got stronger again! If it continues to evolve, I will soon have a Spirit Warrior realm hollow demon.”

A Spirit Warrior realm powerhouse can become an official member of Flameguard.

The monthly salary of a level-1 Spirit Warrior is 200,000 credits and 20 contibution points.

A few days later, Shu Feng’s mission evaluation was released.

He received a bonus of 20 contribution points and 100,000 credits, which he used to by 20 Primary Spirit Cultivation Pills.

Shu Feng was pleasantly surprised when he consumed the Primary Spirit Cultivation Pills.

The first Primary Spirit Cultivation Pill he consumed raised his spirit force increment to 1 point, and then the effect slowly declined.

After going trough evolution twice, his cultivation aptitude has become increasingly more formidable.

Zhong Jietong returned to school 3 days later.

She had been adopted by her uncle.

She has a gloomy look on her face.

Her memory has been tampered to her parents dying in a traffic accident.

Understandably, it’s hard for her to extricate herself from her sorrow in such a short period of time.

10 days later, after morning reading [1], Zou Qiang, the class president of class 53, went to the podium.

Zou Qiang uttered in a loud voice, “Come on, pay up! Everybody, hand over the money.

We’re going to hire a charter bus and buy things this afternoon.”

Leijiang No.

3 Middle School has a tradition in spring, a month before the high school entrance examination, to let everyone relax, hold a final group activity before graduation, and make good memories.

Everyone in the class walked over with a 100 credit bill and put it in a box.

Shu Feng went up.

Xu Gang, Wang Mo, and Zhou Changfeng looked at each other and smiled coldly.

After the afternoon PE class, everyone returned to the classroom.

“Where’s the money! The money is gone! The money I put in my desk is missing! Who was it Who took the money”

Zou Qiang went to his desk, and then immediately turned pale and shouted.

Since Class 53 has 40 students, the funds for the spring excursion is 4,000 credits, which is a large sum of money for ordinary students.

Wang Mo jumped out, pointed to Shu Feng, and shouted, “Who, who stole everyone’s money! Shu Feng, was it you Your family is the poorest of our class! It must be you! You must have stolen everyone’s money to support your family!”

Puzzled gazes focused on Shu Feng.

Among the students in class 53, Shu Feng’s family is indeed the poorest.

Lin Jia slapped a desk, pointed to Wang Mo, and shouted, “Wang Mo, why are you barking so much Are you saying that anyone who’s poor steals Compared to Zhong Jietong’s family, your family is poor, as well.

I think you stole everyone’s money to spend on frivolous things.

With your shifty look, one can tell what sort of person you are!”

“Lin Jia, let’s not argue with this lunatic, or else we’ll be dragged down to his level.”

Shu Feng said to Zou Qiang, a calm look on his face, “Zou Qiang, since 4,000 credits have been stolen, it is enough to make a report to the police! Let’s have the police investigate.”

Zou Qiang’s expression changed slightly, and he hesitated: “Calling the police! Wouldn’t that be too much”

Wang Mo shouted, “Shu Feng, I think that you’re just deflecting! Let us search your desk! Of course, you can also search my desk later! Let’s see who of us is really the thief!”

Zhou Changfeng suddenly rushed over, inserted his hand into Shu Feng’s desk and pulled, and a box and some books fell out one after another.

“Here it is! Here’s the money! It’s Shu Feng! He’s the one who stole everyone’s money! He’s the thief!”

Zhou Changfeng grabbed the box, held it high, pointed to Shu Feng, and shouted thusly.

Xu Gang’s eyes glimmered frigidly, and he smiled coldly and mused: “Shu Feng, you’re a thief now! You dared to hit me! I will ruin your future!”

After being beaten by Shu Feng that day, Xu Gang has been harboring resentment towards the other party all this time.

Since he can’t beat Shu Feng, he was waiting for a chance to frame him.

[1] – morning reading is a school practice in China where students read before classes early in the morning


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