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We brewed alcohol.

If we only needed to quench our thirst, just having water is more than enough.

So, is there really any need to go out of our way to drink something that can potentially ruin our health

Even so, we can’t help but crave it.

It is one of the many things that our farm still lacks, but thanks to the fruits of our research, we were finally able to brew some.

“It’s still in its trial phase!” exclaimed Gara Ruffa.

She’s known as the “Witch of the Plague” back at the Mermaid Kingdom, so you can say that she’s a bit of an oddball.

She looks younger than the other mermaids on our farm- Platy, Puffer, and Lampeye- but she is an excellent researcher of pharmaceutical magic.

If she wasn’t, she wouldn’t have been called a “witch” in the first place.

Anyway, I entrusted her with the task of brewing alcohol through trial and error.

Normally, this isn’t something an amateur would do, because just assessing its ingredients needs to be done extensively.

Even the yeast required for alcoholic fermentation is a gift of nature, it’s not something humans can produce.

Lastly, the secret ingredient must have been carefully handed down from one brewery to another, so I already expected that accomplishing all of this at once as an amateur would be next to impossible.

Nevertheless, we still got our hands on the yeast starter thanks to “The Hand of Supremacy.”

And the kind of alcohol we were able to make was…


“You called”

For some reason, Veil showed up.

“Uh, I said “beer,” not “Veil.”

“Yeah, isn’t that me”


Beer with a B, not a V.”



This is so confusing.

Anyway, we made beer first because we already had the necessary ingredients with us.

Recall the time when we used wheat and barley to bake bread.

Besides, we would still need grapes to make wine, and we don’t even have a vineyard with us yet.

We haven’t harvested any rice during the time we started researching sake, either.

But when you say alcohol, it’s got to be beer!

…For now, at least.

Let’s give it a try!

Glug, glug, glug…Ahh!

“It feels so refreshing!”

I consider this beer a success.

If we keep this in the fridge till it’s ice-cold, it will taste even better!

“What a relief! All my hard work has paid off!” exclaimed Garra Rufa.

Sorry for all the trouble I made you go through.

This isn’t the first time she presented her sample, after all.

It was only after countless attempts that she finally reached this stage.

I can’t even begin to describe how hard it must have been for her until I remembered the existence of hops.

“Seriously, Garra Rufa, a job well done!”

“Thank you very much!”

Overcome with emotion, we hugged each other tight, both slightly reeking alcohol.

“It is I who should be grateful, Lord Saint! I could never have done such rewarding research had I been in prison! You are my savior, Lord Saint! A god!”

“I-I see!”

I feel happy being praised, but isn’t this a little overboard

“However, I feel slightly uneasy.

Now that we made alcohol, does this mean my job here is done”


No way!

Now that we’ve made beer, our next step is to establish a system to increase our production rate so we can always have a stable supply!

“Waaaaah! Lord Saint! Please don’t cast me aside, let me stay here forever!!!”


Garra Rufa started clinging to me!

P-Please stop rubbing your entire body up and down against me like this!

She never came off as the feminine type from her appearances alone, but now I’m starting to feel every curve and angle!

“I’ll do anything if it means getting to stay here, Lord Saint! Even if that means being your escort for the night!!!”

“Did you casually blurt out something outrageous just now!”

What’s wrong, Garra Rufa!

I never thought of you to be the immodest type!

“…Hey,” said Veil, the sole person who’s been watching this shameful scene from the sidelines while sipping the beer I left bit by bit.

“Maybe she’s drunk”


Now that you mention it, her face is red!

She’s been anxious this whole time, wondering if her beer would suit my tastes, so she went ahead and drank before I did.

It’s only natural that the alcohol would accumulate in her body.

“No wonder she reeks of alcohol!”

Veil continues to sip on the beer.

“Hm… I’ve run out of booze, bring me another glass.

Also, just having this alone is boring, I want something to eat.

Finger food would suffice.”


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