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Chapter 90: The Might of the Imperial Uncle (2)

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When the Nanling Emperor went to the Ninth Kings Estate to look for Ye Jiushang, he found that Ye Jiushang was at the Dukes Estate.

Although he was extremely unwilling to go there, he had to bear with it if he wanted to sit on the throne steadily.

If the Dongxiang Empire really attacked and the Nanling Empire was destroyed, his throne would also be gone.

In order to protect his seat, he could no longer be bothered with his petty grudges.

Even if he felt humiliated, he had to make a trip to the Dukes Estate.

Xue Batian did not want to see the Nanling Emperor at all, so when he found out that he was coming, he found an excuse to leave.

He left the rest to Xue Fanxin and Ye Jiushang.

After this whole farce, he had finally seen through the Nanling Emperor.

He would never sell his life for such a person again.

The purpose of the Nanling Emperors visit to the Dukes Estate was Ye Jiushang.

As for Xue Batian, he did not think too much about it.

When he arrived, he only saw Ye Jiushang and Xue Fanxin sitting there playing chess, drinking tea, and eating snacks.

They did not even look at him, which made him very angry.

To think that he, the dignified ruler of a country, had actually been ignored to such a degree.

This was simply looking down on the dragons might and the imperial authority.

This crime deserved ten thousand deaths.


But the other party wasnt someone he could go against.

Yan Song had come with the Nanling Emperor.

When he saw that Ye Jiushang did not bow to the emperor, he did not dare to have any thoughts.

He did not harbor any complaints about Xue Fanxin, either, who was sitting beside Ye Jiushang.

He just waited quietly, which was already enough to make him nervous.

If he were to talk to the Ninth Imperial Uncle, wouldnt he be sweating buckets

It was best for the emperor to resolve the current situation.

He could just stay here obediently.

“Ninth Imperial Uncle, you are the Ninth Lord of the Nanling Empire.

Now that the Nanling Empire is in danger, shouldnt you contribute” No matter how dissatisfied the Nanling Emperor was with Ye Jiushang, he did not dare to speak too harshly.

He tried his best to suppress his emotions and use nice words.

“I am only an idle lord.

Although I have the title of lord, I dont have any real power.

How can a lord who has no authority or military power help you” Ye Jiushang replied leisurely as he played chess.

There was a nonchalant attitude in his words.

He did not care even if the Nanling Empire was destroyed.

When the Nanling Emperor heard this, he was enraged, but he still had to maintain his polite attitude.

“Ninth Imperial Uncle, others might not know, but I know that you have the ability to save the Nanling Empire, as long as you are willing.”

“What if Im unwilling”

“This…” The Nanling Emperor was rendered speechless.

Indeed, if Ye Jiushang was unwilling, he really could not do anything to him.

Ye Jiushang placed the chess piece in his hand on the chessboard and raised his head to look at the Nanling Emperor.

He asked solemnly, “Do you know what this game is called”

The Nanling Emperor raised his eyes to look and really did not understand why the Ninth Imperial Uncle had set up a game of chess where he set himself up to lose.

That move just now had clearly cut off his own escape route.

“Ninth Imperial Uncle, why have you cut off your own path”

“Because this is called seeking your own death.”

“I dont quite understand what the Ninth Imperial Uncle means.”

“You understand very well.

Youre just playing dumb with me.

Xue Batian indeed has great achievements, but he has the ability.

If he really coveted the throne, do you think you could still sit on it for so long The reason the Nanling Empire is facing the current crisis is on you.

You should interrogate those people who fan the flames by your ear all day and speak ill of Xue Batian.

Ask them what their intentions are.

They actually dont care about the benefits of the country and insist on targeting a meritorious servant.

Also, you should go back and reflect on yourself.

If you kill Xue Batian, will your throne really be secure The art of the emperor is about balance.

If Xue Batian dies, the Imperial Preceptors Estate can become independent, right”

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Hearing the last sentence, Yan Song was so frightened that he knelt on the ground, his entire body drenched in a cold sweat.


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