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Others were not sure, but Qi Zhian understood.

This was all done by Xia Xibei!

He had seen Xia Xibeis ability before, so he naturally knew how capable she was.

Before, those spiritual plants were very excited when they saw her.

Now, the spiritual plants here shouldnt have changed much.

Xia Xibeis aura was very popular with the spiritual plants.

In this situation, it would be easier than ever for Xia Xibei to do something.

However, could he say this

If Qi Yongjiang knew that he was ambushed by Xia Xibei, he would vomit blood!

Of course, Qi Yongjiang was about to vomit blood anyway.

Xia Xibei never looked at the other partys age, she only looked at their behavior and if they were worthy of her respect.

Therefore, even if Qi Yongjiang was very old, she did not take him seriously or hold back.

She didnt mind making him angry.

Qi Yongjiang was so angry with Xia Xibeis words that he almost couldnt catch his breath.

When Qi Xin saw Qi Yongjiang like this, she became anxious.

Qi Zhian was speechless when he saw how Qi Yongjiang was about to faint, and after giving Xia Xibei a warning glance, he went back to appease Qi Yongjiang.

“Uncle Jiang, take it easy! Ill take you to the doctor!”

“Right! Grandpa Jiang, if you dont go to the doctor, how bad will it be if your nose is crooked by then! Although you usually dont care about your appearance when youre older, your nose is very important!”

Xia Xibei added another insult.

Qi Yongjiang was so angry again that his face turned blue.

“Beibei!” Qi Zhian couldnt help but yell in a low voice.

Seeing that Qi Zhian was really angry, Xia Xibei shrugged her shoulders and finally shut her mouth.

Well, she was also afraid that she would be angering Qi Yongjiang to death.

That would be bad.

Qi Yongjiang was hurt and angry, and the finger he was pointing at Xia Xibei began to tremble.

“Uncle Jiang, Ill send you out now!”

Qi Zhian forcefully held Qi Yongjiang up and walked out.

Qi Yongjiang, no matter what, could not fight Qi Zhians strength, and could only be pulled by him to go outside.

“You stay here to help Beibei.”

Qi Xin wanted to follow, but Qi Zhian refused.

Qi Xin didnt hesitate much and simply stopped in her tracks.

She did have to stay here and watch Xia Xibei!

Xia Xibei came over this time to look for spirit plants, but spirit plants were precious things in their Qi family.

Who knew what Xia Xibei wanted to do and how many precious spiritual plants she wanted to take

So, she must watch out for Xia Xibei!

Looking at Qi Zhians back as he supported Qi Yongjiang to leave, Xia Xibei shook her head, “What a pity, I havent even started the show yet!”

The corner of Qi Xins mouth tugged.

“Beibei, if you treat Grandpa Jiang like this, he will get angry and may trip you up,” she said with a concerned face.

“Its okay,” Xia Xibei shook her head and shrugged.

“I wasnt supposed to be liked by him anyway.

Im not afraid.”

She looked at Qi Xin with a bright smile, “Of course, even if he wants to do something, he has to see if Ill cooperate!”

This statement made Qi Xin tremble, as if she meant something by it.

“Well, lets go! I have to hurry back!”

Before Xi Xin figured it out, Xia Xibei urged.

Qi Xin could only smile and follow.

Qi Zhian sent Qi Yongjiang out and came back to see the two girls standing in front of a spiritual plant that was not in good condition.

“Whats wrong” Qi Zhian asked as he walked over.

“Dad,” Qi Xin frowned.

“Something is not quite right with this purple leaf vine.”

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