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Chapter 208 – I Am The Empress Dowager, Who Am I Afraid Of (part 1) 

Li Su sat up again and looked at the surrounding environment.

It was magnificent and luxurious.

Before she could speak, a palace maid opened the thick curtain in front of the bed.

“Empress Dowager, are you awake” 

Li Su hummed.

The palace maids immediately rolled up the curtains, filed in, and served Li Su.

Li Su didn’t have to do anything from start to finish.

She just stood there lazily and let the maids do what they needed to. 

“Empress Dowager, didn’t you say that you were a little upset at night and couldn’t sleep well This papaya stewed snow clam1 was specially made by His Majesty for you.

It is soothing and nourishing and will help ease the mind.” 

After Li Su washed up, Wet Nurse Xu said with a smile. 

“Although His Majesty is not your biological son, you have looked after him since he was an infant.

He was raised by you and he is the most filial to you.

As soon as he ascended the throne, he didn’t even give his own mother a title.

His Majesty first respects you as the Empress Dowager.

If His Majesty had anything good, then His Majesty would hand it to you first.

His Majesty is kind and shows filial piety.” Wet Nurse Xu was a maid brought by the original owner from her mother’s family.

She accompanied the original owner from being the highest-ranking imperial concubine all the way to the Empress Dowager.

She was most trusted by the original owner.

This sort of thing could only be said by Wet Nurse Xu to the original owner. 

It was a pity that the original owner was stubborn and may not have listened. 

Yes, Li Su had a good identity this time.

She was the true love of the late emperor.

Under the protection of the late emperor, there were no surprises and no danger.

She had a smooth ride from the highest-ranking imperial concubine to the empress.

In the early days, she had no heirs.

The late emperor named her as the highest-ranking imperial concubine and gave her the support of the fourth prince, who had lost his birth mother.

The original owner had been in the palace for several years without children, but she had this one son.

She was very fond of him and regarded him as her own. 

The fourth prince didn’t know his background and regarded the original owner as his mother.

The mother and son had a good relationship.

Later, the original owner became the empress, and the fourth prince became the crown prince.

The son she had was favoured and the original owner’s life was complete.

It was just that the original owner was still a little unsatisfied.

Although the prince was good, he was not her own, and she still wanted to have a child of her own. 

When the original owner was 35, she finally got her wish and became pregnant.

After 10 months, she gave birth to a prince safely.

The late emperor was overjoyed and he conferred the title of Prince Bao to his youngest son, who was still in swaddling clothes. 

Between the adopted son and the biological son, the original owner was inevitably biased.  

Coupled with the birth of Prince Bao, rumors gradually spread in the palace that the crown prince was not the empress’ biological son. 

Although the original owner was partial, she was not stupid.

She and her child were still young, but her adopted child had grown up.

In the future, she and her child would still need to rely on the crown prince.

She summoned the crown prince and revealed his origins.

Even the palace maid who served his biological mother, the midwife, and the imperial doctor who delivered him all came. 

The crown prince also heard the rumors in the palace, and he had doubts in his heart.

Unexpectedly, his adoptive mother was so frank.

After the crown prince investigated carefully, he believed that his biological mother died during childbirth.

Although it was uncertain whether this was a planned event or an accident, it definitely had nothing to do with his adoptive mother. 

The crown prince still knew little about his adoptive mother.

Although she lived in the imperial palace for a long time, she still retained some young innocence in her temperament because she had been protected by father emperor.

She would not use such schemes.

If she wanted anything, then father emperor would give it to her. 

As for his adoptive mother being partial, most mothers were more partial to their younger children.

It was just human nature.

And since the crown prince was more than 10 years older than his younger brother, he naturally loved his younger brother very much. 

After he learned of this, not only did he not distance himself from the original owner, but he became more and more filial to the original owner. 

A few years later, the late emperor passed away.

Before his death, he passed the throne to the crown prince.

At the same time, he forced the crown prince to swear to take good care of the original owner and his younger brother. 

The crown prince ascended the throne.

He did not confer a posthumous title to his biological mother.

The original owner was first respected as the Empress Dowager, and his younger brother, Prince Bao, was young and favoured in the palace.

After that, fearing that the original owner would be unhappy, he only conferred the title of Imperial High-Ranking Concubine of a Deceased Emperor to his biological mother. 

The Empress Dowager and the emperor’s filial piety made a good story. 

It was a shame that, as Prince Bao grew up, the Empress Dowager slowly became dissatisfied.

Prince Bao’s qualifications were just average, but that was fine.

It was good to be a wealthy and high-ranking prince.

A lifetime of freedom, wealth, and honor was great.

Prince Bao was very smart.

He was good at reading, riding, and shooting.

Last year, he participated in the imperial examination anonymously and successfully completed the provincial exam. 

Prince Bao himself was fine, but the original owner felt a little uncomfortable.

Her son was extremely smart, but because he was born a few years later, he didn’t have a chance at the throne and would be subservient all his life.

It was a little bit better now.

Her son was the emperor’s younger brother.

But when it came to her grandson’s generation, the relationship would be farther away.

After a few generations, it would be no different from a normal clan. 

The more the original owner thought about it, the more uncomfortable she became.

In addition, there were people around who instigated events between the original owner and the emperor, so their relationship worsened and they grew more distant.

And under the influence of his bewitched mother day after day, Prince Bao began to have different thoughts. 

The mother and son should work together. 

The emperor had been aware of the actions of his adoptive mother and younger brother for a long time.

He didn’t expect that they were not as good as heaven.

When the emperor went to hunt in the imperial hunting grounds, he experienced an earthquake.

The emperor’s whereabouts were then unknown. 

The original owner and Prince Bao thought that an opportunity had come.

They took the opportunity to initiate a palace change, announcing that the emperor was dead.

Prince Bao ascended the throne.

All the loyal ministers and generals who opposed it were all beheaded. 

Under the bewitchment of others, the original owner tried to eliminate the concubines and children in the emperor’s harem by burning them to death. 

At a critical moment, the emperor appeared with people, and the plot of the original owner and Prince Bao was crushed. 

Even so, the emperor still remembered his old feelings.

Despite the objections of the officials, he only killed the henchmen, imprisoned the original owner in Peaceful Age Palace and the original owner remained as the Empress Dowager.

Prince Bao was confined to the mansion and was never allowed to leave. 

Nobody expected that, after Prince Bao was imprisoned, his temperament would change drastically.

He drank all day long.

When he got drunk, he beat up his concubines in his manor.

Finally, Concubine Ji couldn’t bear it anymore.

When Prince Bao fell asleep after drinking, she strangled him to death.

She also knew that she could not escape death, so she simply set a fire. 

With the help of people with high aspirations, the fire grew and engulfed the entirety of Prince Bao’s mansion.

Not only did Prince Bao die, but his wife, concubines and children also died. 

The emperor was shocked and ordered the news to be blocked, but the original owner still found out, and fainted at that time.

After she awoke, she became a little crazy. 

The emperor felt guilty.

Although the death of his younger brother was not what he wanted, his younger brother died because of him.

Before his younger brother was born, he and his mother were very close.

He was personally raised by his adoptive mother since he was a baby.

The love between mother and son was not fake.

Now that his adoptive mother had become like this, the emperor had become increasingly more filial. 

But the original owner was deliberately pretending to be crazy and appearing stupid.

She was overwhelmed with hatred.

She wasn’t even thinking about the love between mother and son.

She only wanted to kill the emperor to avenge her son.

One day, she had an opportunity.

She took advantage of the emperor feeding her.

She pulled out a hairpin from her head and stabbed the emperor in the chest. 

The emperor glared at the original owner in disbelief and fainted.

The original owner wanted to add another hairpin, but the guards had already rushed in.

The original owner was stabbed in the throat and died unwillingly.

After her death, the empress, who was full of grief and anger, ordered her bones to be turned to ashes. 

Although the emperor was not killed, he was seriously injured.

This affected his life.

However, he died 3-5 years later, and the crown prince succeeded the throne.

The crown prince was cowardly and only listened to the words of the empress and his maternal family.

The empress’ family grew more powerful.

In the end, they actually tried to force their way into the palace.

Although the chaos was finally resolved, Daliang’s national strength declined and its vitality was severely damaged.

After that, it gradually fell into civil strife.

Within a few years, the country was subjugated. 

This time, Li Su’s task were the two sons of the original owner. 

From Li Su’s point of view, the original owner couldn’t think.

Not only did she kill herself, but she also implicated her two sons, and affected the country.

She was really confused. 

“Okay, what kind of benefits did the emperor give you You really know how to say good things on behalf of him!” Li Su gave Wet Nurse Xu a look, but still ate the bowl of papaya stewed snow clams. 

Then, she sat in front of the dressing table and pulled out a mirror to look at herself.

She was indeed worthy of being called the emperor’s true love.

Her looks were really good and she was very good at taking care of herself.

Although she was 45, she still looked around 30. 

“With regards to what the Empress Dowager said, this old slave works for the sake of the Empress Dowager.” Wet Nurse Xu quickly said, feeling wronged.

“It is clear that the Empress Dowager is wrong about the matter from yesterday.

How old is the prince Although Treading Snow is good, but his temperament is fierce.

Is the Empress Dowager fine with letting the prince ride him While General Xu is a military general, and he has outstanding military exploits, it is normal for a hero to be gifted a precious horse! Besides, didn’t His Majesty say that when the prince grows up, His Majesty will give the prince a better horse than Treading Snow The prince himself didn’t take it to heart, but the Empress Dowager was angry with the emperor.

Really, the older you get, the more child-like you become.” 

Li Su rolled her eyes, indeed, the original owner was used to the smooth flow of the first half of her life, and her temper became increasingly more hypocritical.

Annan Country paid tribute with a Ferghana horse named Treading Snow.

The original owner took a fancy to it at a glance and wanted to give the horse to her younger son.

Although she liked it, she didn’t take the initiative to speak and waited for the emperor to take the initiative to mention it.

She didn’t expect that the emperor did not understand what she meant, and instead rewarded General Xu with Treading Snow. 

The original owner was immediately unhappy.

She made a face on the spot and left early without saying a word. 

After the emperor discovered the reason from Wet Nurse Xu, he was dumbfounded, and a little helpless.

He quickly promised that when his younger brother grew up, he would definitely give him a better horse than Treading Snow to accompany him for a long time.

After he spent half a day carefully accompanying her, even the empress brought the concubines, princes, and princesses over to accompany the original owner every day to joke and laugh. 

But the original owner was still sullen and unhappy. 

“You arranged for me to rise.

Hmph!” Li Su said angrily.

She glanced at the few trays of snacks on the table.

“Okay, send that plate of mung bean cake and white silk frost cake to the emperor.” 

Wet Nurse Xu didn’t expect to coax the Empress Dowager so easily this time.

She was very happy.

“Yes, this old slave will send it in person.”  

“Mm, go.” Li Su looked outside.

“It’s a good day.

Let’s go fishing in Taiye Pond.” 

The people working in Peaceful Age Palace had long been accustomed to the original owner’s temperament.

As soon as she thought of something, they were ready to go immediately.

After half an hour, it was ready.

A large group of people served Li Su in a mighty manner and went out. 

In the Supreme Palace, Emperor Long’an was reviewing the memorials when he heard a report from an inner servant, saying that Wet Nurse Xu was here, and Emperor Long’an quickly let her in. 

Wet Nurse Xu came in with a smile as she carried a food box in her hand.

“The Empress Dowager said that His Majesty has worked hard to review the memorials, and asked this servant to bring some snacks to His Majesty.” 

Emperor Long’an was happy in his heart.

He had a smile on his face.

“Is empress mother not angry anymore” 

1.(木瓜燉雪蛤) papaya stewed snow clam

2.(白絲霜糕) white silk frost cake


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