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Chapter 210 – I Am The Empress Dowager, Who Am I Afraid Of (part 3) 

When Emperor Long’an heard about this, he pondered for a moment.

“Please pay your respects to empress mother.

This is a rule and also filial piety.

But since empress mother said so, then do as empress mother said.

What empress mother said is also reasonable.” 

Empress Jiang nodded.

“Your Majesty, there is a cook in this servant’s palace who is good at making  dishes from Yangzhou.

This servant thought that empress mother likes Shandong cuisine, but since empress mother is old, her diet should be lighter.

It’s better to give this cook to empress mother.

Perhaps empress mother will like it!” 

Emperor Long’an thought that Shandong cuisine had a strong taste.

Although it tasted good, eating too much was not good for the body.

“Very good.

The empress is thoughtful.” Emperor Long’an patted Empress Jiang’s hand.

But he inwardly thought that if empress mother liked it, then he would find a few more cooks who knew how to cook Yangzhou cuisine and send them to Peaceful Age Palace. 

Empress Jiang felt a little at ease.

Sure enough, as long as she served the empress dowager well, the emperor would be happy.

It seemed that in the future, she still needed to be more filial to the empress dowager. 

Li Su found that the concubines led by Empress Jiang were even more enthusiastic about her.

Although they no longer paid their respects every morning, but every once in a while, they came to Peaceful Age Palace for the sake of just being there.

Since Empress Jiang sent a cook who cooked Yangzhou dishes, the other concubines had either sent cooks or snacks.

Some of the concubines even personally cooked her dishes. 

Li Su was overwhelmed, so she told Emperor Long’an that she was going to the vacation palace to escape the summer heat. 

Emperor Long An would naturally agree to Li Su’s request.

He personally sent Li Su to the vacation palace.

After Li Su settled in, he checked everything carefully to ensure that there was nothing wrong before he left. 

When Li Su arrived at the vacation palace, she took to it like a fish in water.

Every day she went boating on the lake, and was singing and dancing for fun.

She was very comfortable.

But within a few days, she felt disappointed. 

“Why are you here Sit down!” Li Su leaned lazily on the couch, not even bothering to open her eyes.

A few palace ladies beside her were massaging her shoulders and legs. 

The empress dowager’s attitude was not as friendly as before.


Li was a little puzzled, but she still had a smile on her face.

“This subject has not entered the palace for a long time to pay respects to the empress dowager.

This subject heard that the empress dowager suddenly came to the vacation palace.

It is not yet summer.

Was the empress dowager wronged” 

Li Su glanced at her.

“We are the empress dowager.

In the world, who would dare to wrong Us You should take care in how you speak!” 


Li just smiled.

“Empress Dowager, there are no outsiders here, so there isn’t a need to say those high-sounding words.

Your older brother often said at home that he regrets adopting His Majesty.

Now Empress Dowager and His Royal Highness Prince Bao are in a conundrum.” The words were intimate and natural, as if they had been said before. 

“Servant! Slap this person!” Li Su did not have the patience to listen to this snake.

Anyway, it was just like what she said.

She was the empress dowager.

If there were people she didn’t like, then she could just get rid of them. 

Wet Nurse Xu was happy.

She had long wanted to beat up Duke Cheng’en’s wife, who had been stoking the flames between the empress dowager and His Majesty! She waved away the palace maid, rolled up her sleeves, walked to Mrs.

Li, and hit her hard. 

After more than a dozen hits in a row, Li Su called for a stop.

Only then did Wet Nurse Xu stop. 

Before she got married, Mrs.

Li was the daughter of a minister in the Ministry of Rites.

Although she married her husband as his second wife, her husband was the older brother of the favourite concubine.

The previous wife died during childbirth and left behind 2 children.

If she couldn’t deal with 2 children, then she would be too weak.

The favourite concubine then became the empress, and even then became the empress dowager.

She also rose with the tide and became Duke Cheng’en’s wife.

The empress dowager had always been affectionate towards her.

Anyone who saw her should be respectful and polite.

Not to mention touching her, but nobody should dare to look at her wrongly. 

Now she faced such a humiliation! 

But the person who ordered her to be beaten was someone she couldn’t offend.

Although Mrs.

Li was angry, she didn’t dare to show it.

She just covered her face and knelt on the ground.

“This subject doesn’t know how this subject annoyed the empress dowager.

How could the empress dowager treat this subject like this” 

Li Su said with a disdainful smile, “If We hit you, do We still need a reason If you need a reason, then We will tell you that you are trying to sabotage the relationship between Us and the emperor.

You should be punished! For the sake of giving birth to two sons and one daughter for the Li family, We will not have older brother divorce you.

You can stay at Full Moon Temple.

When We are happy, We will let you out.

Furthermore, the Li family’s descendants should be upright.

Older brother is old and confused.

We will let older brother writeup the accounts and let Chengzhong take the noble title.

A-Xu, get this done.

Whoever dares to stop it can go to the temple with Mrs.



Li Su’s approach was very simple and rude, but very effective. 


Li’s face changed greatly.

“Chengzhong is cowardly.

How can he inherit the title!” Didn’t the empress dowager like her Chenghui the most Didn’t the empress dowager have a tacit understanding with her The noble title would be passed on to Chenghui in the future.

She also had two sons, the eldest son, Cheng Hui was her beloved son, but the youngest son Chengde was also her love.

There was only one title.

That was why she listened to her mother’s family’s words and urged the empress dowager to help her get a merit from the emperor in order to obtain a title to pass on to her second son. 

“By the way, A-Xu, pass on Mrs.

Li’s attempted sabotage of Us in the past few days to the emperor.

Ask the emperor to investigate Mrs.

Li and her servants.

We want to see what they are planning!” Li Su looked at Mrs.


She merely glanced at her without responding to her words and ordered Wet Nurse Xu again. 

It was as if Mrs.

Li was struck by lightning.

She collapsed to the ground.

“Empress Dowager!” She didn’t understand why the empress dowager had such a big change overnight.

Before that, everything was fine. 

“Drag it out.

We don’t want to see her in the future! According to Our words, in the future, Mrs.

Li’s daughters, granddaughters, and great-granddaughters will not be allowed to participate in the talent competition and they will not be allowed to enter the palace.

We will not tolerate it!” Li Su yawned.

Last night, she was watching singing and dancing, so she didn’t get enough sleep.  


Li reacted, and just asked for mercy.

Wet Nurse Xu gave a look, and several guards rushed in.

They blocked Mrs.

Li’s mouth, and dragged her out. 

“Empress Dowager should have done this long ago.” Wet Nurse Xu smiled. 

“How could We not know her intentions were bad How does one figure out what she wants After all, she is Our sister-in-law.

She has given birth to the Li family’s children which can be considered as meritorious.

We could not deal with her for no apparent reason! We were also afraid of breaking the hearts of Our older brother and nephews.

Today, she finally showed her intentions.

There are so many people with ulterior motives around Us and Defang! A-Xu, you can go tell the emperor and Defang in person.” Li Su pretended to be profound. 

Wet Nurse Xu nodded.

“This servant understands.” 

After Wet Nurse Xu left, Li Su breathed a sigh of relief.

In this way, the female lead’s path to rapid becoming a high official should be cut off! In the novel, Emperor Long’an and the original mother and son were just background characters for this so-called big female lead.

The female protagonist, Fang Rong, was Mrs.

Yuan’s cousin’s niece.

After the original owner and Prince Bao were defeated, the Li family naturally disappeared.

Fang Rong’s mother was also surnamed Yuan, but she had not been affected.

However, her status in her husband’s family was not as good as before. 

Fang Rong’s mother tried her best to send her daughter into the palace.

Fang Rong was ambitious and wanted to stand out in the harem.

As soon as she entered the palace, she sought the empress.

It was Fang Rong’s plan to burn down Prince Bao’s Mansion, and it was also Fang Rong’s plan to reduce the original owner to ashes. 

It was a shame that, although she gained the empress’ trust, she lost Emperor Long’an’s heart.

What Fang Rong cared about was coaxing the empress and not the emperor’s favour. 

Later, Emperor Long’an died and the empress became the empress dowager.

She originally planned to give Fang Rong the title of a concubine of the deceased emperor.

She didn’t expect that Fang Rong had secretly hooked up with the crown prince and was a two-faced enchanting woman.

The empress dowager was furious and wanted to put Fang Rong to death, but was stopped by the infatuated new emperor who quietly released Fang Rong from the palace. 

Nobody expected that a few years later, Daliang went down in a civil war.

The new emperor entered the capital, changed the dynasty, and established the Song Dynasty.

The first empress of the Song Dynasty was Fang Rong. 

It turned out that after Fang Rong left the palace, she wandered around, destitute amongst the common folk.

She had a keen insight to detect heroes.

At a glance, she fell in love with Song Taizu, who was still a blacksmith at the time.

She married him.

Under Fang Rong’s bewitchment and financial support, Emperor Taizu rose up and resisted.

Fang Rong was very smart, and accompanied Emperor Taizu to fight in the north and south.

In the end, Taizu destroyed Daliang and became the emperor, and she also became the empress. 

Although Taizu spoiled a lot of women after he ascended the throne, he always respected the empress.

Before the death of the late Emperor Taizu, he left an imperial decree stating that the empress was to listen to the government and assist the new emperor since the crown prince was still young. 

Fang Rong loved power but was not greedy for power.

She as the empress regent, had held court from behind a screen and administered the affairs of the state for ten years.

She assisted the new emperor with all her heart.

She immediately returned the power to the new emperor after he got married.

Although the new emperor was not Fang Rong’s biological son, he was very filial.

The two were kind and filial, leaving a good story through the ages.

Later generations often compared the mother and son of Emperor Long’an to them, saying that Emperor Long’an and his mother were inferior. 

Fang Rong served three emperors and was often criticised by others.

However, the meticulous writing in the history books was still more praised. 

It was a pity that, with Li Su in this life, Fang Rong wouldn’t get ahead.

Daliang’s national strength was great.

If it weren’t for frequent civil struggles, how could the country have been subjugated The times created heroes.

If there was no civil strife in Daliang, then Song Taizu would probably be a blacksmith for life. 

Li Su originally thought that if the female lead was to marry a blacksmith now, would she still be able to assist him to become a founding emperor Li Su wanted to see how far she could go. 

But when Li Su thought of the female lead’s scheming methods, she gave up.

She would eliminate the problem at its roots.

Whoever dared to destroy her indulgent life as the empress dowager was her enemy.

Today’s Fang Rong was just the daughter of an imperial compiler at the imperial academy.

Even if she died, it was likely that nobody would care! 

A few days later, Li Su went to Wet Nurse Xu and asked her to investigate the family of Fang Zhiheng, an imperial compiler at the imperial academy.

Wet Nurse Xu was puzzled, but she went anyway, and brought back unexpected news.

A few days ago, Fang Zhiheng’s legitimate daughter accidentally fell off the rockery and died on the spot! Her mother was heartbroken, saying that she was murdered by the concubines in the family, and so she killed several concubines.

Fang Zhiheng was furious and wanted to divorce his wife.

Right now it was a mess! 

Li Su was shocked.

What happened Did an unknown angel do this 

It turned out that Emperor Long’an was moved and angry when he heard Wet Nurse Xu’s words.

He was moved by his mother’s love and care for him.

Thei relationship was not sabotaged by an outsider.

He was angry that these despicable people dared to attempt to sabotage the relationship between the emperor and the empress dowager! So, he ordered the shadow guards to investigate Mrs.


As a result, they followed the trail and ended up killing Fang Rong. 

Fang Rong was only ten years old this year, but she was very smart.

Her mother was Mrs.

Li’s cousin.

She was born of a concubine and her mother was not favored by her husband’s family, so she raised only one daughter, Fang Rong.

But as Fang Rong grew up, Mrs.

Fang’s actions suddenly became smarter.

She won over her husband, controlled his wife and the other concubines.

Her mother’s side gradually began to pay attention to her. 

Many of Mrs.

Li’s words were taught by Mrs.



Fang was taught by Fang Rong. 


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