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Crazy Pursuit!

“Is this a fight”

Lin Shuangs eyes widened as he watched the scene before him. His heart churned. Two huge creatures more than ten meters tall were fighting fiercely. Such a scene was relatively rare.

The Bloodthirsty Spider King was even larger than the Bear King. When the Bear King stood up, it was a head taller than the Bloodthirsty Spider King. It swung its bear paw and slapped the Bloodthirsty Spider Kings body.

The Bloodthirsty Spider King kept swinging its sharp spider legs at the Bear King. Soon, the Bear Kings body was cut by several sharp spider legs. Blood poured down, and the nest was covered in blood. However, its aura did not decrease at all. It roared, picked up a huge rock beside it, and smashed it at the Bloodthirsty Spider King.

The Bloodthirsty Spider Kings body shook violently from the impact. Its dark eyes were filled with anger.


The Bloodthirsty Spider King spat another ball of spider silk. This time, the Bear King didnt dodge. Its arms were wrapped in the huge spider web.


Another ball of spider silk shot out and this time wrapped around the Bear Kings legs.

“Hiss, hiss, hiss!”

The spider silk kept flying towards the Bear King. After a while, the Bear Kings huge body was wrapped by spider silk.

The Bear King kept struggling inside the spider silk. However, this spider silk was clearly much harder than the spider silk that Lin Shuang had cut off with his sword just now. For a while, the Bear King actually could not break free.


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The Bloodthirsty Spider King waved its huge spider legs and circled the Bear King wrapped in spider silk. It wanted to further strengthen the spider silk. If the Bear King could not break free, it would become an extremely delicious dish for the Bloodthirsty Spider King!

At this moment, the spider silk wrapped around the Bear King suddenly began to tremble violently.

The Bloodthirsty Spider King pressed the Bear King with its spider leg, trying to hold it down. However, the spider silk continued to tremble. The spider silk began to break one by one, and dazzling yellow lights appeared from within the spider silk.


An earth-shattering roar resounded throughout the lair as the Bloodthirsty Spider King was sent flying by a huge force.

The Bear King broke free of the spider silk. Rings of yellow light surrounded its body, forming an airflow that spun unsteadily. A sky full of spider silk washed down. It roared again and launched itself at the Bloodthirsty Spider King.

Lin Shuang paid close attention to the battle between the two Bosses. Currently, the two Bosses could be said to be locked in battle, and their strength was equally matched. He breathed a small sigh of relief. Running for his life had made him extremely nervous. Now that he was safe, he could not help but relax.

He began to observe the surroundings of the mine and realized that there was no exit to get out. Lin Shuang suddenly thought: Could it be that this Bloodthirsty Spider King was the final boss and he could only get out by killing it

Moreover, the sparkling stones around the nest were the “Black Refined Iron” that Blacksmith Wang had mentioned. If that was the case, then Blacksmith Wangs mission was really abnormal to the extreme.

Who could kill such a boss Who would dare to dig in a place like this No one else was allowed to help either. It had to be done alone.

If the Bear King wasnt here, he wouldnt even have a chance to resist the Bloodthirsty Spider King.

Thats right!

Lin Shuangs heart skipped a beat. Thats right! Now that the Bear King and the Bloodthirsty Spider King were locked in battle, it was a rare opportunity for him to complete the mission. Looking at the two huge beasts in front of him, Lin Shuang suddenly felt that they were not so terrifying. Instead, they were piles of experience and top-grade equipment.

It was hard to imagine what these two powerful Bosses would drop. Piles of Purple equipment Or even orange

Lin Shuang was excited, very excited. But then he calmed down again. What should he do

After killing so many bosses, Lin Shuang still remembered that in Glory, it only counted the last attack to kill the boss.

It was precisely because of this that when fighting a big boss in the game, the team would usually send ten archers to guard the boss for four weeks and continuously fire illumination arrows to prevent the assassin from ambushing the boss.

Lin Shuang had done many such immoral things before.

At this moment, the battle between the two bosses was already very tense. Neither side was willing to submit to the other. They were both determined to kill each other.

The Bear Kings palms flashed with yellow light. With a single palm strike, the ground shook. Even the Bloodthirsty Spider King did not dare to take it head-on. Meanwhile, the Bloodthirsty Spider King kept spitting out poisonous mist. In the center of the nest, the poisonous mist spread.

This poisonous mist still had a certain effect on the Bear King. In the poisonous mist, its movements were much slower.

Lin Shuangs heart skipped a beat! His level was too low now. He would be courting death if he went over now, let alone dealing the final blow. Moreover, even if he killed one of the Bosses, he would probably be killed by the other Boss before he could pick up his equipment.

In the end, it was all for nothing.

Should he help one party deal with the other before taking the opportunity to snatch the equipment

Lin Shuang looked at the two giant beasts fighting for their lives, and his mind raced.

The Bloodthirsty Spider Kings attack range was too wide for Lin Shuang to escape. Furthermore, he could release venom, making it even more troublesome. If he helped it kill the Bear King, Lin Shuang would probably be killed by him before he could pick up his equipment.

Besides, if he didnt kill the Bloodthirsty Spider King, Lin Shuang wouldnt be able to leave this place. Therefore, he had to deal with the Bloodthirsty Spider King first!


Lin Shuang immediately rejected this idea because he thought of how the Violent Bear King had chased after him just now. This Bear King had an extremely deep hatred for him. If not for the sudden appearance of the Bloodthirsty Spider King, Lin Shuang would have become a delicious meal for the Violent Bear King.

He didnt even know how badly he had died!

Once the Bloodthirsty Spider King died, he would have to face the Violent Bear Kings crazy pursuit again!

No, no! Lin Shuang rejected this idea.

What to do Lin Shuang scratched his head frantically.

Perhaps he could control both Bosses until they were barely alive. At the last moment, he would attack and kill the Bloodthirsty Spider King first. Then he will deal the Violent Bear King who was low in HP with two moves.


Lin Shuang thought for a long time and felt that this was the best plan.

But …

Another problem. Not to mention maintaining balance, the two bosses were fighting too hard for him to interfere. When the scales of victory began to tip in one direction, he was powerless to move them.

Ah, what to do! Lin Shuang sat on the ground dejectedly. It was impossible to miss such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Those were piles of equipment and gold coins.

Just as Lin Shuang was in a dilemma, he happened to touch the bottle of aphrodisiac given by Wang Youchun in his pocket.


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