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Exclusive Skill Of Sha Bo The Asura

Lin Shuang flipped over the cubs corpse and pulled out the rewards. On the ground, a faint light flashed and Lin Shuang grabbed it all. One silver coin, dozens of copper coins, and two pieces of equipment, a pair of leg guards and a pair of shoes.


Bear Kings descendants were quite generous.

Lin Shuang happily put away the silver coin and a pile of copper coins. He picked up the leg guards and checked its attributes.

Bearskin Greaves

Grade: Green

Defense: 20

Additional effect: Increases defense by 10%

Introduction: Greaves made of bear skin can not only effectively resist attacks, but also keep you warm.


It was quite good equipment. Although it was only a piece of Green equipment, it was still considered top-grade among Green equipment. With this additional effect, his defense would increase by 10%. This equipment was enough to make heavy-armored players fight over it.

Then he looked at the other pair of shoes.

Bearskin Battle Boots.

Grade: Green

Defense: 15

Additional effect: Increases movement speed by 5%

Introduction: Battle boots made of bear skin can not only effectively resist attacks, but also keep you warm.


It was also good equipment! It was also a top-grade Green equipment, the kind that was almost Purple!

After putting on the greaves, Lin Shuang suddenly had furry bear fur greaves and a pair of thick combat boots.

After killing the cub, he had also reached Level 6.

Lin Shuang opened the character panel. The attribute point column had already been lit up.

In Glory, after a character reached level five, they could learn skills and add attribute points. Every time he leveled up, he would obtain five attribute points. Attribute points were mainly: Strength, Agility, Stamina, and Spirit.

Players often added points through the positioning of their characters.

In Lin Shuangs previous life, he was an assassin. He chose 2 points of Strength and 3 points of Agility. However, he was a warrior this time. He needed to change his approach.

He opened the attribute point panel. Currently, all the values are 0. After leveling up twice in a row, Lin Shuang now had 10 attribute points to distribute.

Lin Shuang thought for a moment. Since he was a warrior, he should prioritize strength. However, he had been an agility-type in his previous life and already had a subconscious need for agility.

All kinds of movement techniques could not be separated from agility. After much consideration, Lin Shuang chose to add 6 points to Strength and 4 points to Agility.

Most heavy-armored warriors chose physical strength to increase their vitality. Warriors who pursued explosive power all chose Strength. Basically, no one would choose Agility. Because a warrior was a profession that charged the front. As long as one had high offense and defense, agility was useless.

However, Lin Shuang was an exception. He still wanted to use some of the combat techniques from his previous life. He wanted to be a warrior assassin!

After adding the attribute points, Lin Shuang looked at his attributes.

The Returnee

Occupation: Sha Bo the Asura (Hidden)

Level: 6

Health: 470

Attack: 100

Defense: 50

Talent: Lucky Halo


His attack reached a full 100!

This was even when Lin Shuang didnt use his full strength. If he added all his strength, the attack would be even more terrifying.

However, to Lin Shuang, attack was important, but agility was also indispensable.

After reaching Level 5, he could also learn the first skill of his profession. After adding the attributes, Lin Shuang opened the skill panel again.

At this moment, the skill board was gray. Only the first line was lit up.

Rage Slash

Level: 1

Grade: Beginner Warrior Skill

Introduction: Infuses anger into your weapon and slashes at the enemy: Increases basic attack damage by 35%, causing group damage to enemies within 100 yards.

Cooldown: 10 seconds


Yes, this Rage Slash was the most basic and common skill of a warrior. Although the attack method was simple, in the later stages, when ones level increased, the damage would be extremely terrifying.

Although Lin Shuang had never played a Warrior class before, he still had some understanding of Warrior skills.

Without hesitation, he clicked Learn.

“System prompt: Learning skill: Rage Slash. Cost: 50 copper coins. Confirm”

The system was still more conscientious. It knew that it was not easy to be a player in the early stages, so the fees were more reasonable.

He confirmed.

“System prompt: You have successfully learned the skill: Rage Slash. Deduct copper coins: 50.”

Then, with a flash of light, the icon of the Rage Slash was lit up on the skill board.


Lin Shuang held the Black Stone Longsword in his hand and chanted in his heart.

“Rage Slash!”

The body of the Black Stone Longsword stirred up a yellow light. Lin Shuang immediately felt that his hand was filled with strength.


The sword struck the stone wall hard, sending sparks flying. With the additional effect of the Rage Slash, Lin Shuang clearly felt that her strength had increased. Moreover, the range of the longswords attack had clearly increased.

“Not bad!”

Lin Shuang nodded in satisfaction. With this Rage Slash, at least he wouldnt be so slow when killing monsters in the future.

Ordinary monsters could not withstand two Rage Slashes from him. Just as he was about to close the skill board, Lin Shuang suddenly saw a ball of blood-red light under the skill board. It spun slowly like a bloody vortex.

Lin Shuang clicked on it curiously and the light changed. It was actually another skill panel. Only the first line on the skill display was light up.

Ghost Shadow Slash

Level: 1

Grade: Exclusive skill of Shao Bo the Asura

Introduction: Charge a slash forward and will cause 150% damage to the basic attack. At the same time, it will weaken the enemys defense by 10%. Duration: 15 seconds.

Cooldown: 10 seconds

It was a skill from a hidden class!

Lin Shuang was excited. This was actually the exclusive skill of Sha Bo the Asura! Ever since he entered the game, Lin Shuang had never paid much attention to this hidden profession. From the looks of it, this hidden profession was simply heaven-defying. He had one more skill than the other players.

Moreover, this Ghost Shadow Slash was clearly much stronger than the warriors Rage Slash!

As expected of a hidden profession, Lin Shuang thought to himself as he clicked to learn.

“System prompt: Learning skill: Ghost Shadow Slash. Cost: 2 silver coins. Confirm”

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“What! It actually costs two silver coins!”

Lin Shuangs eyes widened. As expected, you get what you pay for. This Ghost Shadow Slash was much stronger than the Rage Slash. However, the price naturally rose.

He glanced at his backpack. Yes, he had killed monsters all the way here. The Bear King Cub had just dropped another silver coin. There were exactly two silver coins left in the package.

Learn! Lin Shuang reluctantly clicked on Confirm. If he couldnt bear to part with the child, he wouldnt be able to catch the wolf.

With this Ghost Shadow Slash, there was nothing he could not farm. He would quickly earn back the 2 silver coins!

“System prompt: You have successfully learned the skill: Ghost Shadow Slash. Silver coins deducted: 2.”

At this moment, Lin Shuang suddenly smelled an extremely strong smell of blood.

Lin Shuang turned around and saw an extremely huge brown bear staring at him from the other end of the mine. There was also a deer in its mouth. The smell of blood came from the deer.

Violent Bear King (Purple Boss)

Level: 10

Attack: 200

Defense: 280

Health: 100,000

Introduction: Violent Bear King, a bear king-level demon beast that evolved from a brown bear. Not only is it extremely powerful, but it has even mastered a certain spell!

Lin Shuang was dumbfounded when he saw the Violent Bear Kings attributes.


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