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Coldness in the Heart


The scene returned to the mine. In front of him was the spider nest where he had been chased down by the Violent Bear King.

Looking down again, it was dark below. If he wasnt being chased by the Violent Bear King and accidentally fell in, it would be very difficult for ordinary people to discover that there was a hidden map inside.

Lin Shuang started back along the mine path. He had passed this place in a panic after being chased by the Bear King. Now it was the joy of returning fully loaded.

Not long after, Lin Shuang saw the location where the Violent Bear King had appeared. It was a mine tunnel. The deer carcass that had been bitten in half by the Violent Bear King was still lying on the path of the mine.

Blood flowed freely, staining the tunnel. The mine smelled strongly of blood.

Lin Shuang looked at the deers corpse and suddenly felt hungry.

In the game, players get hungry. If he did not eat for a long time, his hunger would drop. When it reached a certain point, it would begin to lose blood until they finally starved to death.

It had been four or five hours since Lin Shuang had entered the game. He checked his hunger level. It was down to half.

“Why dont I roast this sika deer Its a waste to leave it here.”

The moment this thought appeared in Lin Shuangs mind, he could no longer suppress it. But first things first. He had to find the exit for the map. The ultimate Boss had been killed. He believed that the exit was not far away.

Lin Shuang used the Black Stone Longsword to briefly process the deer. He carried a nearly complete piece of deer meat and started walking to the other end of the mine.

The Violent Bear King had come from here just now. He believed that if he followed the exit, he would be able to find it.

Sure enough, not long after, Lin Shuang saw a light ahead.

Found it! Lin Shuang was secretly delighted. After he fell into this mine, the environment had always been dark. Staying too long would make one feel very depressed.

Seeing that the exit was just ahead, Lin Shuang couldnt help but jog. As the light ahead grew brighter, he realized that there was an exit ahead. He could vaguely see the forest outside the cave.

After walking out of the cave, Lin Shuang heaved a long sigh of relief. He felt that the frustration in his heart had disappeared a lot. He laid the deer meat on the green grass and began looking around for firewood.

There were many dry branches in the forest. Soon, Lin Shuang found a bundle of firewood. He built a fire expertly and roasted the meat on a branch. The deer meat began to sizzle with hot oil under the flames. A meaty fragrance wafted into his nose.

It smells good!

Lin Shuang leisurely used a branch to stir the fire and began to size up his surroundings. In front of him was a dense forest. Everything was silent. There were no monsters or players. He guessed that this was the other end of the Jingyang Ridge.

At this moment, most of the players were still killing the Striped Tiger on the other side. No one had set foot on this side yet.

After entering the mine, Lin Shuang was extremely nervous most of the time. Hence,he enjoyed this quiet and relaxed state.

The deer meat had been roasting on the fire for a long time. It was steaming and the fragrance of meat filled the air.

Lin Shuang cut off a piece of the deer meat with his sword and chewed it. The taste was almost the same as in reality, and after swallowing it, one could clearly feel full.

For this reason, in the later stages of the game, many players even began to change careers and become chefs. They specialized in cooking to make money. This also made the players exclaim at the authenticity of Glory. It had actually reached such a level!

Only Lin Shuang knew that everything they had in Glory was actually real. That was why the players felt so real. And in five years, everything in these games would suddenly become real and bring an end to humanity.

In his previous life, he did not know much about games. He had never carefully explored the secrets of this game.

In this life, he would dig deeper into the secrets of the game!

However, for now, he had to increase his strength in the game.

Lin Shuang opened the mission list. The inheritance mission was still displayed as incomplete and showed that there were 67 hours left until the mission was completed.

Where the hell is the mine Lin Shuang rested his chin on his hand and frowned slightly.

Since Blacksmith Wang had said that the abandoned mine was to the south of the village and this Jingyang Mine was not the mission location, he could only continue exploring. In any case, after obtaining the new equipment, with Lin Shuangs current attributes, the monsters in this area basically posed no threat to him.

After eating the deer meat, Lin Shuang simply packed up and moved on, following the south.

It was unknown how long he had been walking. Along the way, he encountered a monster called a Forest Lizard. Its attributes were slightly stronger than the Striped Tiger, but it was still not enough in Lin Shuangs eyes.

With the addition of the Ghost Shadow Slash, the Forest Lizard died. He fought his way through the forest. It was now night, and the light in the forest was beginning to dim. The air was turning cold.

The dew on the leaves wet Lin Shuangs clothes. It was very uncomfortable to wear them.

Lin Shuang looked at the experience bar. He was still one step away from Level 10. He would kill a few more Forest Lizards and level up to Level 10 first.

After Level 10, the growth attributes of the characters would greatly increase. It could be said that in the early stages, Level 10 was a watershed. Therefore, many players risked their lives to level up. Only by reaching Level 10 first would they have an advantage.

Lin Shuang looked around for the Forest Lizard. At this moment, he realized that a white fog had suddenly risen in front of him.

What is this

Years of gaming experience told Lin Shuang that there was definitely something different ahead. He pried open the branches and walked towards the place where the white fog rose. As he slowly approached, he felt the air become colder and colder. The mountain wind whistled, making him shiver.

Pushing aside the dense leaves, Lin Shuang finally arrived at the place where the fog rose.

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In front of him was a huge crack!

This crack suddenly appeared in the dense forest. It lay there like a huge hole, cutting the forest in half. And the rising white fog was coming from the crack.

Lin Shuang craned his neck and looked down. He saw that the bottom was bottomless like an abyss, making his heart turn cold. He could only see a steady stream of white fog floating out from below.

What is this place Could it be another hidden map Lin Shuang thought to himself, but since he couldnt see clearly from below, he didnt dare to go down rashly.

At this moment, he suddenly remembered the glowing blue stones he had dug up in the Spider Lair first.

Thinking of this, Lin Shuang quickly took out a palm-sized blue stone from his bag and threw it down the crack.


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