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1471 Betrayal

After confirming Yang Mos identity, Xia Xibei had mixed feelings.

Yang Mo was her disciple.

Although she hadnt become a formal disciple yet, she had put a lot of thought into her.

It could be said that she was very serious about trying to train a good disciple back then.

Xia Xibei had only taken in two disciples, and although neither was formally initiated, they would become her official disciples if things took their course.

In that world, disciples were the equivalent of ones children.

The relationship between the two parties was equivalent to mother and daughter.

Moreover, back then, Xia Xibei was the one who saved Yang Mo from the hands of the bad guys.

Therefore, she gave Yang Mo a new life.

Under such circumstances, Yang Mo still betrayed her!

When she was reborn before, she had never suspected this matter.

However, even if there were a question in her heart, she would not suspect it.

After all, Yang Mo was her own disciple.

If she doubted Yang Mo, wouldnt she doubt that her dedication all these years was wrong

However, Qiao Yanjue had said so, and she could not deny the truth of this matter.

Therefore, she was very angry and felt sad.

Her own disciple had betrayed her!

However, after knowing that Qiao Yanjue dealt with Yang Mo, she let the matter go.

After all, Yang Mo was already dead, and it was already a matter from the last world, so there was no need to pour more thoughts into it.

Who would have thought that Yang Mo would also be reborn here, by the looks of things She also carried forward the skills she learned from her back then.

This feeling was really subtle and complicated.

However, after Yang Mo betrayed her, she no longer considered Yang Mo as her disciple.

To her, Yang Mo was her enemy.

Back then, she couldnt take revenge, but she wouldnt let it go this time.

Never mind that these things had already passed.

She hadnt taken her revenge yet!

Besides, both sides had memories of the past, so they would have to face each other.

Now, thankfully, Yang Mo should not recognize her identity.

Xia Xibeis mind was churning with thoughts, but her face was motionless as she watched Yang Mos movements.

Yang Mo examined Ms.

Eltons condition and concluded, “Its a problem with the immune system, but dont worry, I can fix it.”

These words made Mr.

Eltons heart jump.

A problem with the immune system

This was similar to what Xia Xibei said before!

Moreover, Yang Mos actions were similar to Xia Xibeis, which made one doubt the connection between the two.



Elton couldnt help but look at Qiao Yanjue.

Yang Mo also followed and looked at Qiao Yanjue, a bit of caution and scrutiny rising in her heart.

She always felt that Qiao Yanjue gave her a somewhat familiar feeling.

However, this face was unfamiliar, and she did not recognize him at all.

After Yang Mo learned of Xia Xibeis existence from Gu Yinglei earlier, she had someone check her background.

However, Gu Yinglei did not mention Qiao Yanjue because in his mind, Qiao Yanjue should not have recovered and was not a threat at all.

The detectives that Yang Mo hired also did not notice Qiao Yanjues presence in the information they got.

After all, Qiao Yanjue and Xia Xibeis relationship was not public.

The two would do a good job of disguising themselves every time they went out, not revealing their identities at all.

So, Yang Mo didnt even know about Qiao Yanjues existence.

Moreover, Qiao Yanjue didnt look the same as her fellow disciple in her previous life.

Therefore, she could not recognize Qiao Yanjue at all, and naturally, she would not suspect him too much.

Still, there was a lingering shadow in her heart.

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