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Love Bento

After bidding farewell to the little boy, Lin Shuang looked at the game time.

It had been almost an hour. In less than an hour, he had already obtained three top-grade Purple equipment. This was something he had never dared to think about before.

They returned to the village from the back of the mountain. At this moment, the center of the village square was filled with people.

After farming monsters for an hour outside, most of the players had successfully reached Level 2 and had accumulated some copper coins. They had returned to replenish their supplies and were prepared to advance towards higher-level monsters.

“You dont say, this game is really realistic! I just tried to adjust the pain to 50% and was hit by a slime. It hurt me to death!”

“Are you stupid Why did you adjust to a higher level I cant even take ten percent.”

“Recruiting, recruiting! A strong team lacks two experts. Lets form a team to farm wild dogs! High risk and high returns!”

“Selling one Green equipment, Green Forest Leather Armor. It has an additional effect of increasing attack damage by 2%! A true top-grade equipment. Dont miss it!”

The noisy square instantly became much quieter after the last shout. Everyone looked at the person who shouted in unison.

A handsome young man stood in the middle of the square with his arms crossed. He had an indifferent expression and exuded arrogance. There were two tall burly men beside him. The people who had shouted just now were this group of people.

The difference between these three people and the other players was that they were not wearing ordinary novice equipment. They were all equipment that came from fighting monsters.

Judging from the color, they were not ordinary. Especially the cold young man standing in the middle. He had a bright battle ax on his back, making the players drool.

A line of small words floated above his head: Heavenly Black Edge.

“Bro, how much is this Green Forest Leather Armor” A short-bearded middle-aged man holding a short knife walked up and asked for the price. He looked to be in his thirties and his ID was Feng Qiyun. Obviously, this was also an expert player who already had a weapon in a short period of time.

Heavenly Black Edge raised his eyes and glanced at Feng Qiyun.

“Five silver coins, no bargain.”

“Five silver coins Thats expensive.” Feng Qiyuns expression was a little ugly.

One had to know that according to the ratio of game currency in Glory, one silver coin was 100 copper coins. The copper coins dropped by the monsters in the early stages were pitifully little. A slime could drop two to three copper coins at most. Therefore, this Green Forest Leather Armor was equivalent to five hundred copper coins.

An astronomical price, this was definitely an astronomical price!

This is especially so in the early stages. The equipment transition was fast. It was clearly not worth spending so much money to buy equipment that would not be used for long.

Feng Qiyun refused to give up and probed, “Brother, can it be less I have a little more than two silver coins here…”

“Like I said, five silver coins.”

Heavenly Black Edges tone was cold as he interrupted the middle-aged man.

Feng Qiyuns face darkened. He wanted to say something, but he didnt. He stood there for a while before players ran in from outside the village. They all greeted Feng Qiyun respectfully and traded all their copper coins to him.

After a while, Feng Qiyun gathered five silver coins.

“Here, five silver coins. Give me the equipment.”

After gathering enough money, Feng Qiyun did not give Heavenly Black Edge a good look. He handed over the money with a dark expression.

Heavenly Black Edge took the money expressionlessly and took out the Green Forest Leather Armor for Feng Qiyun.

After obtaining the equipment, Feng Qiyun did not stay long. He sized up the young man and left the village with his brothers.

“Young Master, I know this person. I think hes the boss of Hongyuan Company. His name is Lu Yuan.” Behind him, the tall man called the Tian Qi Sword Soul whispered into his ear.

“What Hongyuan Company Ive never heard of it.” Heavenly Black Edge smiled coldly. “Isnt he just the boss of a lousy company How dare he act arrogantly in front of me”

“Yes, yes, yes. Its difficult for such a person to see our Young Master usually.” Tian Qi Sword Soul flattered him.

“Take the money. Buy all the Golden Creation medicine and prepare to move to the next area.”

At this moment, there was a sudden commotion in the square.

There was a burst of “Holy **!” and “Damn!” in the crowd.

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The three of them looked over and saw Lin Shuang, who was wearing a long robe and holding the Black Stone Longsword, walking out of the crowd as if nothing had happened.

Everyone in the square stared at him.

The luster of the Purple equipment was incomparable to the Green equipment. The Black Stone Longsword was fine. It was originally a low-key ancient sword so it was not so eye-catching. However, the Lingluo Robe was exceptionally high-profile. The exquisite workmanship and high-end design emitted a gorgeous light from head to toe.

For a moment, the players standing beside Lin Shuang who were still wearing tattered cloth clothes were like beggars.

“F*ck! Young Master, who is this guy” Tian Qi Sword Soul gritted his teeth and looked at Lin Shuang with shock in his eyes. This guys equipment was too good!

One had to know that the equipment on them was obtained by a team of dozens of people fighting monsters. Who was this person He had so much equipment at the same time, and from the color, it seemed to be higher than their equipment.

Heavenly Black Edges face darkened as he stared fixedly at Lin Shuang. The jealousy in his eyes was very obvious.

“Sword Soul, arrange for someone to keep an eye on him without doing anything.”

Tian Qi Sword Soul was stunned for a moment before he understood. He smiled evilly and said, “Got it, Young Master. Ill arrange it now. As long as he leaves the village…”

At this moment, Lin Shuang was eager to leave the village to kill monsters. He could not wait to test the damage of the Black Stone Longsword.

Lin Shuang did not care much about the murderous gazes around him. After all, in his previous life, he was considered a “high player” in the game. He was the leader of a gang with power and thousands of brothers.

He had seen many such scenes.

The others stared at Lin Shuang in unison. Some even looked at the wooden stick in their hands suspiciously. Were they playing the same game How long has it been since the server started Why were they still wearing tattered clothes while this person was almost fully armed

Comparisons were odious!

Just as the players were doubting their lives, an anxious shout suddenly sounded in the village. This shout was so charming that everyone felt their bodies go limp. Looking in the direction of the voice, on the village path, a young woman in a gauze dress was running towards the square.

“Adventurer, please wait. Please wait.”

Although the young woman looked to be in her thirties, her accent was charming. When she ran, there was a wave.

The players were stunned.

“Who is she calling Shes not calling me, right”

“Why dont you take a piss and take a look yourself Would she call you”

“Brothers, this is an NPC. Ive seen it on the official website. There are no active missions in this game. The players have to trigger it themselves. Maybe we can trigger a mission by going up and answering her!”

Immediately, the players were eager to try. They walked up expectantly, wanting to see if they could talk to this anxious NPC. The young woman walked straight towards Lin Shuang as if she hadnt seen them.

“Adventurer, please wait.”

When Lin Shuang heard the voice, he turned around and saw a charming woman waving at him while she ran over on her tiptoes.

“Why are you looking for me” Lin Shuang pointed at himself and was slightly stunned.

“Adventurer, Im looking for you!” The young woman smiled charmingly and walked to Lin Shuangs side. Her voice was extremely charming. “Did you help a little boy in the village earlier”

“Yes, its me. You are Why are you looking for me” Lin Shuang answered. He had a feeling that another mission was coming! This luck was connected to one another without stopping.

The young woman twisted her plump body. Her eyes were curved and her red lips were frivolous. Her charming eyes sized up Lin Shuang.

“Adventurer, youre really handsome and so helpful. Im a little tempted…”

Lin Shuangs face darkened and he said seriously, “Madam, why are you looking for me As long as its possible, Ill help you.”

“I see Then… Can that kind of thing be done”

Lin Shuang blushed and felt like cursing. Damn it, he was actually teased by an NPC!

The young woman laughed even harder when she saw Lin Shuang blush. “Alright, I wont joke with you anymore! Im afraid I wont be able to hold it in later. Actually, I just want you to deliver something.”

Lin Shuang asked her, “What do you want me to deliver”

The young woman handed over a warm lunch box and said, “Please bring this meal to the blacksmith shop at the village entrance for Blacksmith Wang.”

“System notification: Do you accept the mission: Love Bento. Help Tofu Xishi deliver the Love Bento to Blacksmith Wang at the village entrance. The blacksmith will reward you handsomely.”

Thats it Was this also a mission

Lin Shuang was a little speechless. Why did he always take on strange missions! Still…

“Okay, Ill definitely deliver it.” Lin Shuang nodded in agreement.

What a joke. How could he not accept a mission that came knocking on his door It had to be known that the other players were still relying on fighting the slime to level up.

Tofu Xishi smiled seductively and said sweetly, “Then Ill have to trouble you, Adventurer. Remember, dont tell outsiders.”

With that, Tofu Xishi seemed to be a little shy. She covered her face and twisted her plump waist as she left.

Looking at the departing figure of Tofu Xishi, Lin Shuang felt that Blacksmith Wang must have something going on with her!


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