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Unable to Do It

It was still a lively scene outside the village, with shouts and calls.

Lin Shuang did not stay any longer and walked straight towards the south of the village. As he had been doing missions, his level could no longer keep up with the current mainstream players. Those players were killing monsters and leveling up. They gradually walked out of the slime farming area.

The monster that appeared ahead was a Level 2 monster, a goblin.

With a short ax in hand, he was small and thin, but unusually agile. The ax struck the players, making them cry out.

Level two was still too low. Lin Shuang shook his head and continued deeper. A forest appeared in front of him, and shouts came from inside.

A level 3 monster, Wild Dog, had spawned here. A large number of players had already gathered in the forest. These players were the first to enter the game. Their levels and equipment had caught up. It was more than enough to team up and kill the wild dogs.

I could try farming them,

Lin Shuang thought to himself as she held the Black Stone Longsword and began to search the forest for monsters.

Rustle. Rustle.

The bushes moved and a wild dog darted out. Its fur stood on end as it glared at Lin Shuang with its green eyes.

Lin Shuang stood with his sword ready.

Suddenly, several players jumped out from all directions. The saber, spear, iron sword, and wooden stick hit the wild dog. The wild dog let out a wail as it was beaten into a pile of bronze coins on the ground.

The players did not stop either. After the wild dog died, a burly man shouted, “The target has been killed. Brothers, find the next one!”

The group of players instantly dispersed.

“Well…” Lin Shuang stood rooted to the ground, still maintaining his battle stance.

Thats brutal! Before he could draw his Black Stone Longsword, the monster was gone Were all monsters killed like this nowadays

After walking around the forest for a long time, Lin Shuang realized that the people who came here to kill monsters were all in teams. Usually, four or five people killed a monster at the same time, and there were many teams.

Many times, the new monsters that had just respawned were immediately surrounded by a few teams. The wild dog was gone before it could even scream.

After killing for a long time, Lin Shuang still couldnt kill any monsters.

“Forget it, forget it. I cant afford to offend them.” Lin Shuang sighed speechlessly and hurriedly retreated from the forest.

It was better to go to a higher-level map. There couldnt be so many people there, right

He continued deeper and encountered all kinds of monsters: wild boars, wild wolves, and violent bears. They were all occupied by countless players. Lin Shuang couldnt do anything to them.

Brothers, wasnt I out of the village a little late Was the pressure of killing monsters that great

Helpless, Lin Shuang could only continue forward. Until now, he was still at Level 2.

“Friend! Please stay.”

Lin Shuang was walking when he suddenly heard someone call out from behind. When he turned around, he saw that a male mage player named Virtuous Water had stopped him. He held a staff in his hand. His level had risen to Level 4.

“What can I do for you” Lin Shuang asked him.

“Farther ahead, my friend, is a more advanced map. Youre only Level 2. Id advise you not to go, or youll die for nothing. Its not worth it.” Virtuous Water reminded him kindly with a refined and kind smile.

Lin Shuang felt a warmth in his heart and immediately smiled. “Thank you for your reminder, but Im confident!”

Then he started walking again.

Virtuous Water was slightly taken aback and was about to speak when a young girl of about seventeen or eighteen appeared behind him.

“Aiya, Brother, why are you so nosy If he doesnt know whats good for him, just let him go. When he dies, hell know his mistake.”

The ID floated above the girls head: Cold Moon.

Cold Moon had an exquisite face and a pair of big eyes that flickered with cunning. She held a dagger in her hand and was wearing leather armor, revealing her exquisite figure.

“Brother, lets go back and continue killing Violent Bears. Im about to reach level five!”


Virtuous Water looked at Lin Shuangs back and hesitated for a moment before following the girl.

Lin Shuang, who was walking, saw this scene. His eyes moved slightly as he silently remembered the siblings.

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“System alert: You have entered the danger map: Jingyang Ridge.”

The system alert came through.

Lin Shuang knew that the monsters he would encounter next would be stronger than any monsters he had encountered in the past. Not long after, a huge mountain appeared in front of him. The vegetation was lush. He wondered what was inside the mountain.

Gripping the Black Stone Longsword in his hand tightly, Lin Shuang raised his guard and walked into the mountain.


A tigers roar resounded through the forest. On the mountain path, a striped tiger leaped out. It had a greenish-white forehead, golden fur, sharp tiger claws, and a mouth like a basin of blood.

The Striped Tiger

Level: 5

Attack: 40

Defense: 20

Life: 800


The attributes of the Striped Tiger flashed in front of his eyes. Lin Shuang was slightly surprised.

This tigers attack was a little high. And it was three levels higher than him!

The Striped Tiger roared, shaking the leaves around it. It pounced at Lin Shuang at an extremely fast speed.

Lin Shuang did not panic at all. He dodged and the Black Stone Longsword struck the Striped Tiger.


A large number floated up, and the tigers health bar dropped a fraction.

Lin Shuang nodded in satisfaction. This attack power was really impressive. The striped tiger turned around and attacked with its sharp claws. However, Lin Shuangs movement technique was like a ghost. He kept dodging and was actually not hit at all.

This was Lin Shuangs confidence in entering the high-risk map. It was not the Black Stone Longsword or the Lingluo Robe but his own skills.

In his previous life, he had long mastered his gaming skills. His skills were more than enough to deal with this kind of monster in the novice village. He slashed at the tigers body one by one. Finally, under its unwilling wail, it became a dead soul under Lin Shuangs sword.

With a golden flash, Lin Shuang leveled up!

“That was fast!”

Lin Shuang couldnt help but be speechless. Fighting monsters above his level gave him a lot of experience. It was high risk and high reward. The striped tiger dropped more than ten copper coins. He put them into his bag, and continued forward.

Along the way, Lin Shuang dealt with a few more striped tigers. His experience bar was almost full again.

As night fell, the forest became dim.

Lin Shuang held his sword and walked through the forest. Unknowingly, he had already entered the depths of the forest.


A deafening tiger roar sounded in Lin Shuangs ears. Then, a huge tiger claw appeared in front of him!

Lin Shuang reacted quickly and dodged it. He stood up and realized that there was a big tiger with fiery red fur standing in front of him. The tiger was much larger than the average striped tiger. Its fur was fiery red, and heat waves could be seen rising from its body.

Flaming Tiger (Green Boss)

Level: 10

Attack: 100

Defense: 80

Health: 10,000

Introduction: The King of the Jingyang Ridge will tear anything that dares to invade its territory into pieces.

It was actually a Boss. Lin Shuang gasped. This might be the ultimate Boss of Luhua Village. This terrifying attribute was not something a single person could contend with.

Without thinking, Lin Shuang turned around and ran! What a joke. Challenging a high-level monster was fine, but if he had to face such a Boss-level monster, forget it. There was no chance of winning!

The fiery tiger roared and came after him, shaking the earth as it ran.

Lin Shuang circled the forest, not daring to look back. He knew that if he was a step slower, the Flaming Tiger would be able to kill him in two moves!

While he was running for his life, he suddenly missed a step. There was a cave in front of him.

Lin Shuang was shocked, but it was too late.

He had fallen into the cave.


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