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Heart Fruit

What he needed to do now was to increase his charm to 10 points. Otherwise, the City Lord would not have cared about him after entering the City Lord Manor.

In Glory, there were only two ways to increase ones Charm. One was to be the first player in the server to complete a certain achievement, just like how Lin Shuang had been the first player to clear a hidden map and reach Level 10. The second method was to accept some special quests to obtain Charm points.

At present, there was nothing that Lin Shuang could accomplish. He could only think of a way to accept missions that could increase his charm. He was the only player in the huge Juxiang City, so he was not worried that other players would snatch it from him.

Lin Shuang remembered that talking to some NPCs in the city might trigger a quest. Hence, he began to run around the city. As soon as he met an NPC, he immediately went up and chatted enthusiastically.

“Hello, Mr. Blacksmith! Im a new adventurer. How can I help you” Lin Shuang walked to the blacksmith shop and warmly greeted the blacksmith from Juxiang City.

The blacksmith glanced at him indifferently and said, “Adventurer, if youre not doing my business, please dont disturb my work.”

Uh. Lin Shuang left resentfully.

“Sir, seeing how hard it is for you to set up a stall here, do you need my help”

In front of the grocery vendor, Lin Shuang smiled and chatted with the stall owner.

“Young man, Ive been waiting for a long time and havent opened for business. If you really want to help me, clear out my stall so that I can go back and rest.”

The stall owner replied with a smile.

Forget it! Lin Shuangs expression changed and he turned to leave.

At this moment, a team of patrolling guards walked over and bumped into Lin Shuang, who was about to turn around and leave. These Juxiang City Guards were all Level 60 Advanced Warriors. Their attributes were far superior to Lin Shuang.


Lin Shuang was pinned to the ground by the tall and strong Juxiang City Guards. The Heart Fruits picked on the way were also scattered on the ground.

“How unlucky!”

Lin Shuang cursed in his heart. After running around the city for half a day, he had not received a single mission. Instead, he had been bumped into on the street. Fortunately, there were no other players at this moment. Otherwise, he would have lost the demeanor of an expert.

He stood up, patted his clothes, and was about to pick up the scattered Heart Fruits. The group of guards had all gathered around him. Their eyes were filled with unconcealable joy!

“What… whats wrong…”

Lin Shuang looked at the guards in front of him in a daze. Was it illegal to bump into guards Were they arresting him

“Young adventurer!”

A person who looked like a captain walked forward and shook Lin Shuangs hand excitedly.

“Where did you get these fruits Can you give us some Were willing to buy them for you with money. How about five silver coins each”

“System Notification: Captain Ed wants to make a deal with you.”

Fruits Lin Shuang looked at the ground full of Heart Fruits and understood that this group of people was interested in these fruits. However, these NPCs were actually willing to buy fruits that he picked casually on the way for 5 silver coins each. Had he met a fool

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Just as Lin Shuang was about to accept the captains request, he suddenly thought of something. In any case, these Heart Fruits were randomly picked. It was better to give them to see if he could trigger any hidden missions.

After all, what he needed the most now was not money, but charm.

Thinking of this, Lin Shuang waved his hand and said, “Captain, I casually picked these on the way. Since you want them, Ill give them to you. Theres no need for money!”


The captain of the guards, Ed, widened his eyes in disbelief.

“Of course. Its my blessing to be able to serve you.”

“Hahaha! Young adventurer, Im really lucky to have an adventurer like you in Juxiang City!”

Ed patted Lin Shuangs shoulder and was extremely happy. The way he looked at Lin Shuang became much gentler. When the other guards heard this, they were overjoyed and went to pick up the fallen Heart Fruits on the ground.

“System Notification: Guard Captain Ed has accepted your gift: Heart Fruit x1, favorability increased by 1, charm gained: 1.”

“System Notification: Guard Captain Ed has accepted your gift: Heart Fruit x1, favorability increased by 1, charm gained: 1.”

“System Notification: Guard member Jason has accepted your gift: Heart Fruit x1, favorability increased by 1, charm gained: 1.”


The system notifications rang continuously. Lin Shuang was pleasantly surprised. As expected, you cant catch a wolf if you cant bear to part with a child. The system directly rewarded him with charm points after he chose to give the Heart Fruits to these guards.

Fortunately, he did not covet that bit of money. Otherwise, Lin Shuang would definitely regret it to death.

The guards quickly picked up all the Heart Fruits on the ground.

Lin Shuang counted. There were a total of 41 Heart Fruits. In other words, his charm had increased by 41 points! It was a lot more than the 10 charm points required for the hidden mission!

“Brother! I really dont know how to thank you!”

The guard captain looked at Lin Shuang as if he was looking at his own brother. Even the way he addressed him had changed.

“No, no, no! I dont know how to thank you.”

Lin Shuang also looked at the guard captain in front of him gratefully. Using a bunch of useless fruits to exchange for 41 charm points at once, he really didnt know who to thank.

“Captain, whats the use of these fruits to you”

Lin Shuang couldnt help but feel curious when he saw how excited the guards were. Could it be that this fruit had some magical effects Could it increase ones strength after eating it Or could it be used to concoct medicine

Countless possibilities flashed through Lin Shuangs mind. He regretted it. If he had known earlier, he would have kept some for himself.

After bidding farewell to the group of guards, Lin Shuang immediately rushed to the City Lord Manor. His charm exceeded 10 points, and the two guards of the City Lord Manor did not stop him. Lin Shuang entered the City Lord Manor without any obstruction.

The City Lord Manor of Juxiang City was not like other City Lord Manors. It was resplendent and magnificent.

Lin Shuang walked in and immediately felt an ancient aura.

Two stone pillars stood to the top. In the middle of the hall, there was a large animal skin chair. A middle-aged man in his forties or fifties was sitting in the middle of the big chair in a battle robe with his eyes closed.

A few words floated above his head.

City Lord of Juxiang City: Leonard

Level: 100


The person in front of him was the ruler of Juxiang City, the City Lord.

“City Lord!”

Lin Shuang took a few steps forward and bowed respectfully.


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