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Xue Batian was famous for doting on his granddaughter.

Even if Xue Fanxin wanted the moon, he would do his best to pluck it for her.

Hence, when Xue Fanxin said that she wanted Yi Tian and Li Yaoyao to get married, Xue Batian immediately agreed.

“Alright, let Yi Tian and Li Yaoyao get married as soon as possible.

We need some fun in the Dukes estate.”


“Lord Duke, are you really willing to betroth Yaoyao to me” Yi Tian asked agitatedly, sounding a little anxious.

What he was worried about was not Xue Batian but Xue Fanxin.

He was afraid that she would suddenly change her mind.

Xue Batian doted on Xue Fanxin so much.

Once she changed her mind, everything would go back to zero.

“Everyone knows that you and Yaoyao are in love.

Since Little Xiner is no longer infatuated with you, Ill let you two live happily.

Ill betroth Yaoyao to you now and let you two choose a date to get married and bring some excitement to this estate.” Xue Batian was in a good mood, and his memory was bad.

Coupled with the fact that Xue Fanxin was sitting safely by his side, he had actually forgotten about how Li Yaoyao had pushed Xue Fanxin off a cliff.


Li Yaoyao happened to be outside the door at this moment and heard everything Xue Batian said clearly.

Her heart was suddenly filled with panic.

In a moment of desperation, she didnt care too much and quickly walked into the hall.

She said agitatedly, “No, I dont agree.”

She, Li Yaoyao, was qualified to marry into the royal family or someone of a higher status.

She would never marry the penniless Yi Tian.


If she really married him, her life would be over.

Hence, she would not agree to this marriage no matter what.

Li Yaoyao rejecting this marriage made Yi Tian feel hurt.

He asked sadly, “Yaoyao, are you unwilling to marry me”

Back then, she had said that she liked him too and was willing to marry him.

It was only because Xue Fanxin was in the middle that she had no choice but to give up on him.

Now that Xue Fanxin no longer wanted to pester him, the Duke was willing to fulfill their wishes, but she was still unwilling to marry him.


Li Yaoyao was too panicked and anxious just now, so she did not notice her actions and words.

Finally reacting, she realized that she had done something wrong and quickly thought of a way to salvage the situation.

“Yi Tian, Cousin Fanxin likes you.

How can I snatch the person she likes I cant be so selfish, so… Im sorry.”

Hearing Li Yaoyaos explanation, Yi Tian came to a realization and hurriedly explained, “Yaoyao, dont worry.

Miss Fanxin has already agreed to fulfill our wishes.

She said that she no longer likes me.

You dont have to worry anymore.”

“How is that possible Cousin must be sacrificing herself to fulfill our wishes.

How can we be so selfish Absolutely not.”

“Its not like that.

Miss Fanxin is really willing to give us her blessings.”

“Yi Tian, lets not deceive ourselves, okay” Li Yaoyao clearly didnt want to marry Yi Tian, but she pretended she was acting out of selflessness.

Her acting was quite realistic and superb.

She was worthy of an Oscar!

Xue Fanxin hated these white lotuses the most because Pei Xiangxiang was exactly this type of woman.

She saw Pei Xiangxiangs shadow in Li Yaoyao.


How could she let go of this woman who had caused the original host to fall off a cliff and die

“Cousin, if youre unwilling to marry Yi Tian, youll have nowhere to go when you leave the Dukes estate.

I advise you to consider carefully whether you want to marry him or not.”

“Cousin, what are you talking about Why would I leave the Dukes estate” Li Yaoyao started to panic again.

She was even more anxious than when she heard that Xue Batian wanted to marry her to Yi Tian.

For some reason, the Xue Fanxin sitting in front of her gave her an uneasy feeling as if she were a judge about to sentence her.

No, she couldnt panic.

The more she panicked, the less she could do.

No matter what Xue Fanxin was planning, she would be able to deal with it..

There was no need to be nervous or afraid.


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