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A Bigger Stage

Blacksmith Wang exclaimed, “Young adventurer, this is really Black Refined Iron! Ever since the Jingyang Mine was abandoned, I have not seen this kind of ore for dozens of miles. Ive wanted to get some back many times, but there are dangers everywhere inside. Every time I go in, I give up. Young adventurer, can you tell me how you got it”

Lin Shuang told him about what happened in the mine, but he didnt talk about what happened in the crack. After all, the existence of the Earth Dragon was too far away for a relatively low-level NPC like Blacksmith Wang.

Blacksmith Wangs eyes widened.

“Are there so many dangerous monsters in the mine Violent Bear King Bloodthirsty Spider King And zombies! Oh my god, its a good thing I didnt take the risk back then…”

Lin Shuang interrupted, “Uncle Wang, Ive brought back the ores. Can I learn smithing art now”

Forging was the most important thing. He had worked so hard for so long just for this hidden life class.

Blacksmith Wang put away his excitement and said seriously, “Brave adventurer, youve passed the test to become a blacksmith! You used your courage and ability to prove that youre qualified to be a blacksmith!”

“System Notification: Congratulations! You have completed the SS Grade Inheritance Quest: Forging! Reward: Experience: 2,500, Gold: 1.”

“System Notification: Congratulations, you have completed the hidden profession: Blacksmiths Advancement Test. You have obtained the inheritance: Blacksmith.”

“System Notification: Congratulations! You have leveled up! As you are the first player in the entire server to reach Level 10, you have received a reward: Charm 3. The system will make a system announcement. Do you want to hide the players name”

The system notifications sounded continuously. Lin Shuang was overjoyed! This mission reward gave him a full gold coin. Now, he already has 1 Gold Coin and 71 Silver Coins.

In the entire server, he could be considered the richest man. Moreover, as the first player in the entire server to reach Level 10, the system had to make another system announcement.

However, Lin Shuang still chose to hide his characters name.

“Ding! Server Announcement: Luhua Village (Huaxia Region), Player XXX (hidden) has successfully reached Level 10 after going through thousands of difficulties and dangers. As the first player to reach Level 10, you have received the system reward: Charm 3!”

Very good, it was Luhua village again. It seemed that Luhua village was about to become famous.

At the same time, the novice villages all over the server were silent.

Someone was already Level 10 How many hours had it been since the server opened Wasnt this too abnormal

Huaxia Region. Yanyun Village.

A girl in milky white armor slashed the ghoul in front of her. She raised her hair and her bright eyes were filled with confidence. Her exquisite face was slightly raised, and she was indescribably beautiful.

After hearing the system announcement, the girl was stunned for a moment before shaking her head and smiling. “What a pity that someone beat me to it. But…”

The girl smiled and said, “This is more interesting.”

Pretty Country Region. In a certain novice village.

A player wearing a mage robe and holding a staff stood in the middle of the valley. At the bottom of the valley, wild boars died under the fireballs he released. He had blond hair and clear blue eyes. His handsome face was well-defined, just like the Western male celebrities on television.

After hearing the system announcement, he narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “Its the Huaxia Region again, and its this Luhua village again. This person is probably the one who killed the hidden boss. On the first day of the server launch, the Huaxia Region has already stolen the limelight.”

On Lin Shuangs side, after completing the Inheritance Quest, he noticed a black hammer icon appear below the characters board. He opened it and saw a message from the blacksmith.


Level: 1

Proficiency: 0/10,000


Lin Shuang nodded. Although it was a hidden class, the way it leveled up was no different from ordinary life classes. He needed to continuously forge equipment to increase his proficiency.

“Young adventurer! Youve completed my test, and youre now an honorable blacksmith! I hope that the blacksmiths legacy can flourish in your hands! Young man, dont be like me, who can only forge in this small mountain village and let down this craft. The outside world is still vast! Im waiting for you to open it. Young man, do your best!”

Since Blacksmith Wang had given Lin Shuang the Blacksmith Inheritance, he was very happy and eagerly urged Lin Shuang.

“Got it! Ill definitely bring blacksmiths to greater heights and let the entire world know of their existence!”

“Good! Very good…” Blacksmith Wang nodded in relief, glad that he had not chosen the wrong person.

“Oh yes.” Lin Shuang suddenly thought of something. He took out the hind leg of the Earth Lizard from his bag and threw it on the table. “Uncle Wang, look, is this useful to you Take it with you.”

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Blacksmith Wang looked at the beast leg on the table and his face twitched. He said, “What am I going to do with such a big hind leg Im a blacksmith, not a chef!”

“You can give such a big piece of meat to Chef Li next door. He will definitely be very happy!” Blacksmith Wang suggested.

However, Lin Shuang shook his head and said, “This can be considered a thank-you gift for becoming my master! Uncle Wang, dont underestimate this piece of meat. Its not ordinary meat. Its… dragon meat!”

“Dragon meat” Blacksmith Wang asked in surprise, his eyes wide open. Obviously, dragon-type creatures were very shocking, let alone such a piece of meat.

“Uh, not really. Its considered a branch of the dragon species. In short, this piece of meat is extraordinary. Even if you dont want it, you can keep it and use it to make soup for Big Sister Tofu Xishi, right”

Blacksmith Wang immediately became a little shy when he heard Tofu Xishi. He seriously examined the hind leg of the Earth Lizard on the table. He said, “This piece of meat is indeed a little different. I can smell a huge smell of iron in it and the aura of other ores.”

The corners of Lin Shuangs mouth twitched. He suddenly remembered that the Earth Lizard specialized in eating ores for a living. It should be normal for its meat to smell like ores.

However, from the looks of it, the meat of the Earth Lizard should be very suitable for those who lacked iron. It was very nutritious!

“Alright, young adventurer, thank you for your kindness!” As he spoke, Blacksmith Wang laboriously moved the hind leg meat of the Earth Lizard to the back. He wiped his hands with a towel and walked to Lin Shuangs side, looking at him meaningfully.

“Young man, I didnt misjudge you. Youre a person with both strength and courage! Moreover, you know how to repay kindness! With your current strength, you are already qualified to leave Luhua village and go to a bigger stage.”


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