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Chapter 92: Ill Permit It

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Ye Jiushangs cold arrogance and contempt for the Nanling Emperor broadened Xue Fanxins horizons.

She admired this mysterious and unfathomable Ninth Imperial Uncle from the bottom of her heart.

Who was this guy Even the Nanling Emperor was afraid of him.

He was really mysterious.

“Why are you looking at me like that” Ye Jiushang sipped his tea elegantly.

He did not need to look up to know that Xue Fanxin was staring at him.

Xue Fanxin supported her chin with both hands and stared at Ye Jiushang openly.

Tilting her little head, she acted innocent and cute.

She asked seriously, “Ah Jiu, who on earth are you You actually frightened the Nanling Emperor to such an extent.

Youre impressive.”

“Ah Jiu” Ye Jiushang was surprised and curious about the nickname Xue Fanxin had suddenly given him.

He pondered for a moment and felt that it sounded quite pleasing to the ear, so he accepted it.

Of course, this nickname was exclusive to her; others would not be allowed to use it.

“I gave you a temporary title.

If you dont like it, I can change back and continue to call you Ninth Imperial Uncle.

Anyway, its just a title; it doesnt matter what I call you.”

“I permit it.”


“From now on, you can call me Ah Jiu, and only you can call me that.”

“Tch.” Xue Fan rolled her eyes at Ye Jiushang with a look of disdain.

Actually, she already had an inexplicable sense of trust in him.

Although she had not known him for long and did not know much about him, she had a special feeling towards him.

She trusted him a lot and felt that he was a person she could rely on.

In the beginning, she quite rejected this feeling.

However, upon careful thought, it seemed unnecessary.

If Ye Jiushang wanted to harm her or obtain something from her, with his ability, he could have done it a long time ago.

There was no need to do so much for her.

Furthermore, Ye Jiushang had stepped forward to help her out of her predicament a few times… In short, she had an inexplicable feeling and trust in this person.

When Ye Jiushang saw Xue Fanxins innocent and cute appearance, he couldnt help but rub her head.

With a smile he had never shown to anyone else, he said gently, “Rest well for two days.

Then, we set off.”

“Set off Where”

“I previously said that I would give you five days to deal with the things in the Dukes Estate and then take you somewhere.

As for where it is, youll know when you get there.

Just now, your grandfather lost to me in chess, so I can take you away for a month.

After a month, Ill bring you back unharmed.”

“So thats why you were playing chess with my grandfather.

No wonder Grandpa looked so serious.

In the past, he never cared about winning or losing.

Ah Jiu, if we leave, what if the Nanling Emperor attacks Grandpa again” Xue Fanxin asked worriedly.

She did not mind going out with Ye Jiushang, but she was concerned for her grandfather.

“You can rest assured about your grandfathers safety.

The person I want to protect, not to mention a small Nanling Emperor, even if the strongest person in the Tongxuan Continent came, they would not be able to touch him,” Ye Jiushang said domineeringly.

From his tone, it seemed like the strongest person in the Tongxuan Continent was a small soldier to him.

There was no need to fear him, and he did not care at all.

Xue Fanxin was no longer worried.

With the Ninth Imperial Uncles help in protecting her grandfather, she could go out without any worry and broaden her horizons..

Only then could she make better plans.

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