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“However, before that, you need to find the village chief. You need him to give you the relevant proof to successfully reach the next stronghold.”

Lin Shuang nodded. After players reach Level 10, they can accept the quest to leave the village from the village chief. As long as he could successfully complete the mission, he could reach the next map.

After saying goodbye to Blacksmith Wang, Lin Shuang went to look for the village chief.

After all, the novice village was only a place for players to transition during their novice period. The real stage was the main city.

As a reincarnated person, Lin Shuang still remembered many hidden quests in the main city. He had to seize the initiative and reach the main city first.

The village chief of Luhua village, wearing a long gray robe, stood in the center of the village with a kind face, looking at the players coming and going with a smile.

“Young adventurer, your arrival has energized Luhua village. Why are you looking for me” The village chief looked at Lin Shuang and said kindly.

“Lord Village Chief, I have met the conditions to leave the village. I would like you to lead the way for me.” Lin Shuang said respectfully.


The village chief looked at Lin Shuang in surprise.

“Young adventurer, I didnt expect you to meet the conditions to leave the village so quickly! Your strength surprises me! Come, this is proof of strength. When you reach the main city, give this proof to the guide of the Adventurers Association. He will complete the following procedures for you!”

Lin Shuang accepted the certificate. With this certificate, he could accept missions as usual after arriving at the main city. Otherwise, even if he could reach the main city, he would not be recognized by the NPCs. It was equivalent to smuggling.

“Young adventurer, before you leave, I have to remind you that the road to the main city is filled with danger. Be careful on the way. Prepare more Golden Creation Medicine in case youre unprepared.”

Lin Shuang nodded. He naturally knew how dangerous the road to the main city was. The monsters along the way would be much higher level than the novice village. Moreover, there was a high chance that they would be Elite or even Boss-level monsters.

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After bidding farewell to the village chief, Lin Shuang first went to the pharmacy to buy some Golden Creation Medicine from Wang Youchun.

At this moment, Wang Youchun was no longer as disheveled as he had been in the morning. He was wearing a pale yellow pharmacist robe and sitting in the medicine shop with a serious expression.

When he saw Lin Shuang, he immediately grinned. “Young adventurer, what brings you here”

Lin Shuang did not waste any time and went straight to the point. “Doctor Wang, Im going on a long trip immediately. Get me some medicine.”

Wang Youchun nodded and said, “No problem. I have plenty of Golden Creation medicine here. How much do you want Ill get it for you.”

“Hold on.” Lin Shuang said to him.

“Doctor Wang, do you only have one type of medicine, the Golden Creation Are there any other medicines with stronger effects Get me some.”

In the pharmacy of the novice village, there were only two medicines, Golden Creation Medicine and Liqi Powder. On the other hand, the Liqi Powder was used by mages to recover mana. Warrior players like Lin Shuang did not need it.

Lin Shuang calculated in his heart. Wang Youchun could even make such a powerful aphrodisiac. There must be other medicine. If he could buy higher-level medicine from him, he would have a guarantee on the way to the main city.

“Well…” Wang Youchun hesitated.

“Doctor Wang, dont forget that I helped you a lot this morning. And Im buying a lot this time. I guarantee that you wont lose money.”

“Alright…” Wang Youchun gritted his teeth and said, “Originally, this medicine cant be sold to adventurers like you, but who asked you to help me! I, Wang Youchun, am not the kind of person who doesnt know how to repay kindness.”

As he spoke, he took out a white medicine bottle from the medicine box and looked around. Then, he said to Lin Shuang mysteriously, “This is a March Pill. Its medicinal effect is several times better than Golden Creation. Dont tell anyone that you bought it from me! This medicinal effect is very strong, but the price…”

As he spoke, Wang Youchun handed a bottle to Lin Shuang.

March Pill (Medicine)

Level: 10

Effect: After use, instantly restores 600 HP to the user. Cooldown: 1 minute.

Price: 1 silver coin

“Of course! Money is not a problem!”

Looking at the effect of the March Pill, Lin Shuang was overjoyed. Instant recovery of 600 HP! One had to know that the recovery effect of the Golden Creation Medicine was only 200. With his current HP, as long as he drank a bottle of March Pill, his HP would instantly be full.

Although the effect was good, the price was several times more expensive than the Golden Creation.

“50 bottles!”

Without thinking, Lin Shuang asked for 50 bottles. Money was the last thing he lacked now. After buying the medicine, Lin Shuang suddenly thought of something and asked, “Doctor Wang, do you still have the Worry-free Powder you gave me previously”

When Wang Youchun heard this, he immediately shook his head like a rattle drum and waved his hands repeatedly.

“No more, no more. That medicine is forbidden. I also prepared very little!”


Lin Shuang was a little disappointed. He thought she could extort some of Wang Youchuns Worry-free Powder. After all, that thing had helped Lin Shuang a lot.

After Lin Shuang bought the medicine, there were 50 bottles of March Pills in his bag, but he had used up one-third of his money in an instant. But he didnt really care. 50 bottles of March Pills could be used for a long time if he used them sparingly.

After packing up, Lin Shuang held the Black Stone Longsword and walked out of the village in high spirits. The Berserk Cape behind him fluttered in the wind.

In the fields outside the village, several players were killing Slimes in an orderly manner. When they saw Lin Shuang walk out of the village, they were all shocked.

“Level 10! This person is actually Level 10!”

“F*ck, is he the one who just reached Level 10 and made the server announcement”

“Wow, hes so handsome! I actually saw him in person.”

The new players looked at Lin Shuang with stars in their eyes.

In their opinion, people who could be announced by the system were all extremely impressive figures. They were existences that could only be seen on the news.

Now that he was standing right in front of them, how could they not be tempted

“Ahem, ahem…” Lin Shuang coughed lightly. He was a little embarrassed to be stared at by a group of players. He wrapped the cloak on his back and prepared to head towards the main city.

“Brother adventurer! Wait for me!” A childish shout came from behind him.

Lin Shuang turned around and saw that it was the little boy again. He was small and carried a basket on his back. He ran towards Lin Shuang quickly.


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