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Chapter 207 – The Old Lady is From a Scholarly Family (final) 

Li Yu, the editor of the Hanlin Academy who was ranked 2nd in his subject, just received an award from the emperor for a well-written article a few days ago. 

His old mother was still at home.

He had a wife but no concubines.

His three sons and daughter were all from his first wife, and they were two sets of twins.

Now he lived in Mao’er Hutong, Ping’an Lane, Xining Street. 

Zhao Shuning looked at the information from the investigation.

It was very general and there was nothing special.

What did her younger bro see Was it because younger bro thought that if there was a mother, there must be a daughter But that wasn’t right.

How old was younger bro at that time 

Zhao Shuning thought about meeting the Li family to see what happened. 

But before she could put this idea into action, news suddenly came from Xiluo that Queen Xiluo was looking for a husband.

Zhao Shuning’s attention was immediately attracted to the past.

Damn! How long had she and younger bro been separated for! Younger bro had not remarried, but she was going to get a husband! 

Zhao Shuning was suddenly unhappy.

Since she was unhappy, she was going to look for trouble.

But now Jinlin was Queen Xiluo.

Although she was favored, she couldn’t get involved in state affairs.

However, Zhao Shuning was not stupid.

She went directly to the palace to find imperial grandmother to call the shots. 

The empress dowager loved this eldest granddaughter the most.

Hearing her eldest granddaughter cry, she thought that her younger son had only one grandson, Zongqing.

Now he had gone to Shazhou and now her granddaughter was unhappy. 

It was a shame.

If Jinlin was a wife in Daqi, even if she was the empress, the empress dowager still had a way to control her.

But now that she as Queen Xiluo, the empress dowager was angry again and couldn’t interfere in other’s state affairs. 

Zhao Shuning couldn’t get the result she wanted, so she had to go back in anger.

She didn’t expect that her husband, in order to make her happy, quietly wrote to his second older brother, Murong Yang.

Huaining, whom Murong Yang was in charge of guarding, shared a boundary with Xiluo.

The Murong family had always been bold as they married a county princess, who was more favored than the imperial princess. 

Murong Yang indulged his subordinates and made small moves to try to destroy Queen Xiluo’s wedding.

By coincidence, he was discovered by the other party.

That was okay.

That man made a rude remark, and as a result, there was a dispute between the two sides.

That man was stabbed in the arm, and in anger, he drew a knife and hacked Queen Xiluo’s new husband to death.

He then fled back to Daqi. 

Queen Xiluo’s new husband was the son of the mighty general of Xiluo.

His family was big in Xiluo.

Their eldest son had been killed, how could they be content with this 

Queen Shiro naturally refused to give up and immediately sent an envoy to negotiate with Murong Yang.

She asked him to hand over the murderer.  

But Murong Yang wanted to cover his subordinates.

His attitude was tough and his words were quite disdainful. 

The court officials of Xiluo were divided into two factions.

One was inclined towards Daqi, and the other was inclined towards Quan Di.

All along, there had been many people who supported Daqi.

It was just that due to the previous civil strife in Xiluo and the inaction of Daqi at the early stages, some of the court officials in Xiluo were already dissatisfied.

Now the people of Daqi were killing in Xiluo.

Therefore, the court officials who originally supported Daqi also began to prefer Quan Di. 

At this time, Quan Di sent messengers at the right time to discuss their cooperative plans. 

Although Jinlin knew that cooperating with Quan Di was tantamount to cooperating with a tiger, in the current situation, Xiluo had lost confidence in Daqi.

Jinlin herself was unable to extricate herself from this difficult situation.

Besides, the people of Daqi killed her husband at her wedding.

Since that happened, Jinlin had no face. 

She could only choose to cooperate with Quan Di.

Murong Yang panicked when Quan Di’s army had entered no-man’s land and approached the city.

He was caught off guard.

Within a day, Huaining City was destroyed. 

Quan Di’s army went north all the way and within half a month, they won eleven cities in a row.  

Fortunately, Daqi had a large number of soldiers and many generals, so they quickly reacted and blocked Quan Di’s army outside Suhua City, forming a stalemate. 

Zhao Zongqing was ordered by General Zuo to lead troops to support him.

Zhao Zongqing fought bravely and put his life on the line.

He even killed the generals of Quan Di.

Together with the army, they fought hard for more than half a year and drove Quan Di’s army out of Daqi entirely. 

Afterwards, Zhao Zongqing represented Daqi and negotiated with Xiluo. 

This was the first time that Zhao Zongqing and Jinlin had met after their divorce. 

“I pay respects to Her Royal Highness.” Zhao Zongqing lowered his eyes slightly, making it difficult to see his expression.

He still couldn’t do it.

When he saw Jinlin, his heart stopped.

But he had more important things to do now, and he couldn’t ruin his plan because of Jinlin. 

After the fighting stopped for a while, someone in court investigated the Murong family and blamed them.

Murong Yang died quite heroically.

When Huaining City was broken into, he and his two sons died at the front of Huaining City.

But although Murong Yang was dead, the Murong family was still there.

County princess Qinghe was still there.

The officials all pointed their fingers at the Murong family and county princess Qinghe. 

In order to pacify the matter, the emperor decreed that the Murong family would have their title and posts removed.

Murong Huai, the consort of the county princess who wrote to Murong Yang, was executed.

County princess Qinghe took several sons and hid in the empress dowager’s Ci’en Palace. 

But even so, the officials still refused to let county princess Qinghe go.

They had a lot of criticisms about county princess Qinghe.

Even Prince Kang and Princess Kang were questioned. 

Zhao Zongqing was not sure how long imperial grandmother could look after eldest sister, or whether she could save eldest sister’s child.

He needed military achievements before he could go back and help his eldest sister and nephew.

As for other things, he couldn’t care about them for a while. 

Jinlin looked at Zhao Zongqing with complicated eyes.

He had changed a lot over the years.

This change not only referred to his appearance, but also to his temperament.

If Zhao Zongqing in the past was a gentle and jade-like royal son, now he was a sharp blade stained with blood. 

“General Zhao doesn’t need to be too polite.” Jinlin took a deep breath.

She chose this road herself and there was no room to regret it. 

The peace talks went very smoothly because the cooperation between Xiluo and Quan Di did not go well.

Half of the food and grass in Xiluo were used as military rations by Quan Di, and many young and middle-aged people were conscripted as soldiers.

Xiluo had just experienced civil infighting.

It had not yet recovered.

After this battle alone, Xiluo was almost empty.

When Quan Di’s army left the border of Xiluo, all the food and women were swept away. 

After this incident, Xiluo suffered a great loss of vitality, and the national strength was drastically reduced for at least 30 years.  

Therefore, despite being apprehensive, Xiluo accepted Daqi’s peace talks. 

It was just that, in this peace negotiation, there were many things that were different from before.

Not only were the various preferential treatments in the past gone, but Xiluo had to pay a certain amount of tax to Daqi every year. 

But even though the conditions were harsh, Jinlin signed the peace talks.  

Although Zhao Zongqing was in charge of the peace talks, he was unselfish and showed no mercy at all. 

Seeing this, Jinlin had mixed feelings in her heart.

Men were cruel after all.

Instead of relying on men, it was better to count on herself.  

After this incident, Jinlin also gave up her thoughts of getting married.

The rest of her life would be used to make up for the harm she had caused to the people of Xiluo.

As for the succession to the throne, she would pick a clever one in the royal family! 

Zhao Zongqing hurried back to the capital.

Before he could return to the capital, he learned of what happened in the capital. 

The men and women of the Murong family were all exiled to Shazhou.

County princess Qinghe felt uneasy and went out of the palace to see them off.

As a result, Murong Yang’s wife, Mrs.

Rong, stabbed her in the chest and then committed suicide.

County princess Qinghe was not treated in time and died. 

It turned out that Murong Yang’s eldest son and second son died in Huaining.

The youngest son and daughter were mistreated and died in prison.


Rong had nothing left and so decided to take the path of mutual destruction. 

When the empress dowager learned of the death of county princess Qinghe, she fell ill immediately.

When the emperor found out, he was furious and ordered to behead all the males over the age of 14 in the Murong family.

Those who were younger than 14 were exiled and the women were demoted to a low-ranking status.


Rong condemned 3 generations. 

The two sons of county princess Qinghe fell ill after their father was executed.

Hearing that their mother was stabbed and their father had been executed, they were distraught.

After half a month, they died due to depression. 

After Zhao Zongqing returned to the capital, what he saw were the coffins of his eldest sister and nephews.

His heart was agitated and he spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Prince Kang and Princess Kang’s anxious faces turned pale.

They quickly supported Zhao Zongqing on both sides.

They only had one son and one daughter.

Now that their daughter and grandson were gone, if something happened to their son, then that wouldn’t be good. 

Zhao Zongqing waved his hand to indicate that he was fine, but he just didn’t understand why everything had changed after he was reborn.

No, it wasn’t even as good as his previous life! In his last life, his two nephews were still alive, and he and Jinlin were still… 

Zhao Zongqing didn’t understand what the purpose of him being reborn was!  

Zhao Zongqing’s eyes darkened and he passed out. 

Zhao Zongqing insisted on attending the funeral of county princess Qinghe.

Zhao Zongqing originally wanted to bury his eldest sister with his nephews and brother-in-law, but the empress dowager insisted on burying the county princess Qinghe in the mausoleum.

Zhao Zongqing had to bury his two nephews and brother-in-law together. 

Zhao Zongqing was originally injured, but after the burial of county princess Qinghe, Zhao Zongqing fell ill.  

When Wet Nurse Yan heard that Zhao Zongqing was back, she immediately asked to see him. 

When Zhao Zongqing heard that Wet Nurse Yan said that Li Ru was married, he was agitated and spat out another mouthful of blood.

Princess Kang came in with the medicine in hand, and when she saw this scene, she trembled with anger.

“How are you all serving him! Why did you let this crazy woman break in! Hurry up and get rid of her!” 

The maids next to Princess Kang immediately gagged Wet Nurse Yan and dragged her out. 

Princess Kang sat beside the bed.

“Where’s the imperial doctor Go get the imperial doctor! My son, my son! Nothing must happen to you!” 

The imperial doctor gave Zhao Zongqing a few injections.

Zhao Zongqing slowly woke up.

When he saw Princess Kang’s worried expression, Zhao Zongqing’s mind was unprecedentedly clear. 

It was he who was wrong.

He was wrong from the very beginning.

He was too conceited, thinking that since he had lived this lifetime already, he could control everything and avoid risks.

As everyone knew, the most difficult thing in the world to grasp was the human heart. 

Didn’t his current experience prove this 

“Concubine mother, I’m fine.

Don’t worry!” Zhao Zongqing didn’t want to think about his past life anymore.

He should have done this from the moment he was reborn.

Maybe none of this would have happened.

Now he regretted it and he didn’t know if it was too late. 

Princess Kang saw that his face was pale and his eyes were blank.

How could she rest assured Now that her daughter was gone, if something happened to her son, what hope did she have 

“Son…” Princess Kang wanted to say something more, but Zhao Zongqing turned his head slightly.

He closed his eyes and looked like he didn’t want to say anything, so Princess Kang had to wipe her tears away and stop talking. 

After Zhao Zongqing recovered from his illness, he went to Ping’an Lane, where the Li family lived.

He didn’t get close.

He just stood and watched from a distance. 

After waiting for a while, he saw a familiar person from his memories appear.

No, she was even more beautiful than from his memories.

There was also a scholar-like person beside her.

The two walked side by side, talking and laughing from time to time.

Suddenly Li Ru slipped, and the scholar quickly stretched out his arms to wrap around her waist.

Later, he was still afraid and held her.

Li Ru’s face was slightly red, but she did not resist the other’s approach, and the two walked beside each other intimately. 

The smile on Li Ru’s face was something Zhao Zongqing had never seen before.  

Zhao Zongqing watched for a while, then smiled bitterly.

He finally shook his head and left. 

After Zhao Zongqing recovered from his illness, he went to Shazhou again despite everyone’s opposition.

In the end, he married Mrs.

Yun, the daughter of the local patriarch of Shazhou, as his princess.


Yun was frank and lovely.

Although the two of them could not be said to be in love with each other, their relationship could be regarded as mutual respect.


Yun was never pregnant, but they adopted many orphans from the war, and their lives were peaceful and beautiful. 

When Li Yuan was 18, he passed the provincial exam in first place.

The next year, he was first place again.

Unfortunately, in the final palace examination, he was only able to get third place.

When he entered the palace to attend the Qionglin Banquet, Princess Anguo took a fancy to him.

Under the urging of Princess Anguo, the emperor issued an imperial decree for marriage. 

However, the emperor was reluctant to let his beloved daughter marry early, so he postponed the marriage for a year. 

Naturally, Li Yuan would not dare to object.

In fact, he had no impression of Princess Anguo.

He only knew that she was from the central palace and was most loved by the empress.

Princess Anguo had no brothers, so it had nothing to do with the battle for the throne.

If he married Princess Anguo, then it was insurance for him and the Li family. 

It is said that the empress was pregnant in her early years with a prince.

When she was visiting the north palace with His Majesty, they encountered an assassin.

The empress blocked a knife for His Majesty.

HIs Majesty was safe, but the empress miscarried.

After many years of recuperation, the empress was finally able to get pregnant with Princess Anguo.

Therefore, as soon as Princess Anguo was born, she was the most loved by His Majesty.

The empress was also highly respected by His Majesty.

Even though she had no sons, her position in the central palace was as stable as Mount Tai.

But because she had no sons, she stood aloof from the rest.

Those concubines who had sons not only did not dare to be spoiled, but instead wanted to humble themselves in front of the empress and fought on behalf of their sons. 

Li Yuan married Princess Anguo and his career was naturally smooth sailing. 

Wan Hong studied hard at Qingyun Academy for years.

He passed the provincial examination in the same year as Li Yuan and became a scholar, but his ranking was not very good.

For the Wan family, it was already a surprise.

Wan Hong did not participate in the second exam because he felt that was not prepared enough.

It was also because Li Ruo was pregnant.

He decided to take the exam 3 years later. 

Li Ru, of course, supported his decision. 

And Li Yu, who had been an imperial compiler at Hanlin Academy, was promoted to the Minister of Rites at this time, and was as successful as he wished.

Only Li Su had some regrets.

If she had more grandchildren, then it was pretty common.

If she could have a little granddaughter, it would be even better. 

It was unfortunate.

She didn’t know if the Li family had a feng shui problem.

For more than 10 years, the younger generation of the Li family were all boys.

Li Ru’s first children were also twin sons.

The Wan family was overjoyed and rushed over from their hometown to attend their grandsons’ full moon feast.

Three years later, Princess Anguo also gave birth to a boy.

After Li Heng and Li Li got married, their first children were also boys. 

Now, not only was Li Su anxious, Li Yu, Yingniang, Li Yuan, and others were also anxious.

It was not a good thing to have more sons.

They all wanted to have a delicate and soft daughter! His Majesty the Emperor and the empress were very envious.

The feng shui of the Li family was really good.

But after Princess Anguo gave birth to two grandchildren in succession, His Majesty and the empress were also anxious.

They also wanted a granddaughter who was exactly the same as their daughter when she was a child. 

The Li family’s dream of wanting a daughter was finally realised by Princess Anguo.

Princess Anguo didn’t care about giving birth to boys or girls.

In the palace, she saw a lot of women in the palace begging for children.

She was an imperial princess.

Even if she couldn’t give birth, who would dare to neglect her in her husband’s family But, since marrying into the Li family, having a child was as easy as eating a melon.

She had been married for seven years and gave birth to two sons.

She didn’t want to give birth again. 

Unfortunately, due to the influence of her husband’s family’s longing for a girl, Princess Anguo also longed for a girl before she knew it.

It was a pity that it wasn’t just her, but her sister-in-laws all had sons.

Her ears were going to explode when she saw the boys in the yard jumping and making noise.

She also really wanted a daughter who was delicate, soft, and tender. 

So Princess Anguo worked hard again and swore to herself that for the last time, if she had another son, she would never give birth again.

Fortunately, God finally made it up to her and let her have a daughter. 

As soon as Princess Anguo’s youngest daughter was born, there was a decree in the palace.

Her daughter was named county princess Mingzhu, meaning that she was the jewel in the royal family’s palm. 

The Li family was also very happy.

Li Yuan asked Li Su to name his daughter.

Li Su thought about it for a long time and finally came up with a good name.

Li Baoyue.

Yue, as in a kind of divine pearl in ancient mythology.

Baoyue, meaning a precious divine pearl.

It also suited her title. 

The full moon ceremony for county princess Mingzhu was held in the palace, and the Li family was also present.

It happened to be that Zhao Zongqing and his wife, Mrs.

Yun, also returned to the capital and were invited to attend the full moon ceremony of county princess Mingzhu. 

Zhao Zongqing glanced at Li Ru from a distance.

Wan Hong was now working in Honglu Temple.

She was also a fortune-teller.

Because she was the daughter of the Li family, she was naturally qualified to enter the palace.

There were three boys behind her with clear and bright eyes.

Zhao Zongqing took a few glances and lowered his eyes to hide the sourness in his heart. 

Did he regret it Zhao Zongqing didn’t know it himself.

But what was done was done. 

“Eldest prince,” Mrs.

Yun called out, “Those children are so beautiful! Whose family do they belong to” 

Zhao Zongqing smiled.

“I don’t know either.

Let’s go.

Mother is looking for us.” Zhao Zongqing suddenly felt much more at ease when he held Mrs.

Yun’s hand. 

Just let it be! She was doing fine, and so was he. 


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