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Ling Min

“Lu Wan, then come to our studio. Not only does our studio provide food and accommodation, but we also give out gaming helmets.” Lin Shuang said to her.

“Really” Lu Wans beautiful eyes were wide open and her mouth was slightly agape. She couldnt believe Lin Shuangs words.

“Of course its true! As long as you come, we just happen to be lacking a healer position.” Lin Shuang said solemnly.

On the side, Fatty Tang looked at Lin Shuang in surprise and tugged at his pants. In order to buy two gaming helmets, the two of them had spent all their savings. How could they still have the money to buy a gaming helmet for Lu Wan

However, Lin Shuang didnt seem to hear him. He just looked at Lu Wan with a smile and waited for her decision.

Lu Wan bit her lips. Her eyes flickered and her face was filled with hesitation. “Lin Shuang, I know you want to help me. I thank you, but dont worry. When I make money in the game, Ill return the money for the helmet to you.”

After hesitating for a long time, Lu Wan finally made a decision.

“Good. So youve agreed to come to our studio” Lin Shuang smiled.

“Yes… but I cant move here. I still have to take care of my mother…” Lu Wan whispered.

“Its fine, as long as youre willing to come.” Lin Shuang waved his hand and stood up. “As long as you agree, Ill transfer the money to you when I get back. Zhengyang Street is selling gaming helmets tomorrow. You can buy it.”

Lu Wans face was filled with joy. It was clear that she had admired Glory for a long time, but because of her family, she hadnt been able to buy a gaming helmet.

Fattys expression turned ugly as he cursed in his heart,

“This kid went crazy the moment he saw a woman. How would he have the money to buy a helmet for Lu Wan!”

However, since Lu Wan was here, he couldnt say anything. He just looked troubled.

“Then well leave first.” Lin Shuang waved at Lu Wan and left the restaurant with Fatty.

Lu Wan followed them out. At this moment, a girl in a hurry walked into the restaurant. Her head was lowered as she walked forward, as if she had something important to do. She did not notice if there was anyone in front of her.

Lin Shuang and Fatty quickly dodged to avoid bumping into her.

“Seriously, doesnt this person watch where shes going” Fatty grumbled, but he heard a cry behind him. He turned around and saw that the girl had bumped into Lu Wan, who was walking out of the restaurant.

The bag in the girls hand fell to the ground.

“Ouch…” Lu Wan rubbed her arm. The girl had bumped into her and it hurt.

Lin Shuang walked over and checked her arm with concern. “Are you alright”

Lu Wans slender arm was held in Lin Shuangs hand. She blushed and lowered her head. “Im fine…”

Only then did Lin Shuang feel that his actions were a little intimate. He quickly and awkwardly put down Lu Wans arm.

Seeing that she had bumped into someone, the girl came over to apologize in embarrassment. “Uh… Sister, Im sorry. I was a little anxious just now. I didnt bump into you, right” The girl was about 17 or 18 years old. Her face was a little red as she whispered.

“Im fine, Im fine,” Lu Wan quickly comforted her. “Little girl, why are you in such a hurry”

The girl picked up the bag from the ground and said angrily, “Its still this game helmet! Glorys gaming helmets were sold in the city center today. My classmates and I went to grab one. In the end, my brother also went to help me snatch one. Thats why I was in a hurry to see if I could return one.”

Lu Wan said enviously, “Your brother treats you so well.”

“Hmph, hes so stupid. He bought it without telling me, making me return it.” The girl grumbled.

Lin Shuang glanced at the bag in the girls hand. It was indeed a Glory gaming helmet.

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“Little girl, can you sell us this helmet We want to buy one.” Lin Shuang asked her.

The girl widened her eyes and said happily, “Sure, sure. Coincidentally, Im going to return, so I dont have to make a trip.”

“Alright, wait a moment.”

Lin Shuang walked to the back and opened Glorys official website. Here, there was a service to sell game coins. Currently, the game has just started, and the exchange ratio for gold coins was 1:25,000.

One gold coin was equivalent to 25,000.

However, this was only the beginning of the game. In the later stages, the price of gold coins would slowly depreciate.

Lin Shuang entered the game account and password on the interface to exchange for yuan and exchanged one gold coin. Soon, a message notification sounded. There was 25,000 yuan in his bank account.

So fast! This was Glory. A game created by more than a hundred countries was indeed rich.

“Alright, Ill send you by WeChat.” Lin Shuang added the girl on WeChat and transferred 15,000 yuan to her.

“Deal!” The girl happily handed the helmet to Lu Wan and said, “Sister, your boyfriend treats you so well!”

Lu Wan blushed. She glanced at Lin Shuang and quickly explained, “No, no, no. He… hes not my boyfriend.”

“Hehe… it will eventually happen.” The girl looked at the two of them and said meaningfully.

Lu Wans face was so red that it reached her ears. Lin Shuangs face was also filled with black lines. This guy, would it kill her to say less

“By the way, Sister, are you going to enter the game soon Lets add each other on WeChat. We can play together then, okay” The girl suddenly said.

Lu Wan was stunned for a moment before she smiled and said, “Alright, add me. My name is Lu Wan.”

“My name is Ling Min. Sister Lu Wan, lets play together!”

They added each other on WeChat and said goodbye to Ling Min. Lu Wan walked on the street with her helmet in her hand. She felt like she was dreaming. The gaming helmet that she had been longing for suddenly came to her.

And it was so sudden!

Fatty was also in disbelief! When did Lin Shuang become so rich Where did he get the money Could he have gone to the back to borrow money

Lin Shuang didnt care much. With his current equipment, wouldnt it be easy for him to earn money in the game Moreover, there were several pieces of purple equipment in his bag. He could easily sell it for hundreds of thousands of yuan. He really did not care about this small sum of money.

After that, Lin Shuang and Fatty went to Lu Wans house. This was because this game helmet had to be plugged into a special game port.

As a girl, Lu Wan might not know how to install it. In short, Lin Shuang and Fatty successfully arrived at Lu Wans house.

Before entering the room, Lin Shuang smelled a strong medicinal smell. Lu Wan opened the door. The room was very small. There was a small living room and two bedrooms. The entire house looked old. They walked into Lu Wans room. The smell of medicine mixed with the young girls fragrance.

Lin Shuang quickly loaded the port, and Lu Wan brought over a glass of water.

“Thank you!” Lin Shuang took the cup and took a big gulp.

“I should be thanking you!” Lu Wan looked at Lin Shuang with sparkling eyes.

“Lin Shuang, thank you so much.” She said seriously. “When I earn money in the game, Ill return the money to you as soon as possible.”

Lin Shuang waved his hand and said, “No rush, no rush. What you need to do now is to level up quickly. In the future, you will be a member of our workshop. There are many things that we need you for.”

Then, he patted Lu Wans shoulder.

“Well leave first. Its not good to disturb Aunties sleep later.”


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