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Allison Allgaier and Randy Wakeland

January 7, 2006

How we met...
Once upon a time there was a maintenance foreman who was single and wondering what would become of him after his children left the nest.  He worked hard to provide the things they needed and was very buried in his work.

One day one of the departments he took care of had a change of management.  The word was this woman was single and very good looking!  Now the maintenance foreman had to interact with the new lady and he was very impressed.  She was easy to talk to and when they chanced to meet at the local Hyvee he asked her to eat with him and his sons.  The boys were very inqusitive and she was right on top of the subjects, from capitals of the world to questions about her past.  After the dinner they said their good-bys and went home.  The boys were very impressed and asked the maintenance man (me) why he didn't go ask her out.

Well he thought about her often and sent e-mail and crossed paths with her from time to time at work.  When one day when the weather was bright and the wind was calm .... He got off work at 7:00am and as he was finishing up he had to pass some info on to the production management.  The lady was there and asked why he was in such a good mood?  "The day is warm, the sky is bright, I have the motorcycle outside, and I am going riding," and as he said that, he asked her if she had lunch free she should join him.  She said "12:00 I will meet you in the parking lot."

He left that day and tried to sleep but went riding the motorcycle.  He was in the parking lot at 11:30 so as not to be late!  He was filled with joy when she came out and got on the bike.  They rode off and went to get an ice cream at the local Whitie's.  They talked and he was impressed at how easy she was to talk to.  He watched as the sun danced off her hair and her eyes twinkled in the sun.  Then they went for a short ride and he took her back to the plant.  As he rode home he thought "this girl is special and I better get my life in order if I want to have a chance with her!!!"

Time went by and she wondered if he was ever going to ask her out?  Then one day she had a meeting with the maintenance man and when it was through she asked him "could we spend some time together to get to know each other?"  Well the maintenance man was off balance.  He had been thinking of how he would break the ice and here she had been thinking of him.  Then the day came when he put some numbers on his down time report and she was the only one to figure the numbers out.  He replied to her she had won the prize and they had their first date.

I know this is a long story and a lot of the details have been shortened but the bottom line is that with a little guidance from above these two people have been brought together and have shared some of the happiest times in his life.

Our Engagement Story...
We took a motorcycle trip to Sturgis in August, 2005.  After riding around South Dakota, we went on to Wyoming, en route to Colorado.  We got to Thermopolis, Wyoming, and decided to stop for the night.

After cleaning the dust off, we were sitting around planning the route for the next day, and he said, "You know how  you said I was the longest boyfriend you've ever had?  I want to go for the record."  With that, he pulled a ring out of his pillowcase and gave it to me.

I was in shock over the whole thing, as I'm a bit of a commitment-phobe, and didn't manage to say yes until the next day.  I couldn't even talk about it till 3 days later, when we were in Lincoln, Nebraska, as I was just getting used to the whole idea.

It turns out he had bought the ring back in June, but knew he had to wait to propose until I was far away from my normal life, because it would take a while to sink in.  I can't ask for a better guy than one who knows me that well, and we're looking forward to a long and happy life together.

Notes about where we're registered...
Home Depot


Bed, Bath & Beyond

The Wedding Party
Name Role Relationship
April Gustafson Maid of Honor Bride's friend
Alicia Hilton Bridesmaid Bride's friend
Peggy Azar Bridesmaid Bride's friend
Linda Becker Bridesmaid Bride's friend
Sandy Mason Bridesmaid Bride's friend
Roger Wakeland Best Man Groom's father
Brady Wakeland Groomsman Groom's son
Robert Wakeland Groomsman Groom's son
Alex Wakeland Groomsman Groom's son
Brittany Allgaier Flower Girl Bride's niece
Bradley Allgaier Ring Bearer Bride's nephew

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Message from lee on 1/12/2006:
   Congratulations. We noticed that you used the grower's box for flowers. We have been considering using internet flower services but haven't found anyone who can give us a recommendation. How satisfied with the quality of Growers Box were you? I really like their web site. Can you help us? any thoughts?

Message from ultimate fitness/deb&jen on 2/2/2006:

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