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System Teleportation

At this moment, outside the mine, the players were already in an uproar.

When the system announcement was released, many players were still happily fighting wild wolves and wild dogs. They were still fighting over a piece of Green equipment that had dropped. They were still fighting for that one or two coppers.

In a forest beside Luhua Village, a big black man was holding an earthen yellow armor with a smug expression.

“Hahaha, Little Zhu, look at this armor! It just dropped from fighting the Violent Bear! It has an additional 5% defense! Be envious!”

At the side, the fanboys eyes were filled with envy.

“Brother, youre too lucky!”

“What a joke, Little Zhu. Do you know what my nickname is The Invincible Lucky Star! Im not bragging about my luck in games. Top-grade equipment would definitely drop when Im fighting Bosses! If you follow me in the future, I guarantee that youll have a good life!”

“Okay, brother!”

At this moment, the system announcement sounded!

What! A hidden map There was such a thing in this game Killing the ultimate boss

After the system announcement, the black mans face turned even darker. He instantly felt that the Green-grade armor that had just obtained was no longer fragrant. If he could, he would light a cigarette and think about life!

At the same time, the players elsewhere also heard this news.

“Damn, you must be joking!”

“Ive been killing for so long, and not a single piece of equipment has dropped. Someone has already cleared the hidden map”

On the endless Windward Plains, a young swordsman kicked over a Goblin in front of him and asked with wide eyes.

“Isnt that so!” His companion spoke quietly.

“Weve been killing for hours, and theres not even a hair on it! Someone has already **ing killed the ultimate boss.”

“Are we playing the same game”

“What a scam! Refund the money!”

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On Jingyang Ridge, Heavenly Black Edge drew his battle-ax from the striped tiger. His expression was grim.

“Young Master… Who is this person Hes so lucky to be able to enter the hidden map!”

At the side, the Tian Qi Sword Souls expression was equally ugly. He understood that his young master had spent countless resources and manpower just to make a name for himself in this game. Unexpectedly, someone had already started killing the Ultimate Boss.

It had only been a short time since the server opened. How could there be such a huge gap It didnt make sense!

A deep sense of defeat welled up in his heart, and he gritted his teeth.

“Dont let me know who it is!”

The crowded square of the novice village became noisy.

“Hidden map Ultimate Boss”

“Whats going on How long has it been since the server opened Someones already playing with these things”

“Oh my god, the ultimate Boss of the hidden map What equipment will it drop”

“I cant think about it. I cant even afford to buy a bottle of Golden Creation now. I cant even bear to use it!”

“Boohoo! Me too! I cant even bear to spend 20 copper coins on a bottle of Golden Creation!”

“Could this guy be cheating”

“Very likely. How else could it have happened so quickly!”

“Yes, its definitely cheating. Glory, refund the money!”


At the same time, Lin Shuang was happily picking up the equipment in the cave, completely unaware of what was happening outside.

Although he did not successfully obtain the Black Refined Iron, the golden equipment in front of him was not fake.

This trip was worth it! He picked up the yellow cape first.

Berserk Cape

Grade: Green

Defense: 15

Strength: 8

Additional effect: Increases users movement speed by 3%.

Introduction: A cloak filled with violent aura. Wearing it, one will become abnormally violent.

Green grade Lin Shuangs expectant eyes instantly darkened. It was actually just a Green equipment, although its attributes were still acceptable, what Lin Shuang had high expectations for was ordinary Green equipment.

“Maybe I ran out of my good luck.” Lin Shuang mocked himself and put on the Berserk Cape. After all, he didnt have a cape yet. It was always good to have another piece of equipment.

After putting on the cloak, Lin Shuang looked much taller and more powerful. It added a heroic aura.

He checked the necklace. It cant still be Green equipment, can it

Lin Shuang picked up the necklace, but this time, he didnt dare to hope. This necklace was brilliant and gorgeous. In the dimly lit cave, it shone brightly.

Flowing Gold Necklace

Grade: Orange

Strength: 20

Agility: 20

Spirit: 20

Stamina: 20

Additional effect: Active Skill: After activation, it will increase the users attack power by 100 for 30 seconds. Cooldown: 30 minutes.

Introduction: A necklace made of flowing gold. Under its glowing appearance, it also contains a mysterious magic power.

Looking at the attributes of the Flowing Gold Necklace, Lin Shuangs mouth was agape and his eyes were about to pop out.

Orange… Orange equipment!

Lin Shuang was extremely shocked. A Purple-level Boss actually dropped Orange equipment! This luck was still very heaven-defying.

Looking at the necklace in front of him, Lin Shuang felt numb. All four attribute points had been added. This equipment was suitable for any profession.

Strength and agility were exactly what Lin Shuang needed now. And that additional attribute that instantly increased the users attack by 100 points was simply a PK divine weapon. If he suddenly activated this skill in PK, he could instantly catch his opponent off guard.

He put on the necklace excitedly. At this moment, Lin Shuangs attributes had changed drastically.

The Returnee

Occupation: Sha Bo the Asura (Hidden)

Level: 9

Health: 770

Attack: 258

Defense: 150

Talent: Lucky Halo

Charm: 3


His attack power had reached a terrifying level of 258!

Lin Shuang vaguely remembered that when he was in the novice village, his attack power did not exceed 100 points. Now, it has already exceeded 200 points.

Who else in the novice village could withstand two strikes from him He was invincible!

There was also an additional line of Charm below. Lin Shuang knew about charm. The higher the charm, the higher the probability of accepting missions. Moreover, as the game progressed, Charm would also affect the characters attributes.

However, this charm value was usually very difficult to obtain. It could only be obtained through such a hidden map or by completing some extremely difficult missions.

Lin Shuang happily adjusted his perspective and saw that he was holding a black sword. His equipment was emitting a dazzling light, especially the flowing gold necklace on his chest. His cloak fluttered, and he looked heroic. His face was as calm as water, and his eyes were blood-red. He stood there quietly, and an experts aura arose.

If the players outside saw this outfit, wouldnt they doubt their lives

Lin Shuang turned off the view and returned to his own perspective. He could not wait to test his attack power.

At this moment, the system notification sounded.

“System prompt: You are about to be teleported out of the map: Spider Lair…”

The scene in his eyes became distorted. Lin Shuang was sent out by the system.


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