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Lu Wan

Lin Shuang chose to go offline. He took off his helmet and heaved a sigh of relief. He had been in the game for an entire day. When he took off his helmet, he felt as if a lifetime had passed.

Lin Shuang got up and stretched his body. Then, he went to Fatty Tangs room.

Fatty Tang had yet to log off. He was wearing a helmet, and his expression was sometimes happy and sometimes ferocious. He should still be farming monsters.

Lin Shuang knocked on his helmet and said in his ear, “Fatty, arent you afraid of sudden death Hurry up and go offline to eat.”

After a while, the indicator light on Fattys helmet dimmed. He took off his helmet and heaved a sigh of relief. He turned to look at Lin Shuang with an excited expression.

“Shuang! Do you know what just droppedA top-grade Green equipment! Hahaha!”

Lin Shuang yawned and said, “Lets go downstairs for dinner.”

“Hey, didnt you hear what I said” Fatty followed, his voice doubled in volume. “I said a top-grade Green equipment dropped! Its additional effect increases HP by 10%!”

“I know, I heard it just now.” Lin Shuang replied lazily.

“Whats going on with this kid Does he not know that theres such a thing as Green equipment” Fatty mumbled behind him as the two of them went downstairs.

Lin Shuang walked in front and smiled. If Fatty knew that he had a set of Purple Equipment and an Orange Equipment, who knew how he would react.

“Fatty, which main city are you in” Lin Shuang asked as they walked on the street.

In his previous life, Fatty Tang was the same as him. They were both in Lingfan City.

“Main city How would I know Im only Level 8 now.” Fatty Tang said.

“Uh… Alright, what do you want to eat”

“Lets eat that dried fish. I havent eaten it in a long time. Im a little craving it.”

The dried fish. Lin Shuang recalled the dried fish he often ate with Fatty. It was cheap and tasted good. Moreover, the boss was very honest and often gave them free side dishes. Later on, they made money in the game and moved to a luxurious studio in the city center. They never came here to eat again.

“I havent eaten it for a long time…” Lin Shuang said nostalgically.

The dried fish store was a distance away from home. Lin Shuang and Fatty chose to walk there. After playing games for a day, they could relax their muscles and bones.

“You… What are you guys trying to do If you come any closer, Ill scream!” In the corner of the street, a woman suddenly shouted.

Lin Shuang and Fatty looked over and saw that in the corner of the alley, a few hooligans in singlets with tattoos all over their bare arms were blocking a girl in the corner.

“Hehe, little girl, go ahead and scream. Even if you scream until your throat breaks, no one will care about you!”

The leader was a bald hooligan. His eyes greedily sized up the girl, and a lecherous smile appeared on his face.

The girl was wearing a pink dress. She had a petite figure and a beautiful face. At this moment, her eyes were filled with tears. She held her bag in front of her chest and retreated to the corner of the wall. Her large eyes were filled with fear.

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Seeing the girl like this, the other hooligans eyes lit up and they couldnt help but swallow their saliva. It was rare to encounter such an innocent type.

When Lin Shuang saw this scene, he frowned. Such a thing actually happened in such a peaceful and prosperous world. Without thinking, he prepared to walk towards the group of hooligans.

But a pair of hands immediately pulled him back.

Fatty pulled him aside and whispered, “Lin Shuang, what are you doing Do you want to die We cant do anything about this.”

“Tang Yu, dont you want to save that girl Are you going to watch her be tainted by those hooligans” Lin Shuang stared at Tang Yu and asked.

“Sigh, of course I want to save her, but we dont have the strength. If we encounter such a thing, we can just help call the police.”

Tang Yu took out his phone and called the police.

“Alright, you can call the police first.” As Lin Shuang spoke, he turned around and walked into the alley.

“Lin Shuang!”

Tang Yu quickly ended the call. When he saw Lin Shuang walking towards the group of hooligans, he thought to himself, Does this kid want to die He hesitated for a moment and gritted his teeth. He picked up a brick from the flower bed beside him and followed Lin Shuang.

At this moment, the group of hooligans was wantonly teasing the girl. In their eyes, the girl was like fish on a chopping board that could only be slaughtered by them.

“Brothers, Ill go first!” The bald hooligan laughed and was about to reach out his evil hand to the girl.

Suddenly, a loud shout sounded behind him. “What are you doing Stealing a woman in broad daylight”

The bald hooligans heart skipped a beat. However, when he turned around and saw the two of them standing opposite him, anger rose in his heart.

“Kid, you want to save the damsel in distress Are you tired of living Get lost!”

A blonde with a green dragon tattoo on his arm took out a bright fruit knife from his pocket and threatened the two of them. The other hooligans also looked at the two of them with unfriendly expressions.

Fatty looked at the scene in front of him and felt extremely nervous. These people were all valiant and ruthless. If he angered them, they would even use a knife. They never cared about the consequences when they did things. When they were angry, they even dared to kill people.

However, Lin Shuangs tone was calm. He said without panicking, “Yes, I want to save the damsel in distress. Come at me if you have anything.”

Damn! Fatty cursed in his heart. When did Lin Shuang become so arrogant

However, it also depended on the situation. There were four to five people on the other side, and there were only two people on our side. How could we fight, bro! When the hooligans heard Lin Shuangs words, they were stunned.

Then, the bald hooligan smiled and said, “Kid, why dont you f*cking find out who I am You want to save the damsel in distress, right Alright, Ill fulfill your wish!”

With that, his expression turned ferocious as he took out a fruit knife.

“I must let you see blood today! Get him!”

The bald hooligan held the fruit knife and rushed towards Lin Shuang.

“Damn it, I have no choice but to fight!”

Fatty gripped the brick in his hand and steeled his heart. He was prepared to go all out. However, Lin Shuang stopped him. He didnt move and raised his leg to kick the bald hooligan in the stomach.

The bald hooligan screamed and fell to the ground with his hands on his stomach. He arched his back and was left with one breath.

Lin Shuang kicked him until he stopped breathing. The other hooligans were stunned. They didnt expect Lin Shuang to really dare to attack.

“F*ck! Get him!”

A few hooligans rushed forward. Lin Shuang grabbed Fatty and retreated a few steps and kicked one of the hooligans in the chin.

The hooligan fell to the ground. He turned around and swung his fist again, hitting the other hooligan squarely in the chin. That hooligan also fell to the ground.

“F*ck, damn it!”

When the remaining hooligan saw this scene, his eyes widened in anger as he stabbed Lin Shuang with his dagger.


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