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Chapter 68: A Plot (1)

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Li Yaoyao received a new mission from the black-clothed person.

After adjusting her condition, she first went to ask about Xue Fanxins whereabouts.

Learning that she was accompanying Xue Batian, she secretly entered Xue Fanxins room and rummaged through it again.

It was just that her luck was a little bad this time.

She had just started searching when Jasmine bumped into her.

“Miss Li, what are you doing in Misss room” Jasmine was secretly spying on Li Yaoyao.

This time, she was worried that Li Yaoyao had stolen something, so she deliberately bumped into her.

Now that the matter had been exposed, Li Yaoyao wished she could kill Jasmine.

However, she would definitely be kicked out of the Dukes Estate.

The task that the black-clothed person had given her had yet to be completed.

She could not leave the Dukes Estate, so she could only keep Jasmine for now.

“Jasmine, I heard that Cousin took three blank books from the study and was curious, so I wanted to borrow them to take a look.

Jasmine, you are Cousins personal maid.

You should know where those three books are placed, right Can you show them to me”

“How can a maidservant like me casually make the decisions about Young Misss things Miss Li, if you want to borrow a book, then borrow it.

Theres no need to be sneaky, right Wait for Young Miss to come back.

As long as Young Miss agrees, you can naturally see the book.”


“Miss Li, if you still refuse to leave Misss room, Ill call for help.”

“Youre ruthless,” Li Yaoyao said through gritted teeth.

She held back the killing intent in her heart and left angrily.

Based on her current relationship with Xue Fanxin, she would definitely not lend her the books.

She had to find another chance to steal the three empty books.

Not long after Li Yaoyao left, Xue Fanxin returned.

Jasmine quickly reported Li Yaoyaos every move truthfully.

“You mean Li Yaoyao came to my room to look for those three empty books” Xue Fanxin had always known that Li Yaoyao was looking for something in the Dukes Estate, but she didnt know what she was looking for.

Learning about her intentions now, she had an idea.

Presumably, Li Yaoyao was looking for the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel.

However, even her grandfather did not know about the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel.

How did Li Yaoyao know

Li Yaoyao must have interacted with some mysterious person.

“Jasmine, prepare three empty books for me immediately.

Also, get me these things.” Xue Fanxin handed Jasmine a list filled with many things.

Jasmine looked at the list and asked in confusion, “Miss, why do you want calcium hydroxide and sulfur”

“To execute my scamming plan.”


“Dont ask so much.

Quickly get these things ready for me.

Also, get me three blank books.”

“Yes.” Jasmine did not ask further.

She did as Xue Fanxin asked and returned with these things in less than half a day.

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Xue Fanxin spent the entire night fiddling with more than ten explosive packets.

She chose a relatively remote place in the Dukes Estate and buried them in a small room containing groceries.

Jasmine had been following Xue Fanxin the entire time and was watching her actions, but she could not understand anything.

“Miss, what exactly are you doing”

“Scamming someone!” Xue Fanxin didnt say it clearly.

After burying the explosive packets, she clapped her hands and left.

As soon as she walked out of the provision house, she noticed Li Yaoyao eavesdropping nearby and sneered in her heart.

She was originally worried about how to trap Li Yaoyao without anyone noticing..

Unexpectedly, Li Yaoyao delivered herself to her doorstep.

God was indeed on her side!


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