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Chapter 84: Have a Big Meal

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Xue Fanxin did not think too much about the incident.

She never thought Gu Jinyuan would have feelings for her because they had only met twice.

After finishing her business, she left the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company.

Who knew that just as she stepped out the door, she would be hugged by someone

“Ye Jiushang, what are you doing”

“Ill take you to eat a big meal.” Ye Jiushang did as he pleased and obtained Xue Fanxins favor in a different way.

Hearing that there was food, Xue Fanxin immediately became energetic.

She did not mind Ye Jiushangs hand on her waist at all and said impatiently, “Sure, sure.

Where are we going”

She had never been one to reject delicious food.

“The imperial palace.”

“Imperial Palace The Imperial Kitchen Thats a good idea! Ive never eaten anything from the Imperial Kitchen!”

“Then Ill let you eat enough this time.” Ye Jiushang carried Xue Fanxin and used a secret technique.

His figure flashed, and in the blink of an eye, they arrived at the glorious palace and entered the Imperial Kitchen.

The chefs in the Imperial Kitchen were all busy preparing food.

When they saw Ye Jiushang walk in, they instantly went forward and knelt down to greet him.

“Greetings, Ninth Prince.”

The Imperial Kitchens steward went forward and asked respectfully, “May I know what instructions the Ninth Prince has for us”

“Go about your own things; dont worry about me,” Ye Jiushang casually said to the steward.

Then, he looked at Xue Fanxin.

His tone and attitude were a little gentler than usual.

“Eat whatever you want.”

“Then I wont stand on ceremony!” Xue Fanxin was really not polite at all.

She came to the place where the dishes were placed and ate whatever she saw.

There was a drumstick in her hand.

Before she finished it, she went to eat something else.

She started stuffing delicious food in her mouth and ate with relish.

“Its delicious, its really delicious.

As expected of the imperial chefs in the palace.

They sure know their craft.”

When the people in the imperial kitchen saw Xue Fanxin eating like this, they were all stunned.

They were so shocked that their jaws almost fell off.

Who was this girl Why did she look like she had been hungry for ten days

Which girl did not maintain her beautiful and demure image in front of the Ninth Imperial Uncle and try her best to leave a good impression on him However, this girl did not want her image at all.

Forget about the Ninth Imperial Uncle, even they would not marry such a girl when they saw her.

She was too unorthodox.

However, this was just what others thought.

In Ye Jiushangs eyes, Xue Fanxins table manners were as cute as they could be.

She showed her true self and did not hide anything.

Furthermore, her table manners were not ugly.

She just ate a little more and ate faster.

Overall, she looked quite elegant.

“Ninth Imperial Uncle, arent you eating” Xue Fanxin asked Ye Jiushang after eating half her fill.

She even brought a plate of desserts to him.

“Is it that delicious” Ye Jiushang casually picked up a snack and tasted it, not finding it all that tasty.

In a small place like the Nanling Empire, what delicious food could there be

“Its delicious!” Xue Fanxin continued eating.

She looked like a hungry wolf who would only be satisfied after clearing the entire table of food.

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This meal was prepared for the emperor and his wives in the palace.

It was at least for ten people.

However, this girl alone had almost finished all of the food.

Her appetite was too shocking.

“Alright, alright.

Dont overload yourself.

After eating your fill, Ill take you to watch a show.” Seeing her gorge herself, Ye Jiushang was afraid that she would overload herself.

Hence, he stopped her and took her away.

“Wait, wait.” While Xue Fanxin was being pulled away, she had to get a plate of desserts no matter what.

It was rare to have delicious food delivered to her doorstep, so how could she be polite

She really wanted to pack the rest..


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