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Xia Xibei quickly sent Zhuang Xiaoai and her grandma away.

She had just taken a look and she could feel that the grandmothers heart had some problems, but it was not too serious.

Of course, to solve this problem, the money needed was quite a lot for the girl and her grandma.

That was why Zhuang Xiaoai chose to drop out of school: to earn money.

Xia Xibei would not give them a sum of money, but she could make Zhuang Xiaoai work to earn money.

If you gave someone too much money at once, you could make them ungrateful.

However, as long as Zhuang Xiaoai worked hard, she would not treat her poorly.

Xia Xibei never treated her employees badly.

Money was just numbers to her now; she would not hoard it.

After sending Zhuang Xiaoai away, she took out her phone and looked at the message on it.

It was a message from Qi Xiangyuan.

Since the two of them met, Qi Xiangyuan was very keen on building a “brother and sister” relationship with her and asked her out daily.

She had no interest in Qi Xiangyuan, nor any of his friends.

She only wanted to find Ling Juan.

If it werent for the fact that she still had to go back for her exams, she probably would have stayed here in the imperial capital.

However, Qiao Yanjue had already arranged for some good people to search for Ling Juan.

As long as Ling Juan was unearthed, she should be able to unravel the whole thing.

However, she was not in a hurry.

She had experienced so many things, and after so many years, she was not the girl who was impulsive but powerless.

So, she had enough time to wait.

As for Qi Zhian and Ling Xiao…

Their fate had not yet arrived, right

While Xia Xibeis thoughts were churning, the phone rang again.

Seeing the name displayed on it, Xia Xibeis mood instantly became complicated.

She was now sure that she was the Qi familys child, but what about Chang Qianzis real child

If Chang Qianzi knew that her real daughter was nowhere to be found, there was no telling how crushed she would be.

Therefore, Xia Xibei had no intention of talking to Chang Qianzi about this matter, at least until she found a reasonable explanation.

“Beibei, how have you been these few days”

Chang Qianzis gentle voice came with a strong note of concern.

Chang Qianzi had often called to check in on Xia Xibei before.

After all, this was her daughter.

However, Xia Xibei was always very busy and could not reply to her in time.

Although she felt lost about it, her daughter was already grown up and didnt need to be around her parents all the time.

So, she also quickly adjusted her mood.

Only, this time Xia Xibei came to the imperial capital to meet Qiao Yanjues parents, which made her a little worried.

She was worried that Xia Xibei would be picked on and that something would happen.

However, she did not want to let Xia Xibei find out her worries, and only dared to call occasionally.

“Its fine,” Xia Xibei smiled, “They were all very good to me!”

She didnt care about anyone in the Qiao family, with the exception of Liu Yiqin and the patriarch.

The patriarch was so warm to her after taking the pills she gave him.

After knowing that she was a child of the Qi family, the patriarchs attitude became more complicated.

Before, the patriarch wanted to pair Qiao Yanjue with a Qi family girl, but when this thing really happened, he felt awkward instead.

So, he didnt venture out much these days.

As for Liu Yiqin, she had always been so enthusiastic, which did not change because of Xia Xibeis changing status.

So, her relationship with Liu Yiqin was also very good.

As for the others, they were not even in her scope of concern.

“Thats good!” Chang Qianzi was so relieved.

“But… When are you coming back”

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