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Abandoned Mine

“Why does this beast leg look so familiar”

Lin Shuang walked up curiously to take a look. The beast leg was dark green and there were some black colors on it. Yellow blood was slowly flowing out from the fracture.

Ground Lizard

Lin Shuang suddenly understood. Seeing this beast leg, he immediately thought of a monster he had encountered in the middle of the Glory game.

Earth Lizard!

This kind of monster usually appeared in the crevice canyon and fed on ores. It was timid by nature and was good at sneak attacks in battle. It was said that this monster had a certain amount of dragon bloodline and was a branch of the earth dragon. However, its bloodline was not very pure and its strength was not very strong.

Usually, where there were Earth Lizards, there was a certain probability that Earth Dragons would appear. The earth dragon belonged to the orthodox bloodline of the dragon race. Although it was not the top existence in the dragon race, its strength could not be underestimated.

Could it be that there was a dragon in the abyss Thinking of this, Lin Shuang came to a realization. No wonder there was so much Black Refined Iron here. It turned out to be food for the Earth Lizards. Perhaps it had been brought over by the Earth Lizard from the Jingyang Mine.

Since this beast leg belonged to the Earth Lizard, he would bring it back with him. After all, this species was very rare. He wondered if he could use the additional reward when he returned to hand it to the blacksmith.


The bustling novice village was filled with people. It had been almost six hours since the server opened. Most of the players had a certain amount of equipment. Finally, there were no longer cloth clothes and wooden sticks everywhere.

At the entrance of the village, players would come and go in a hurry from time to time. At this moment, a monster-killing team was resting here.

“Boss, weve gained a lot from Jingyang Ridge this time! A weapon, an armor, and a ring.” A thin Level-6 Assassin with a dagger in his hand said to a tall Warrior beside him.

“Hehe, its alright!” Although the Level-7 Warrior said that, he still admired the armor on his body and the long sword in his hand. The smugness on his face intensified.

These equipment were dropped when they were farming monsters. When they encountered an elite monster, the party had to spend a lot of effort to kill it. Perhaps his luck was just right, three Green equipment dropped at once. Moreover, everyone in the team had leveled up.

The lowest level in the entire team was Level 6. One had to know that the overall level of the entire novice village was still around Level 5. Their team was definitely ranked among the top in the entire novice village. This immediately made the team feel proud.

“Boss, youre too humble. Didnt you see how those people looked at us when we entered the village just now Their eyes were about to fall out of envy! Hahaha, especially the pretty girl just now! She couldnt take her eyes off Boss!”

“Hahahaha… Really Then Ill give it a try later and see if I can take her down!”

The few of them laughed wantonly, feeling extremely pleased with themselves. As he was talking and laughing, he heard someone behind him say, “Please make way. Ill hand in my mission.”

It turned out that they were so excited that they stood in the middle of the road without knowing.

The tall warrior frowned slightly and thought to himself,

“That blind person dared let us make way for him. Didnt he see our equipment”

The few of them turned their heads proudly and saw Lin Shuang standing at the entrance of the village.

Lin Shuangs equipment was gorgeous. Judging from the color, they were not ordinary items.

The Lingluo Robe, bearskin greaves, bearskin boots, and berserk cape covered Lin Shuangs entire body. The cloak fluttered in the wind, making him look heroic. Not only that, the most eye-catching thing was the golden necklace on his chest. Golden light flowed and it was extremely gorgeous.

Moreover, a line of words appeared above Lin Shuangs head: The Returnee Level 9

The tall warrior rubbed his eyes, not daring to imagine what he was seeing.

Level 9! And this equipment! Were their eyes playing tricks on them Was this the equipment that a novice village player should have

Under everyones dumbfounded gazes, Lin Shuang said politely, “Friend, please excuse me. I need to hand in my mission.”

“Oh… Oh, okay, okay…”

The tall Warrior quickly made way for Lin Shuang.

“Thank you!” Lin Shuang replied politely and walked straight into the village.

After Lin Shuang left, the short Assassin player went up to the tall Warrior and said, “Boss… Who is this guy Isnt his equipment too good Moreover, hes actually Level 9! Why is his level so high Weve been killing monsters for a long time and finally reached Level 6…”

The tall warrior looked at Lin Shuangs back with a dark expression and said, “I suspect that he might be the person who cleared the hidden map just now!”

“Yes, yes, yes! Boss, now that you mention it, I think so too. Otherwise, how could he level up so quickly just by fighting monsters”

“But look at this kid. Hes alone. How did he kill the Boss”

“Hmph!” The tall warrior sneered. “Its better if hes alone. Come, lets follow him. Once he reaches the wilderness, well…”

“Boss… His level is so high and his equipment is good. Can we defeat him” The short assassin said worriedly.

The tall Warrior angrily slapped him on the head and said angrily, “Coward! There are five of us, why should we be afraid of him After this job is done, well be rich! Do you understand!”


As Lin Shuang walked along the village road, players would glance at him from time to time. He didnt care much about this.

However, there seemed to be a few people following him. Ever since he entered the village, Lin Shuang had felt a few strange gazes from behind.

“As expected, a tall tree attracts the wind…”

Lin Shuang shook his head helplessly, but he didnt take it to heart. His usual principle was that he would not offend anyone who did not offend him. As long as someone dared to have designs on him, he would naturally not be polite.

However, other than that, he also followed another rule: If he could win, he would fight. If he couldnt, he would run.


Blacksmith shop.

Blacksmith Wang was still wearing the same apron, and the hammer in his hand was swinging noisily.

“Uncle Wang!” Lin Shuang walked into the smithy.

Blacksmith Wang looked up at Lin Shuang and asked, “How is it, young adventurer Have you found the abandoned mine I remember that the entrance to the mine is relatively remote. Its probably south of Jingyang Ridge…”

As Blacksmith Wang spoke, Lin Shuang took out the pile of Black Refined Iron and placed it all on the table.

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“Uncle Wang, take a look and see if its enough.” Lin Shuang said.

Blacksmith Wang was stunned when he saw the shiny Black Refined Iron on the table. He picked up a piece of Black Refined Iron and looked at it for a long time. He even bit it.

“Jesus Christ!”


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