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Leveled Two Levels in a Row!

“Worry-free Powder!”

Lin Shuang seemed to have seen hope. He took out the bottle of “Worry-free Powder” from Wang Youchun. A little of the Worry-free Powder had been used on the boy. Now there was more than half of it left.

If this Worry-free Powder also worked on these two bosses…

Lin Shuang didnt dare to imagine that scene! But perhaps it really could have unexpected effects.

At the thought of this, Lin Shuang made up his mind and quietly approached the battlefield of the Violent Bear King.

At this moment, the two Bosses were fighting fiercely. The battle had already entered a white-hot stage and was in a stalemate.

The entire cavern shook. Gravel fell from the top here and there.

Lin Shuang pressed against the cave wall and approached bit by bit. At this moment, he was extremely nervous. After all, it was a Boss-level battle. If he was not careful, he would die!

As Lin Shuang approached, the rumbling in his ears became louder and louder. It was not until he got closer that he realized how soul-stirring the battle was.

Lin Shuang observed the geographical position in the center of the nest. There was a raised platform that protruded from the rock. It was very close to the battle between the two Bosses. It should be enough to sprinkle medicine at that position.

He carefully climbed towards the platform. As Lin Shuang gradually climbed up, he had already reached the same height as the Bear King. He could clearly see the Bear Kings eyes shining, its nostrils blowing hot air, and the shocking wounds on its body.

The Bloodthirsty Spider King was no better. Two of its eight huge spider legs had been broken by the Violent Bear King. Its body was stained with a lot of liquid, including the Bear Kings bright red blood and its own green blood.

Both Bosses were at the end of their tether.

At this moment, Lin Shuang had completely climbed onto the platform. He quickly unscrewed the cap of the bottle and aimed it at the two fighting beasts below.

“Whew…” Lin Shuang took a deep breath and scattered the green powder in the bottle.

Powder rained down on the Bloodthirsty Spider King and the Violent Bear King. The two Bosses, on the other hand, were oblivious and continued to fight.

Coming down from the platform, Lin Shuang stood not far from the center of the nest, nervously watching the battle change. The two Bosses did not seem to be affected. The battle continued.

“It wont be useless, right Didnt Wang Youchun say that his bottle of medicine is very effective”

Lin Shuangs face was bitter. He had placed his last hope on this bottle of medicine. If the decoction didnt help, there was nothing he could do.

At this moment, the situation suddenly changed!

The Bear King, who was holding a spider leg and roaring, trying to break it, suddenly froze in place. Then it put down its spider legs and ignored the Bloodthirsty Spider King. Instead, it began to run back and forth through the spider nest. The roar went on and on. It wasnt the angry roar from before where it was full of intimidation. Instead, it was filled with restlessness.


The Bear King stood up and scratched his chest with his front paws. His eyes seemed to become strange as he stared at the Bloodthirsty Spider King, his hind legs rubbing against the ground.

At this moment, the Bloodthirsty Spider King was not any better. Its six spider legs spun rapidly as it circled around the nest.

Is this working

Lin Shuang was pleasantly surprised by the scene before him. Clearly, judging from the condition of the two Bosses, the Worry-free Powder had already taken effect. Now, the two Bosses were already thirsty. If any of their kind had been here, they would have charged.


The Bear King seemed to be unable to endure the heat in its heart. It roared and actually pounced at the Bloodthirsty Spider King. It hugged the torso of the Bloodthirsty Spider King, trying to pin it down.

However, the Bloodthirsty Spider King was not to be trifled with. It exerted strength with its six spider legs and pressed the Violent Bear King to the ground.


The Bloodthirsty Spider King was on top of the Violent Bear King.

The two beasts began to tangle together and roll in the nest. The nest shook even more violently than the scene of the two giant beasts fighting.

Looking at the scene before him, Lin Shuang knew that his chance had come. He crept closer to the two beasts.

At this moment, the two beasts were venting their lust to their hearts content. How could they have the mood to care about Lin Shuang

“Kill the Bloodthirsty Spider King first!”

Lin Shuang had already made up his mind. He held the Black stone Longsword and stabbed it at the Bloodthirsty Spider King, who was pressed to the ground by the Bear King. The sword stabbed right into the right eye of the Bloodthirsty Spider King.


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Big numbers floated up. It hit its weakness. It even triggered a critical hit.


The Bloodthirsty Spider King was furious when it was suddenly attacked. At this moment, it was being pressed down by the Violent Bear King. Its six spider legs moved together, and the Violent Bear King flew out.

The Bloodthirsty Spider King turned around. Now it only has one eye. The eye erupted with a shocking green light and stared at Lin Shuang as if it was about to spew fire.

Clearly, the Bloodthirsty Spider King was extremely angry. Its huge spider legs were like the scythe of a death god. It raised them high and slashed at Lin Shuang.

Looking at the power of this attack, Lin Shuang could feel that this attack might kill him instantly. After dodging the Bloodthirsty Spider Kings attack with a forward roll, Lin Shuang stabbed it in the right eye again.

But unfortunately, it didnt hit it. It stabbed its mouth.


It was also a weakness attack! It didnt work as well as the eyes, but it was enough.

Lin Shuang could tell that the Bloodthirsty Spider Kings health bar was less than 1,000. As long as he attacked a few more times, this Bloodthirsty Spider King would be killed by him. He would also become the first player in the entire server to kill a Purple Boss.

The Bloodthirsty Spider King had entered a berserk state. Its spider legs were as sharp as knives as it waved them wildly.

Lin Shuang was calm. At such a critical moment, he was even calmer.

The Bloodthirsty Spider King moved back and forth its spiders legs, dodging the fatal attacks. At the same time, its health bar was rapidly decreasing.

“Last strike!”

Seeing that the Bloodthirsty Spider Kings health bar had already dropped to the last trace, Lin Shuang held the Black Stone Longsword in his hand and strode close. He passed through the spider legs and stabbed the Bloodthirsty Spider Kings left eye.


Big numbers floated up!

The Bloodthirsty Spider King let out a long hiss as its six spider legs collapsed. Its huge body hit the ground, sending smoke and dust everywhere.


Golden light flashed. As the Bloodthirsty Spider King fell to the ground, Lin Shuang also leveled up.

Level 8!

He had risen two levels in a row. He looked at the equipment and silver coins on the floor and vaguely saw a tomahawk and a gauntlet.

Lin Shuang didnt have time to look at them. He picked them all up and put them in his arms.


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