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Golden Light Brilliance

The scene in front of him changed drastically. Lin Shuang sat on the ground.

“It hurts…”

Lin Shuang rubbed his numb butt and stood up from the ground.

A wide space came into view. It was dimly lit and cobwebbed throughout. The air smelled musty. But it was still possible to tell from the dim light and the scattered shovels that this was an abandoned mine.

A mine!

Lin Shuang was pleasantly surprised. Wasnt this the abandoned mine that Blacksmith Wang had mentioned He accidentally entered this place unexpectedly while he was chased by the Flaming Tiger.

Looking at how hidden this mine was, if he really had to find it, who knew how long it would take! Not to mention finding it within three days!

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“System prompt: You have entered the hidden map: The Abandoned Jingyang Mine! Find the hidden boss in the mine and kill him. Otherwise, you will never be able to leave this map.”

Very good. It was really that abandoned mine, and he had to kill the hidden Boss to get out. It was quite difficult!

Lin Shuang tightened his grip on the Black Stone Longsword, pushed aside the cobwebs, and advanced cautiously along the tunnel in the mine.


Deeper into the mine, in a dark, unseen corner, a voice spoke. It sounded like a human voice, but it also sounded like a beasts roar.

Lin Shuang was alarmed. There was a situation ahead! He saw a figure walk slowly out of the gloom. It was a figure, but it was stiff and shambling. It didnt look like a normal person.

Lin Shuang smelled a stench and saw the figure clearly. The face was so rotten that its true appearance could not be seen. One eyeball hung on the face, and the other eye socket was empty. His clothes were tattered and his body was covered in dried blood. He limped towards Lin Shuang.


What appeared before him was a zombie. It really gave people goosebumps! If a female player were to stand in front of this zombie now, not to mention killing it, even facing it normally would be a problem.

Mine Zombie (Elite Monster)

Level: 10

Attack: 50

Defense: 20

Health: 1,000

Introduction: The miner trapped in the mine was infected by the demonic aura and became a soulless walking corpse. He is a Level 10 elite monster and has a total of 1,000 health points.

Lin Shuang was slightly shocked. This elite monster was seven levels higher than him! The miner zombie moved slowly, the flesh falling away from his arms to reveal moldy, rotting flesh. He walked towards Lin Shuang step by step.

Lin Shuang took the initiative and stabbed the miner zombie in the chest.


Not bad. Although this miners blood was thicker, his defense was not good. He could still break through his defense.

“Uh…” The miner zombie growled and swung its moldy arm at Lin Shuangs face.

Lin Shuang easily dodged it. Next, it was time to be teased by Lin Shuangs various movement techniques.

After several attacks and dodging, he swung his sword and cut the miner zombie in half.

“Whew…” The miner zombie let out a sigh of what sounded like relief and dropped dead.

Golden light flashed as Lin Shuang leveled up. Now, he has reached Level 4.

Picking up the dozens of copper coins on the ground, Lin Shuang was in a good mood. This elite monster was really generous. He gave so many copper coins at once, and his experience bar had also increased by a lot. If he killed a few more, he could level up again.

He continued deeper into the cave.

On the way, he encountered a few more miner zombies. He dealt with them one by one and turned them into his money and experience. He dont know how long hes been walking, but the air grew damp with a musty stench.

Lin Shuang sniffled. He was used to such an environment.


Suddenly, a different roar came from ahead!

“There are new monsters”

Lin Shuangs heart skipped a beat. In the fog, a dark figure was slowly getting up from the ground. When it stood up, Lin Shuang saw its true appearance.

It was actually a bear!

Violent Bear King Cub (Elite Monster)

Level: 10

Attack: 80

Defense: 70

Health: 2,000

Introduction: The cub of the Violent Bear King. Although it is young, it has inherited the ferocity and brutality of the Bear King. Adventurer, dont underestimate it just because it is young.

Lin Shuang looked at the brown bear that was about two to three meters tall when it stood up. This is a cub too You call it a cub So how big is its father


The cub waved its paws and stared at Lin Shuang with its yellow eyes. It is clearly not pleased with the fellow who had disturbed its sleep.


The cub suddenly pounced at Lin Shuang at an extremely fast speed!

Lin Shuang dodged sideways, but he was still grazed by the bear paw.


A large number appeared above Lin Shuangs head.

Holy **, that hurt! Lin Shuang bared his teeth and used the slashed at the Bear King Cub. He brought his sword down on the rough-skinned bears back.


Damn, defense of 70 points is really something.

Lin Shuangs eyes narrowed. He had to find a way to attack its weak spot. Otherwise, it would take forever to slash like this.

The cubs attack speed was extremely fast, and Lin Shuangs agility had yet to increase. It was a little difficult to dodge.

After the cub was attacked, it became even angrier. It waved its paws, and an evil wind blew. Lin Shuang had no choice but to use the cave environment to deal with it.

The man and bear fought in the cave. Actually, it was just the fierce attacks of the Bear Kings cub. Lin Shuang rolled on the ground and occasionally attacked.

He thrust his sword into the Bear King cubs belly.


Big numbers floated up. Lin Shuang was delighted. He had finally found a weak spot! Hence, he began to find an opportunity to attack the cubs abdomen. The cubs health bar began to decrease visibly. Just as the bear cubs health bar was about to hit rock bottom, it let out a deafening roar.

The bear kicked hard and lunged at Lin Shuang. This shocked Lin Shuang, who was doing a forward roll on the ground. Looking at the Bear King Cub that was flying over like a mountain, Lin Shuang made up his mind and raised his sword to stab upwards.

Black Stone Longsword was thrusted deep into the cubs belly.



The bear still smashed into Lin Shuang, but at the same time, Lin Shuangs body emitted waves of golden light.

This was the light of a level-up!

The cub had already been stabbed to death by the last sword! Smoke and dust rose in the cave. Lin Shuang pushed away the cubs corpse with difficulty and got up from the ground, covered in dust.

Looking at the corpse of the bear cub in front of him, he still had lingering fear. If not for the fact that the sword had just dealt a critical blow, he really might not be able to kill this cub. And by then, he would be the unlucky one.

However, the reward was also extremely generous! He had risen two levels in a row!

Now he has reached Level 6.


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